Sad Holder is Sad but unrepentant.

Outgoing Attorney Gen. Eric Holder on Monday listed the Obama administration’s inability to enact more stringent gun control regulations as among the biggest failures of his tenure, saying the matter “weighs heavily” on his mind.

via Holder: Gun control among biggest failures | TheHill.

Notice how he is not sorry for helping Mexican Drug Cartels get guns? Remorse or even a bit of sadness for the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry? Kinda tells you the kind of sick puppy was in charge of the Law and Order in this country.

Because you can buy a machine gun at your local 7-11 for pennies.

First, some nice Gun Porn:

BAR Ordnance Works

Not much info other than it is a BAR replica (assuming a semi) built by Ohio Ordnance Works under Colt’s license. IMHO it is not quite a BAR but the civilian version: Colt Monitor.

I checked Ohio Ordnance Works‘ website…oh dear Lord in Heaven! Some rally interesting and classic full autos for sale if you can afford them.

Original MAC-10 in 9mm?  $5,500.  Original BAR in great condition? How about shelling $11,000? An M3A1 Grease Gun from the GM’s Guide Lamp Division will set you back $25,000. They have other rare sub machine and full machine guns available.

Wear a bib.