Your weekend Must-Do: The Spencer Newcomer Case.

ProArms Podcast:  The Spencer Newcomer Case.

I cannot emphasize how important this podcast can be. I need you to take about an hour of your undivided time to listen to it. You may want to grab the beverage of your choice, but please make it an uninterrupted hour. If you have to sacrifice range time, do so: this will be a bigger learning experience than any amount of rounds you could put through paper this weekend.

I’ll post again about this case on Monday on lessons learned.

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PS: This was supposed to be scheduled for Friday morning, but I clicked on the wrong button. I will post a reminder on Friday anyway.

Seriously, listen to this podcast.

Another Women’s Self-Defense class down the drain

GLENDALE ( — A Glendale self-defense class geared toward women and girls has been postponed for a second time this month after a national men’s group threatened a discrimination lawsuit because men aren’t allowed to participate in the course.

Harry Crouch, the president of the National Coalition for Men, drafted a letter to the city, demanding it open the class to men.

“There’s no problem with having self-defense classes geared toward women as long as they have the same self-defense classes geared toward men. It’s about the discrimination. It’s not about who beats up who most often or who needs protection the most,” Crouch said via Skype.
National Men’s Group Threatens Discrimination Suit Over Female-Only Self-Defense Class

“For the second time this month” Yup. The Boys of NCFM are at it demonstrating once again that politics trump safety.  As one of their now banned trolls said:

NCFM didn’t say self defense classes including/only for women must be banned, they said that offering a service (in this case, gender specific self defense classes) to only one gender is discriminatory and therefore illegal. Whether this was rectified by adding male only classes or cancelling female classes is irrelevant.

I am really not seeing much difference between these idiots and the Gun Control crowd. The fact that not even 30 days have passed and probably have not given the local authorities time to come up with a bitchslap class for them but went ahead and threat with a lawsuit, shows where their care for the safety of others is located in their anatomy.