Jim Crow alive and well in California

A reddit user posted this requirement for a concealed weapon’s permit in Imperial County:

imperial county cwp req


It is still amazing that these type of demands are up and running in the 21st Century. Missouri, a state that lately has been getting beaten over and over on the news lately and has been accused of having the weakest Shall-Issue CWP laws in , dropped the letter of reference crap in 2004.  And yes, the LEO Letter was to keep minorities from getting permits, pretty much as a poll tax or literacy test was designed to keep them from voting.

And what really makes this more insulting is that the Sheriff of Imperial County should know better.

Then again, Gun Control is about Control and that is too tasty for anybody from any race yearning for power to pass up.

Armed Robber gets shot, family complains it was not fair.

This one is an oldie, but always relevant.


“Gun to his head, had him on his knees.”

We have discussed the pros and cons of getting involved in a situation not directly affecting us, but this case sounds like somebody was about to be executed and somebody came forward to stop a death.

That the armed robber’s family would dare to bitch is what still amazes me.  It is like they feel he should have been entitled to finish with his crime as if protected by some sort of union rules.

Now this case happened in Alabama where the citizen will be shielded from civil prosecution for placing small holes in diverse areas of the armed robber.  The question you should be answer is, “Do I have that shield in my state?” If not, you better talk to your State Gun Rights organization and see what is going on… and help get that law in the books.

Micheal Brown got shot by Officer Wilson because you own a Glock.

The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, reveals many things about America. One of them that has not yet received adequate attention is that there is a strong case for a form of gun control that is much stricter than anything that’s remotely plausible in the context of American politics.

via We shouldn’t talk about Ferguson without talking about guns – Vox.

And apparently me owning a revolver directly leads to doctors not giving black people enough pain killers.

At least we are not responsible for Climate Change….yet.

The Facebook Bot Attack appears to be under control.

The attacks that the blog endured for the last couple of days appear to be finally over. Once that I managed to convince WebHost Tech Support that it was impossible for a WordPress widget to go to Facebook, open a fake account and trigger the attack, I was finally told how to protect the site via a third-party application called CloudFlare.  I have no idea how it works, but traffic is back to normal instead of the five-fold number of hits I was getting in concentrated form.

Some may have noticed that a post disappeared, to wit the one about mobs attacking your car. For whatever reason the URL for this post was being used in the attack and while the new service kicked in, I removed it to use the automatic Hammer Of The Gods ban that comes with WordPress Security for too many 404 requests. I’ll put it back up later today.

My only other peeve is why Facebook has decided to ignore this issue and not change a couple of lines of code to avoid the abuse of their resources. Maybe they are too busy trying to bring Guatemalan farmers to run their servers or some shit like that.