Good Guys with Guns Do Not Exist, right? Councilman Draws His Concealed Gun and Covers Colleagues.

Gunman attacks City Hall. One armed individual stand between the Bad Guy and the Unprepared
Now the questions is: How come only one? Because there is faith in believing nothing bad will happen to you, you will be bullet-proof. Or as they are also known: Victims.

CSGV wants Emily Miller fired from her job.

CSGV Miller


So CSGV wants Fox 6 DC to fire Emily Miller for her Pro-Second Amendment work because it is unethical. As reference they use the works of that stalwart and independent watchdog group Media Matters for America. Yup, not making that up.

That on itself is enough to get a good laugh, but when you have Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety paying for travel and lodging of 15 journalists to attend a Gun Control seminar, we are now in a comedic heaven of such absurdity, Monty Python would even touch. And let us not forget that David Gregory knowingly broke the DC law against “high-capacity” magazines, but the DC Attorney general gives him a pass even after police had recommended the arrest.

You laughed enough, get back to work :)