NRA Moochers Demand Action Against The NRA.

And the whining continues. Now the Moochers are demanding that people should contact the NRA and let them know the “deal” of the DISCLOSE bill stinks. Of course it stinks for them because they are not covered. It is that simple. Forget about the mouthfuls of calls about the First Amendment or anything else. That they couldn’t do a damn thing on their own or their “No Compromise” organizations against DISCLOSE seems to be escaping their slight mental grasp.

The funny thing is that these pathetic patriotic partisans for the First and All the Amendments are wasting their time calling for action against the NRA rather than calling for action against the congress-critters that came up with the bill.

In gun-speak we call that missing the target.

In the meantime do send some money to the NRA-ILA now that you know your contributions are spent on NRA business and taking care of NRA members instead of trying to pacify crying useless babies demanding Gun Owner’s Welfare out of your membership and donations.

PS: It seems the NRA deal might kill the bill altogether. According to Countertop Chronicles this deal can become the poison pill that buries DISCLOSE before it comes out of the congressional womb. This would be a great nut crunching kick to the Obama Administration, Congress and the NRA Moochers…ouchie.

NRA’s Statement on DISCLOSE.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The National Rifle Association believes that any restrictions on the political speech of Americans are unconstitutional.

In the past, through the courts and in Congress, the NRA has opposed any effort to restrict the rights of its four million members to speak and have their voices heard on behalf of gun owners nationwide.

The NRA’s opposition to restrictions on political speech includes its May 26, 2010 letter to Members of Congress expressing strong concerns about H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act. As it stood at the time of that letter, the measure would have undermined or obliterated virtually all of the NRA’s right to free political speech and, therefore, jeopardized the Second Amendment rights of every law-abiding American.

The most potent defense of the Second Amendment requires the most adamant exercise of the First Amendment. The NRA stands absolutely obligated to its members to ensure maximum access to the First Amendment, in order to protect and preserve the freedom of the Second Amendment.

The NRA must preserve its ability to speak. It cannot risk a strategy that would deny its rights, for the Second Amendment cannot be defended without them.

Thus, the NRA’s first obligation must be to its members and to its most ardent defense of firearms freedom for America’s lawful gun owners.

On June 14, 2010, Democratic leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives pledged that H.R. 5175 would be amended to exempt groups like the NRA, that meet certain criteria, from its onerous restrictions on political speech. As a result, and as long as that remains the case, the NRA will not be involved in final consideration of the House bill.

The NRA cannot defend the Second Amendment from the attacks we face in the local, state, federal, international and judicial arenas without the ability to speak. We will not allow ourselves to be silenced while the national news media, politicians and others are allowed to attack us freely.

The NRA will continue to fight for its right to speak out in defense of the Second Amendment. Any efforts to silence the political speech of NRA members will, as has been the case in the past, be met with strong opposition.

And my 2 cents: Egotistic Whining Freeloaders need not apply. Do your own lobbying.

The War against the NRA: DISCLOSE.

And the sky has fallen! The seas are rising and we are all going to die! The NRA has betrayed us once more!

That would be the case according to the No Compromise Real Wives of the Interwebs.The NRA has managed to carve out an exception from the monstrous DISCLOSE Bill now in congress and the GOA Babies & Cousins seem to have wet their diapers a bucketful ’cause they are crying a river.  Treason! Qusilings! Death to the NRA! are some of the comments seen in the Chic Radical blogs out there and Sebastian tried it best to be polite and explain things.  But ney! The Real Wives of the Interweb grasped at their tactical perms and tore at their 5.11 robes while decrying the depths of back stabbing done by the NRA and how they would not defend their rights. Mind you, they are not bitching at the Democrats, Congress or calling their representatives on this one, that would be too much work and too much use of the neurons. But the NRA is a much easy target so the NRA is it.

However, one common thing most of the “No-Compromise Commenters” at Sebastian’s Blog have in common is this: They do not belong to the NRA. Allow me to repeat:

The Biggest Bunch of Cry Babies tearing down the NRA for the DISCLOSE bill do not belong to the NRA and thus do not fund the NRA or its efforts. Yet they feel entitled to direct its actions & share in their achievements.

Seriously, What the fuck is wrong with this picture? You don’t contribute, you don’t add anything positive, you do not belong to the NRA but have the immense set of balls to complain when the NRA defends its institution and its members?  What fucking moral authority do you even begin to dream you have to even raise one word against the NRA?  You know why you are all pissed and pillow biting?:

Because you were shaken off the NRA’s coat tails on this one. You did not get a free ride. You pull your own weight or shut the fuck up about what the NRA is doing.

The NRA is not a Gun Owners’ Welfare system. Demand your Government Cheese from your No Compromise groups.

PS: Sebastian once more does a great job on a follow up post regarding DISCLOSE and who in the Gun Rights community gets affected.