Surprise, Surprise! Some guns used in Paris attacks produced in ex-Yugoslavia’s arsenal.

Some assault rifles used by the Islamic militants in the Nov 13 Paris attacks and later seized in police raids were produced in the former Yugoslavia’s state arsenal, the company’s director said on Saturday.

Milojko Brzakovic, director of the Zastava (Banner) Arms factory in the city of Kragujevac in central Serbia, said that they were part of a batch of M70 assault rifles, a improved Yugoslav copy of the Soviet-designed AK47, produced in 1987 and 1988.

Source: Some guns used in Paris attacks produced in ex-Yugoslavia’s arsenal | Reuters

Wait! That cannot be! The Liberal Think Tanks were chomping at the bits and waiting for the news that they guns were obtained at a gun shown in the US via the loophole!

Wait, it gets better:

In the 1970s and 1990s the company was also a major arms exporter to the then-Yugoslavia’s allies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and it is still a exports to a number of markets including the United States.

They were literally giving those away at discount prices and by the boxcar back then. In some cases, they were just “donated for the cause.” As for the imports to the US, they were never than many back then and that stopped dry when Elder Bush slammed the door down on their importation back in 1989 and paid for it by losing the re-election

Most of the Western Balkans is awash with hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons that remained in private hands and organised crime gangs following wars and unrest in the 1990s and weapons smuggling persists.

Nobody is sure how many AK-pattern rifles were built under the old Soviet regime but most agree that it is way past the seven figures. They are so cheap (anywhere but here in the US) that during the filming of the movie Lord of War, produces rented a warehouse full of the real things because it was cheaper than using prop guns.

lord of war

3000 SA Vz. 58 rifles standing for its AK equivalents.

You can now imagine the tons of soiled undies that populate the European Governments as you read this. No amount of gun tracing will help figure out where the “displaced” AKs went, they can only wait for them to make their appearance at some undisclosed public place in the hands of Jihadists.

But let’s pass some more gun control regulations, if anything to appear we are doing something fruitful, shall we?

Hat tip: Asociación Nacional del Arma de España.

Dear Bunk, your prejudice is showing.


This image came attached to a hate & bullshit piece written by Matt Terzi in I think a little exploration is necessary to expose the ignorance and the accompanying prejudice, so shall we?

Wendell Pierce is a fantastic actor and anybody who watched the five seasons of The Wire will agree with me. The problem is that most Hollywood actors think themselves as experts on an issue because they played pretend in front of a camera. Mr. Pierce’s ignorance shows at the outset of his tweet when he does not know that you are required to be 21 and older to get a permit to carry a firearm.

And Wendell, we in the NRA embrace people of every color. In fact we wish that every black male and female (You kinda forgot the women there, bunk. Shades of misogyny? Or maybe the idea of a black woman empowered to defend herself is a scary thought? ) joined and learned not only about guns, but the history of the Second Amendment and the racist roots of gun control.

And you know what would happen? Crime in black neighborhoods would drop just like it has happened in other neighborhoods and across the Nation. It will not be just the gang members and the drug dealers doing whatever is they want because they fear no consequence, but they would thread careful and more likely go Hamsterdam to ply their trade than try to take a corner where mom and pop and the neighbors would rain lead on their asses. A lot of the so-called Black Leaders would have to explain why did they treat the people they were supposed to serve as second-class citizens, they would have to explain why they allowed a culture of victimization and lack of responsibility be the guiding principles of the Black community. And worse of all, the old black political structure would crumble because it is hard to fool people once their eyes have been opened.

Now Mr. Pierce, I do urge you to join the NRA and subscribe to the First Freedom magazine. Read it, learn what we are about. Come shoot with us, it is fun!  And then make a rational decision about the NRA and its members of every color and religion and sexual orientation, not one based on lies and misconceptions by those who see you as less than able to be an intelligent and responsible human being.

William Bunk Moreland

“A man must have a code. “

Blogger hates WordPress.

I think I mentioned here that I was not able to post comments in most of the blogs working under Blogger and today I finally found out that Blogger seems to be blocking when I choose to make a comment under my WordPress ident. On a whim, I chose my still active Google Plus and it went through without a hitch. I went ahead and changed the nick to Miguel GFZ and the armed angel should appear as avatar.

rafael castello angel de la guarda

Colorado Springs PP Clinic Incident: There is News and there is Information, never the twain shall meet.

Not gonna go into the shooter and his sick mind since it is too early and frankly the news are so full of crap with the “experts”. Instead I want to talk about what I heard live coming from the police thanks to the new technologies we have available for peanuts.

By the time I heard about the incident, the suspect was already barricaded inside the clinic and the police had the place surrounded. In my Windows Phone, I have one app called Police Scanner 5.0 by M768 and allowed me to connect to the Colorado Springs police radio and listen in what was really happening instead of whatever idiotic pabulum was being told on TV. What in years past required a particular piece of over-sized equipment was now a small set of code lines that you can get for under five bucks.


