Negroes with Guns Scare Miami PD.

So it’s not a huge shock that Lt. Javier Ortiz, president of Miami’s police union, lashed out at the proposal last night. What’s raising eyebrows, though, is Ortiz’s argument: namely, that if it passes, militant black activists will use the law to threaten cops.

Source: Miami Police Union President Fears “Black Panthers Threatening Police” With Open-Carry Law | Miami New Times

Forget about the Second amendment and Gun Rights for a moment and concentrate on the sheer lack of logic: If the gun is visible, it constitutes a threat to police. If it is not visible because you draped yourself with a Hawaiian shirt or a Guayabera, then the gun is not a threat to police officers. Seriously?

And to the Miami New Times & Tim Elfrink: Have you even bothered to read the bill? In order to Open Carry, you need to get Florida’s Concealed Weapons Permit ans such permit only allows for handguns, not long guns (Florida Statutes 790.06) so why this picture accompanying the article?

I am sure it is an honest mistake because of the high ethical standards of the Miami New Times would not allow such buffoonery to be published on purpose just to incite unnecessary fears among your readers, right? You are well above clickbait.


About medical safety and unarmed Navy Seals in combat. (Facepalm Warning & Updated)

And we have this one from our friends at CSGV:

CSGV Medical Insurance

Not for nothing, but yes, I feel safer with my guns.

According to a new study just out from the prestigious Journal of Patient Safety, four times as many people die from preventable medical errors than we thought, as many as 440,000 a year …That means hospitals are killing off the equivalent of the entire population of Atlanta one year, Miami the next, then moving to Oakland, and on and on.

Source: Stunning News On Preventable Deaths In Hospitals – Forbes

The Gun Control Cult keeps throwing around the 30,000 annual “gun deaths” and tell us that we are having not only a crisis but an epidemic. But seeking medical treatment puts you 14 times more likely to die than actually owning a gun. If my math ain’t too messed up, we have an average of 1,205 preventable medical deaths per day, 50 deaths per hour, almost a death per minute.

And that number that should “adult scare” Mr. Gibson enough to fill his Metrosexual Pampers.
And one for the “Are you shi***** me?” files.

Raw Story Navy Seals 1

And that is why Navy Seals go into combat with a six-pack of pumpkin-spiced kombucha, $100 in coupons for Whole Foods and wearing tie-dyed t-shirts.

And that is why we win.


Raw Story Navy Seals 2

Well, well, well. Apparently Seal Team Kombucha might be a fraud.

Making our points for us

Let that quote sink in for a second.  I know what John Oliver is trying to say in his typical sarcastic way, but I don’t think he realized just how well he made the gun-rights community’s point for us.

The TSA is an expensive boondoggle, to the tune of $7 Billion in 2015.  The TSA has been widely recognized by both the left and the right to be nothing but Security Theater, which when put to the test, failed to detect a weapon going through security 95% of the time.  The TSA has never been confirmed to have stopped a terrorist attack.  And that comes from Slate, the cheerleader for big government.

Some guy tries to blow up a plane with his shoes and 14 years later we’re still being tormented by incompetent government employees when trying to fly home for the holidays.

As bad as the TSA and the whole of post 9/11 security is, all the right thinking people was to unleash the same ignorant politicians, ham-fisted government stooges, and bureaucratic ineptitude against 100+ million US citizens and somehow expect positive results!?!  History and logic predicts the opposite, ceaseless harassment of law abiding gun owners and not one criminal shooting stopped.

Call me a pessimist, but I just don’t see the blue nitrile glove wearing the wad of airport fast-food, stuffed into a pair of poorly fitting, government issue polyester pants and sweater vest, who just took 5 minutes to figure out where my birth date is on my drivers license, getting down off his stool to put his life on the line to stop a mass shooting.  Ain’t gonna happen.

And so that’s the point right there.  The right thinking people can demand the government react the way it did after 9/11 and do something.  What will get done won’t make us any safer and only hassle those who aren’t going to do anything bad in the first place.  But hey, at least they’ll feel safer.