Another 9mm Carbine few people will buy.

MasterPiece Arms is expanding on the new model Defender series with a 9mm Luger carbine that uses Glock-pattern magazines. Called the MPA20DMG, this carbine combines a machined aluminum lower with a standard Defender upper in a carbine configuration.

The MPA20DMG is priced at $966 and that price includes a hard case and one extended Glock magazine where available. They’re currently entering production and right now MasterPiece Arms is expecting a four to five-week turnaround on orders placed today.

Source: Check out the new 9mm Defender Carbine–it uses Glock mags

Dear Gun Manufacturers: Stop thinking AR platform and start thinking M3 Grease Gun or Sten, hell even MAC 10. It has to be embarrassing that Hi Point will sell 100 of theirs for every one of the highfalutin tacticool crap.

In the age of polymers, you have no excuse not to produce a $500 retail 9mm carbine.

Moms Demand More Laws because they work so well.

Moms Demand illegal alien felon

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A man suspected in the shooting death of a woman at a busy San Francisco tourist destination has seven felony convictions and has been deported five times, most recently in 2009, a federal agency said Friday.U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had turned Francisco Sanchez over to authorities in San Francisco on March 26 on an outstanding drug warrant, agency spokeswoman Virginia Kice said.

Source: San Francisco: No ‘legal basis’ to hold shooting suspect – Yahoo News

But wait, there s more:

Sanchez was on probation for an unspecified conviction, police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said Thursday.

And if that was not enough:

Kice said ICE issued a detainer for Sanchez in March, requesting notification of his release and that he stay in custody until immigration authorities could pick him up. The detainer was not honored, she said.…

Freya Horne, counsel for the sheriff’s office, said Friday that federal detention orders are not a legal basis to hold someone, so Sanchez was released April 15. San Francisco is a sanctuary city, and local money cannot be spent to cooperate with federal immigration law.

So, who is to blame for this deadly Felon Hot Potato game? You got it!

Moms Demand illegal alien felon 1

Now, this is San Francisco. This is Gun Control Paradise and Nirvana for every Liberal cause that exist on the face of Earth. This people recycle tofu farts into biofuel for Unicorn carriers and have all the top grades from every gun control organization, yet this murder happened.

And again, that is not all. The next day, the obligatory news crew were at the location to give us the usual heart wrenching news cum editorial when this happened:

News crews from two television stations were robbed of cameras Thursday morning and a camera operator was pistol-whipped as they reported on a homicide at Pier 14 in San Francisco.The mugging happened at 6:03 a.m. at the pier along the Embarcadero and was captured in part on the air.KTVU reporter Cara Liu was reporting live when someone ran up and stole camera equipment belonging to KNTV, which also had a crew on the scene. During the incident, KNTV camera operator Alan Waples was pistol-whipped.

Source: News crews mugged at San Francisco Pier on live TV | Local News – KSBW Home

But we need more Gun Laws to stop the violence… San Francisco made that bed, let them sleep in it.

I cannot process so much stupidity with a single cup of coffee.

The supreme idiocy of Gun Control.

Police in northern Germany have seized a World War Two tank which was being kept in a pensioner’s cellar. The Panther tank was removed from the 78-year-old’s house in the town of Heikendorf, along with a variety of other military equipment, including a torpedo and an anti-aircraft gun

Source: Germany: WW2 Panther tank seized from pensioner’s cellar – BBC News

Gun Safety Control Activists have this misguided notion that once they pass their laws forbidding the ownership of Evil Black Guns, it will be rather easy to find those that have not been turned in. In Supreme Gun Control Germany, some old fart had not pistols, not rifles, not shotguns, not even bazookas but a darned German tank and an anti-aircraft piece of artillery in his basement and nobody was the wisest.

Now, a terrifying thought for the Antis: That was Germany. Who knows what’s in the basements of ornery old Americans right at this moment? Think about it.

Now try to sleep.

And all those tragic boat accidents that have claimed the existence of so many guns in this country….sigh. 😉