Police Scanner

Police Scanner 5.0 by M768


First, when you hear the word “standoff” it gives you the impression of nobody doing squat and waiting for the other party to act first. What was coming out of the scanner was just the opposite: Police were very much acting and planning and watching the place. If anything, you can call it  calculated & choreographed chaos with the unified drive to save lives. Requests for equipment to be brought and strategically placed where it could be the most use to the best people were obvious to the listener. One not so obvious and one I admit it took me longer to figure out was how many times the “forward observers” were asked the location of hostages in relationship to the shooter who was barricaded in a room by himself. It dawned on me that everybody was being not only very carefully and making sure they had the right info, but also that everybody else had that info at hand from the sources. And there were no “short” versions of the same info but always a concise explanation without taking too much time.

Police had eyes on the shooter. My guess is the room where the idiot (Robert Lewis Dear AKA The Asshole) was barricaded had a surveillance camera inside and CSPD had tapped to it. Police were also in contact with a room where 5 hostages were hiding, keeping them calm and prepping them for extraction. Some other officers were going from office to office, very “Ninja-style” (very slowly and carefully) making sure they were empty or if some hostage was inside, taking care and time to pull them to safety. And all this time, information kept flowing back and forth between the door kickers and the planners who at one point were thinking of popping Robert Lewis Dear (AKA The Asshole) through the door since he was standing right behind it. The risks of hitting the hostages at a next door office killed that idea, hostage safety was supreme.

There was a moment of panic when outside information came that there were 5 more hostages unaccounted for and the LEOs were crazy trying to figure out where they could be. After a while, the wondering was over which I imagine meant that it was crossed wires and somebody did not get the updated list.

And in a funny moment, after Robert Lewis Dear (AKA The Asshole) surrendered and was in custody, the cops needed a bullhorn to address the hostages inside, still ensconced in their locations and waiting for instructions. After all the hostage movies we have seen where a bullhorn is always present even before the negotiator, it was kind of fun to hear “Hey! Anybody’s got a bullhorn?” “I think I may have one in my car” which was parked on the other side of hell, probably. Reality wins again and the “need” bullhorn is another Hollywood myth.

After the event was over, I went to the TV to see what was being said, and there were the “experts” vomiting what passes for knowledge, so I switched channels and git some infomercial about electronic pressure cookers which had more depth.

So, to all LEOs involved in this case, a big round of applause and my condolences for the death of Officer Garrett Swasey. If anything, your professionalism today serves as tribute to his service and sacrifice.

A UCCS police officer, Garrett Swasey, 44, responded in support of Colorado Springs Police to the active shooter situation at about 11:50 a.m. Friday. He was killed in the line of duty.

A UCCS police officer, Garrett Swasey, 44, responded in support of Colorado Springs Police to the active shooter situation at about 11:50 a.m. Friday. He was killed in the line of duty.


Calais First Hand

Just about anybody who has been following the news of the refugee situation has probably heard of the “Crisis in Calais.”  As I understand it, the terminal for the French side of the Eurotunnel, that connects the UK to France, is just outside Calais.  Nearby is a tent city refugee camp.  Many refugees want to make it from mainland Europe through France to the UK, because the UK has the best social welfare system for refugees.  Much of the news I’ve seen has been sympathetic to the refugees.  Vice went all out with a video that was more tear-jerkingly sympathetic than the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials.

Then I saw the video below.  It is 15 minutes long.  It is profane.  It is the dashcam of a Hungarian truck driver trying to make it through Calais to the Eurotunnel cargo loading dock.  This is what the refugee crisis in Europe looks like up close without media spin.

I am amazed that it only has 322 views (as of this posting).  It it eye opening.  Hundreds of refugees walking in the middle of the road, throwing rocks at trucks, trying to hop on and ride them.  The driver claims the refugees slash the truck canvas.  The entire time, I saw maybe a dozen French police.  This situation was entirely out of hand.  The closest thing I’ve ever seen to this was video from Israel when Palestinians would gather in the streets to throw rocks at passing cars (note the rock throwing trend).

I’ve written in the past about Europeans buying guns because of the refugee crisis.  Watching that video, I know that sooner or later some of those truckers are going to start packing heat.  I know that if my daily commute had me run a gauntlet where people tried to get into my vehicle and slash it if they couldn’t, I’d be driving with a pistol under my leg – legal or not.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, self defense laws in Europe don’t exist.  Whatever.  All it is going to take is for a some refugees near Calais to pull a couple of Reginald Dennys on some Eastern European truck drivers.  The next time they try to do it to a truck from the Czech Republic, the Refugees will be facing down the business end of a CZ-75.  Handguns will pour out of the countries where it will be easier to obtain them.

The French police, for all the success they’ve had in raiding terrorist cells following the the Paris Shootings earlier this month, are hopelessly incapable of stopping this type of uncivil activity.  It’s a matter of numbers, there are just too many refugees and too few police.  The French police acknowledge that an uprising in one of the refugee camps will be “pandemonium.”  They’ve practically lost control of the camps already.

This is what Europe is facing first hand, and it’s bad.  I fear it will only get worse.  Just wait until these hop-ons turn to stabbings.  The Israelis and French Jews known what I mean.