Miami Dade Officers killed on duty: a story quickly vanishing.

The reasons:

  1. No AK 47 or High Capacity “clip” was involved. Political hay cannot be made.
  2. Hard to attach the “Poor boy gone wrong because of uncaring society” label to a stone cold killer. Political hay cannot be made.
  3. One of the Officer killed was Latino. Hard to make a case against Racist Pigs. Political hay cannot be made.
  4. The other Officer killed was a woman. Hard to make a case against Sexist Pigs. Political hay cannot be made.
  5. No community or national faux religious “leader” available for comments. There is no political hay to be made.

Expect some small extra coverage of the officers during their burial, specially if lots of out of town cops come to pay their respects. It makes for good video.

Two MDPD Officers die while serving a warrant. Reporter want to know about weapons used.

Two Miami Dade Police Officers, one male and the other female died today while serving a warrant. Details are few at this time but the eventual media frenzy is at high pitch. At this time we only know that Officer Roger Castillo is dead and the female Officer’s name has not been released.

Earlier I saw a quick press conference with Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez (MAIG) and I can swear I heard a reporter asking about the weapons used. Mayor Alavarez did not have information or was respectful enough to keep his mouth shut. If I was not a very suspicious person, I would leave it as curiosity but I have the feeling he was fishing for either the words “High Capacity Magazine” or “Assault Weapon.”


UPDATE: The officers who gave their lives were Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth. Say a prayer for them.

UPDATE 2: Watching a Press Conference now (4:15pm) According to MDPD Director John Loftus, the weapon used was a handgun. He refused to provide any details. Journalistic sails deflated. Loftus is obviously mad as hell and looks like he is 3 seconds away from beginning a general bichtslapping against journos. In his defense, every kind of stupid question has been asked and repeated over and over.

Bacon: I damn thee Bacon & Bullet Bloggers.

Over at Gunblogs, I’d say about half the participants are heavy into bacon. My own wife believes Life is not worth living without a proper daily dosage of bacon (sausage is a good substitute for a couple of days only) and I now have surrendered to the Church of the Exalted Pork Bellies In The Pan.

Everybody must have a particular Bacon & Foodstuff recipe so I’ll give you mine. Not a gourmet thing, more like a “What were you thinking?” experiment.

Miggy’s Very Messy Pasta:

  • Short pasta of your predilection.  I tend to favor Barilla penne (those of the Spanish persuasion, no penis jokes).
  • Bacon in the amount of your predilection.
  • Sausage
  • Smoked Ham
  • Cream Cheese
  • Olive Oil (I favor Spanish and Portuguese oils. Not into Italian or Greek.)
  • Fresh Minced Garlic…. Oh yeah…

While you cook the pasta Al Dente, cook the bacon and the sausage, chop it in very small pieces and set it aside. In a frying pan, pour olive oil, the very chopped smoked ham and about 2 plentiful teaspoons of minced garlic. Saute ham quickly and add bacon and sausage to the mix. Add more olive oil and garlic if needed and set aside.

Right before the pasta is ready to drain, soften up about 1/4 cup of cream cheese and have it stand by. Drain the pasta well and out it back in the pot. Add a squirt of olive oil and stir the pasta until properly coated with oil. Next pour the softened cream cheese and stir until evenly coated and them dump the rest of the ingredients on the pasta. Stir, add pepper as wanted and serve.

NOTE: I do not add salt to my meals so I rely heavily on spices. I go nuts on garlic and pepper for this dish but please vary the recipe to adjust it to your particular taste.  Careful working with olive oil, it burns fast and leaves a nasty aftertaste. The amounts of every item to be used are up to your discretion and practice in the kitchen. I don’t do formulas 🙂