Thor’s Hammer, shotgun version.

Behold! The Mossberg 500 Road Blocker. Was Daddy a tank and Mommy a regular 500? I have no idea what kind of application this thing is for, but I don’t care. I want one just for the brag factor with the guys at the club.

PS: As per wife’s orders,  I am not allowed to use CDI as excuse, notation or even think about it. Since I am a faithful & obedient husband, I will comply…. or else.

‘If you have any problems, you let us know. ”

It is Christmas Eve and you are enjoying time with your family. A criminal breaks in and by the luck of the gods, a shotgun and a valiant son, Raymond E. Woollard manages to control the Bad Guy. Police is called and arrives an hour later. After this incident Mr. Woollard applied for and obtained a Maryland Concealed Weapons Permit and as any other citizen with such permit, he has lived a law abiding life. However Mr. Woollard went to renew his permit last year and:

Maryland State Police denied his request last year to renew the permit, saying they thought the danger to his life had passed.

The agency said it was “because I hadn’t been attacked” again, Woollard said in an interview. “They said, ‘If you have any problems, you let us know.’ ”

Yes, you know all experts say you should leave it to the professionals… the ones that are ONE HOUR AWAY say “Let’s wait and see if somebody tries to make liquefied Spam out of your innards and then, maybe, we will re-issue you your permit. Who runs MSP? Ms. Cleo from The Psychic Friends Network? “Ja Mon, you is safe and will not be attacked by bad guys no mo”?

Mr. Woollard filed a federal lawsuit and let’s hope Maryland joins the States that do not feel that its citizens are too stupid to enjoy their God Given Rights.

Gun Free Zone Fail: Venezuela. (Graphic Content)

So what is the result of a true Gun Free Zone country? What if legal access to firearms is so controlled by the government that it is almost impossible to buy even a single shot shotgun? What if there is no easy access to ammunition either and you were restricted to only 50 rounds a year (no hollow points or expansive ammo allowed? What if reloading your own ammunition is against the law?  According to Brady and Co. it would be paradise on Earth, Peace in Our Times, People on the streets holding hands and singing Kumbaya My Lord. No more homicides, armed robberies, no gunshot wounds, all peachy.

But reality rears its ugly face and shreds the myth of Gun Free peace and harmony.

The caption of the picture reads: The Dead without dignity. The Bello Monte morgue (in Caracas) has received 2,177 murder victim’s bodies during the first six months of this year which comes to 362 per month, 12 a day and 1 every 2 hours. The bodies pile up in total abandonment as this image from last December. During the weekends where violence increases, there is only one Medical Examiner on duty.

And this is just the capital city of Caracas. During 2009, there were 16,047 murders in the whole country of 27 million people, a monumental failure in terms of keeping the citizens safe and nobody is doing a damned thing. A Socialist Government that has failed to fulfill the promises to the people might not be interested in either fighting crime and much less give its subjects the power to defend themselves.

There is an unofficial state of emergency in the country where people are literally afraid to walk the streets.  About 95% of all homicides go unresolved since the police, stripped of its good officers and substituted by politically-reliable yes-men are overwhelmed and/or participating themselves in criminal activities. And we are talking about a police force that made New Orleans PD look like Scotland Yard and the Templar Nights wrapped in one.

The Socialist Government is not interested in attacking the crime issue, why should they? Officials have bodyguards and are driven in armored vehicles everywhere they go, their neighborhoods are heavily patrolled by security forces and if the common folk are scared shitless of dying in the street or their homes, they have no time to be “conspiring” against the Revolution. It is much cheaper than having to develop a homegrown KGB and keep tabs on everybody.

Gun Control is not about controlling guns but controlling people. Alive and Scared or just plain Dead but they get controlled.

PS: Charges were brought against the newspaper for publishing this picture. Government officials complain that they violate current laws protecting children against abuse. Remember, let’s do it for the Children!

How can you mend a broken heart… apparently with Tylenol

Answering a question that the BeeGees posed many years ago, it seems that Tylenol might be the solution.

On the good side, we should see a reduction in chick flicks, romantic paperbacks with Fabio-look-alikes in the cover and women complaining that we are insensitive plus reduction in the price of beer, spirits and chocolate since the supply will far exceed the demand.

On the bad side…… I’ll have to get back to you on that one.