So I asked a Gun Control Advocate….

… to provide me with the study and statistics about the benefits of Universal Background Checks and she sent me cute pictures with numbers in it. I am guessing she have graduated past crayola in school. One of pictures sent was this one:

HCI poster

Do notice the snarky remark “You won’t like statistics” but that was not what caught my attention.  I know I have seen that pic before, but not recently. And then it hit me:


This was an ad by no other than Handgun Control Inc. or as we know it since the year 2000, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  Her alleged “statistic” is at least 14  24 years old, probably more.

May God keep the lot of them this dumb.

Update: I was just reminded by Sam C. that West Germany ceased to be in October of 1990, so this ad is at least 24 years old.

Mother Jones: ’cause you are all a bunch of stupid rednecks and easy to fool.

Mother Jones senior pics

One would think such a bizarre proposal would prompt some level of debate, a modicum of sane opposition! After all, we’re talking about mere teenagers eerily striking poses with weapons in their adolescent hands. Alas, the idea was met with a unanimous yes by all members of the Broken Bow school board.

via Students at a Nebraska High School Can Now Pose With Guns in Their Senior Portraits | Mother Jones.

You see the picture Mother Jones used and barely give a glance to the article and if you are the low information reader, your gut will twist. Then again if you are smart,you figure out already that Mother Jones has had an axe to grind against gun owners for a very long time. The New York Daily News, not quite the bastion of Pro-NRA support also covered the news item, but instead they showed the actual pics to be used in the yearbook:

NY Daily News Prom pics

NY Daily News Prom pics 2


So, whatever happened to “We don’t want to ban all guns. We have no beef with people who hunt, it is only them Gun Nuts with Assault Weapons with High Capacity 600 rounds per second magazine clips that need to be banned.” line?

Oh yes! They are lying. They always do.

Not unexpected.

Moms Demand Plagiarizing the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence? (& a dash of hypocrisy)

Moms Demand stealing CSGV

This is not good. We know that the Gun Ownership = Treason meme is exclusive part and parcel of CSGV. I know that The Bloomberg Gun Control Amalgamated pretty much ignore the rest of the Gun Control organizations, but stealing somebody else’s strategy is low.

Incidentally. I have not heard the cries and hues of Moms Demand or anybody else when a Concealed Carrier was found drunk in the street carrying a sidearm and spare ammunition in the middle of a very public and very volatile public demonstration. Jamilah Nasheed arrested

Jamilah Nasheed was arrested Monday by St Louis PD   for “Failure to Obey Lawful Order of Police and Manner of Walking in the Roadway. ” (Basically blocking the road and not getting off when told).  At the time of the arrest, the officers detected the smell of alcohol and also found a loaded 9mm pistol on her. She is a State Senator & notorious for being anti-gun…except when it comes to be of her business as she admitted to have a permit to carry. Everybody else….

“Individuals that are pushing for the right to carry don’t really understand what happens in my community and the inter-cities,”
Jamilah Nasheed, January 2014

Another member of the “Guns for Me but not for Thee” Club.