Don’t bring a crowbar to a gunfight.

“An employee tripped a silent alarm while store owner Eddie Snow pulled out a gun and confronted the man, 45-year-old Joseph Anthony Borras.
He could have hurt my employee or he could have hurt me, so there really wasn’t a choice, we beat the crap out of him,” Snow said.

Crooks should understand by now that jewelry stores in South Florida are not soft targets. And the wrong choice of weapon does not help either.

Trolling like it was 1839

We love to complain how people go stupid in the interwebs and discuss stuff that polite people wouldn’t in mixed company. Insults being traded off in the FacialBook and challenges in the Twitties.

Apparently, this goes back…way back.

Spelling, grammar and vocabulary was much better though.

PS: Only in Florida.

Call Me a Cruel Bastard.

I have it up to here with the whimpering idiots that blame their lack of care for their offspring and their eventual deaths on guns.

April Frankenberry Connor stole her Mom’s credit card, went to a sporting goods store, bought a gun, went back to her car and committed suicide. Sad story that has happened before and will happen again. But it twists my guts to read how Mommy Jill blames everybody under the sky for her daughter’s death yet she fails to point the finger at herself. April had a long history of mental illnesses but apparently that did not appear in the NICS check.

She said her daughter had been treated for mental illness, including severe depression, since her growing up in Huntington, on Long Island. She also had been hospitalized locally on several occasions while living Glasco.

So it was not a recent development that April was not well.  If the mother was so worried about her hurting herself, how come she did not notify authorities about it and had her name placed in the NICS database? For that matter, why was she even allowed to drive a car? She could have taken a bus stop full of school children in a fit similar that led her to end her own life. Why Jill just let her do whatever she wanted if she was such a threat to herself and others?

Now you may say “Well, Jill might have not known about NICS.” It does not fly. If she was really the caring parent she portrays to be, she would have asked up and down to make sure she would not have access to a firearm. Instead she now calls our favorite NY Anti Gunner Senator Schummer to create a database of mentally ill people who shouldn’t have access to guns…basically to re-invent the NICS.

Dear Mrs. Frankenberry, stop blaming everybody for your failure. You did such a crappy job with your daughter’s life, what makes you an expert on trying to control ours? In case you haven’t noticed, the failure to notify NICS is something that Charles Schummer lives for. Him and his kind love for people with mental problems to kill so they can enact more and more restrictions on gun ownership. Do you really think he gives a damn about your daughter? She will just be a tool, a postcard example to be waved in front of the cameras with you probably at his side reprising the role of caring mother who lost a daughter because of the NRA and lax Gun Control Laws.

As I mentioned before, I had an uncle that committed suicide by hanging himself. I do not blame lax Rope Control Laws or the hardware store that sold him the rope. I don’t blame inanimate objects for the actions of humans because it is stupid. Just like your actions to compensate for your inability to prevent your daughter’s death. Deal with the guilt where it belongs: inside you; do not transfer it somewhere else or to somebody else.

Chicago: Concealed Carry is dangerous!

This bit of a news blurb from WLS-TV, Chicago notes that:

Victims of gun violence, Chicago police and gun control advocates plan to hold a news conference at the Thompson Center.

They argue that new national figures show that the death toll from guns permitted by concealed carry laws is on the rise.

And they are right. Bad guys are dropping in almost all 50 states because they picked the wrong “victim.” It sucks to be a criminal in them redneck states that have Concealed-Open-Constitutional Carry. It is also very sucking to be a vassal in Gun Free Chicago.

Oh well!

Ultra Fancy Guns?

I guess I am a reverse snob regarding to guns.  I do not find engraved/gold inlaid, custom made by Thor’s jeweler gun attractive but I think they are downright ugly.  And I cannot wrap my head around the concept of spending $820,000 on a rifle that will not see the open air or even send a round downrange but maybe once in a while.

If you like that stuff and have the money for it, great! But I see more beauty in the simplicity of a Glock (and I don’t even own one) and its affordability. For what that rifle is worth, I could outfit some 1,600 people with new Glock 19s.

Having 1,600 new fellow shooters is beauty in itself.

Urban Survival Assault Vest we all can agree.

One of my neverending quest centers around a method for donning basic gear really quick without too many bells and foghorns. The one that has me thinking really hard is the US Palm Defender which is fast to put on and even dares to offer Level IIIA protection in the front for a very reasonable price.

Until the finances allow it, I might go with this example of really thought out Urban Survival Assault Vest. 🙂