King Arthur has died: Nigel Terry R.I.P.


Just found out about Nigel Terry’s passing. I guess I am one of those weirdos that believe Excalibur was the best movie ever made about the legend of King Arthur.

Many great actors and actresses were in that movie and all gave amazing performances. If you haven’t seen it, you must.  But Terry’s best scene was, in my opinion, this one:

I haven’t seen the movie in a while. I guess I’ll be doing that later.

Farewell King Arthur.


No, There is no excuse for your actions in Garland, Texas.

Things are still “fresh” or at least the info has not been released in full. But the saddest part so far has been the apologists of the attack because, you know, them drawings were so mean:


Now, if an excuse could be made for violence because cartoons are deemed by a group as to be so insulting they demanded the killing of those who draw them and support them, Does that mean that the Gun Community can go on hunting? We have been insulted over and over by cartoonists in the last 30 or more years, right?

Gun nut jim morin

Remember, we have been accused of every kind of madness and insulted in ways that would send chartered planes full of Jihadists to NYC to try to park them inside skyscrapers and in all that time not one single pro-gun control cartoonist, commentator, editorialist, journalist, etc has been killed because of their work against the Second Amendment.

But usually, the people who dislike one right, tend to have little consideration for the others, even when they are protecting what feeds them.

Oh well, I need more coffee.

No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: Bad Apple Lawyers – The Theorist

Mass tort actions, especially those brought by plaintiffs’ attorneys (aka ambulance chasers), depend upon a large number of individuals harmed. When dealing with asbestos or tobacco, it was easier to find potential clients. However, when dealing with gun shot victims, there are many fewer and it was harder to line up potential clients. Thus the alliance with municipalities was critical for both the private plaintiffs attorneys who handled cases for New Orleans and other locales and for those who used Kairys’ public nuisance theory. By taking the focus off the individual and putting it on a mass group, the “blame the smoker” approach of defense attorneys is harder to employ. Erichson noted this in his essay for Suing the Gun Industry.As a matter of causation, plaintiffs in individual gun cases have difficulty proving that different industry conduct would have prevented a particular victim’s shooting. Municipal gun lawsuits, by treating the harm on an aggregate level in terms of cost to the municipality, remove attention from any individual shooting and thus diminish the power of the defense arguments that focus on blameworthy victims, owners, or shooters. Thus, the public entity plaintiff in tobacco litigation is less vulnerable to to the defendants’ “blame the smoker” argument for contributory negligence, comparative fault, or assumption of risk, while the public entity plaintiff in gun litigation is less vulnerable to the defendants’ “blame the shooter” argument for superseding cause or for challenging actual causation.

Source: No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: Bad Apple Lawyers – The Theorist

I just know this is going to be an awesome series of posts. I know it is not as sexy as seeing CSGV members go unhinged or some gun review, but this stuff is where what needs to be learned, specially Gun Culture 2.0 as it was one of the darkest moments in Gun Rights history.

Seriously people, read every single post.