Crime scene photos show aftermath of shooting involving ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ rifle | Daily Mail Online

The gun used in a 2013 gang-style shooting in Phoenix, Arizona has been traced to an ill-fated Obama administration program that tried in vain to track firearms across the Mexican border to drug kingpins, and grisly pictures released Thursday show the aftermath.

Carlos Rocha-Lopez and Jobani Flores were shot and left for dead by a criminal assailant who got his AK-47 rifle along with 39 other guns on a single day from a single store because the federal government instructed a gun dealer to sell them to him.

via Crime scene photos show aftermath of shooting involving ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ rifle | Daily Mail Online.

Saw this in Matthew Bracken’s Facebook page where he asks “Why do we have to find this story in the foreign media?”

Indeed, why?

Because embarrassing this administration is verbotten.  Hide the murders, hide the bodies, commit all info to the Memory Hole.


One thought you should not forget. (Why are Gun Control Advocates so violent?)

Yesterday’s post of Why I carry? we get to see the kind of despicable people our Opposition can be. In comments, more than one reader pointed out that basically these people talk the talk but are they willing to walk the walk? And I agree that they would probably hide if you go boo!

But one thing I firmly believe is that they will have no problems with having somebody else do the killing for them

Something like a moral plausible deniability, if there is such thing.

And that is why I take them seriously, specially CSGV with their history of condoning gross human right violations if it fits their cause.

Sorry about the light blogging.

Day 11 of my cold/flu and although not as bad as it was last week, the need to take certain meds has my brain slipping gears like the transmission of a Lada.

But don’t let it be said I don’t leave something for you guys that is somewhat interesting. Here are some pics of weapons confiscated to criminals in Venezuela. The kicker is that at the time these weapons were confiscated from the hands of the felons, they were serving prison time….yes, they got the guns from inside the  Uribana Prison.

Because, you know, Gun Control and Gun Free Zones work.

Why I carry? CSGV seems like a good reason.

So the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence asked its Facebook followers what they would say to Wayne LaPierre if they could get him in an elevator for 30 seconds….

Here goes a selection of answers. Can you feel the Love for Humanity? The Peace on Earth that we wish for during the Holidays?

CSGV Meet LaPierre 30 seconds

And that is why I carry.

UPDATE Dec 19, 2014:  I guess the intern at CSGV finally got orders from HQ and proceeded to delete most of the above posts and whatever other came out after. 
Too late. The Internet is forever.
Best program in Window is the Snipping Tool :)

Republican Martha McSally wins Gabby Gifford’s congressional seat

Republican Martha McSally has prevailed in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District over Democratic Rep. Ron Barber following a recount after initial vote totals showed McSally ahead by fewer than 200 votes…

(Gabby) Giffords’ gun-control group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, spent more than $2 million on Barber’s behalf, including a 60-second TV ad in October that featured Giffords, who still has trouble with her speech. “Ron Barber is independent, he’s courageous, and most of all he’s Arizona through and through,” she said in the ad.

via Republican Martha McSally wins last House race of 2014 – Tarini Parti – POLITICO.


But remember, according to the Media and Gun Control Activists, we lost big time and the NRA is no longer a threat.

Dear God: Keep them stupid.