Flakka: 21st Century’s Angel Dust?

A man rushes out of his house in Miami last month, ripping his clothes off in a rage, screaming violently, after smoking a crystal-like drug. Five police officers are required to take him down as he exhibits superhuman strength. He is sweating, paranoid, delusional and hallucinating about seeing objects in front of him.The behavior described above, known as “excited delirium”, is the result of emerging use of a new synthetic amphetamine-like stimulant that is similar to the compound contained in bath salts, also known as cathinones.

The drug is called “Flakka”, and if you are the parent of a teen, it’s important to educate yourself about this new designer drug.

Use of the drug have been reported primarily in Florida, Texas, and Ohio, but the drug is likely making its way into many other cities.

Source: Flakka: The New Designer Drug You Need To Know About

Yesterday, Ft Lauderdale police had to shoot a man under the influence of Flakka after a hostage stand-off. Another man was so high, he tried to kick the door of Ft Lauderdale PD headquarters.

Basically what you get is an individual with zero common sense, possibly very aggressive and strong with low tolerance for pain.

While I was reading the article, I came to this section:

Flakka is produced from a compound known as alpha-PVP, synthetically derived and made from an amphetamine-like derivative of the drug, cathinone.

The khat plant, which grows in parts of the Middle East as well as Somalia, is the source of cathinones. The leaves of the plant are often chewed to achieve euphoria or a high.

If you watched Blackhawk Down, you heard  khat mentioned. If you read the book, you got a more in-deep explanation of what the Somali rebels were putting in their systems. I was also reminded that in the book, the Rangers and Delta complained that the Skinnies were taking rifle rounds which were supposed to down normal human beings but it did not seem to affect them as if somebody forgot to send them the memo that even the 5.56 mm bullet was going to do some serious energy transfer. They just did not feel it. I know that the AP version of the ammo was partially blamed, but it cannot bear all fault for not bringing a person down. Now make the extensions to a more concentrated form of khat via designer drug or bath salt and what we have is the possibility of somebody that will take an ungodly amount of rounds before it goes down.

Headshots? yes, but we know it is hard to achieve. Keep a lot of BBs in your gun and spares.

PS: I was just checking my blog feeds and coincidentally Active Response Training has a nice presentation from Dr. Cunha about Flakka.



And we are going to get blamed for this one.

According to the police report, a man charged with shooting at George Zimmerman last week had “a fixation” on the former neighborhood watch leader. TheAnd we are going to get blamed for this one report made public Tuesday also said 36-year-old Matthew Apperson had recently been admitted to a mental institution and had shown signs of paranoia, anxiety and bipolar disorder.  Apperson’s attorney, Mark NeJame, didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment. NeJame claimed last week his client fired the gun in self-defense.

Source: Shooter was fixated on George Zimmerman, police report says | www.wftv.com

The Narrative will be centered on two things: Anybody can get a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit even crazy people and This would Not Have Happened If Doctors In Florida Were Allowed to Talk About Guns With Their Patients.

Mind you, there is nothing in the Florida Statutes that prohibits medical practitioners and specially those specializing in the treatment of mental diseases to act upon diagnosis, but that won’t be what will be published and loudly announced to the four winds.

Florida has a pretty decent set of laws regarding Mental Health patients, specially with the last tweaks done to ensure the rights of the patient to a fair hearing. If you feel like reading, check Florida Statutes 394.

Governor Scott signs two darn good gun laws.


Via Florida Carry

Today, Governor Rick Scott signed SB 290 into law.

This bill, sponsored by Sen. Brandes in the Senate and Rep. Fitzenhagen in the House and supported by hard work from Florida Carry and the National Rifle Association, is important to gun owners statewide for two critical reasons:

1) The new law provides an exception for those in the process of fleeing a designated mandatory evacuation area. The exception is for a maximum 48 hours, which may be extended by the Governor, and provides that those affected may lawfully carry a concealed weapon or firearm on or about their person. The exception applies only to “the immediate and urgent movement of a person away from the evacuation zone within 48 hours after a mandatory evacuation is ordered”. This will allow lawful gun owners to bring their guns with them during an emergency rather than being forced to leave them behind to fall in to the hands of looters or be destroyed in a disaster.

2) The legislation also corrected the structure of Florida Statute 790.01, the law that prohibits concealed carry.

In 2013 the Florida Supreme Court ruled that carrying a firearm or weapon, even with a license, is a crime to which the licensed person only has an “affirmative defense”. This was because lack of licensure was not an element of the crime, merely an exception.

[F]lorida’s legislative scheme causes us to hold that (concealed carry) licensure is an affirmative defense to a charged crime of carrying a concealed weapon, as codified at section 790.01, Florida Statutes (2013), and the lack of a license is not an element of the crime. This conclusion is based upon a clear reading of section 790.01 and consideration of its structure, the chapter of the Florida Statutes that governs firearms and other weapons, and the legal precedent on this issue.

Mackey v. State, 124 So. 3d 176, 181 (Fla. 2013)

The result was that Florida’s law abiding concealed carry licensees could be treated like criminals, and even be arrested, for exercising their right to bear arms.

The new law also corrects this problem by now clearly stating that it only prohibits people who are not licensed from carrying concealed weapons or firearms.

790.01 Unlicensed carrying of concealed weapons or concealed firearms.-

(1) Except as provided in subsection (3), a person who is not licensed under s. 790.06 and who carries a concealed weapon or electric weapon or device on or about his or her person commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

(2) Except as provided in subsection (3), a person who is not licensed under s. 790.06 and who carries a concealed firearm on or about his or her person commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

We offered this simple change to the law because it will help to ensure that people who hold Concealed Carry Licenses are not treated like common criminals.

The new law is effective immediately.


Goes without saying that you should donate at least the cost of one box of ammo to Florida Carry if you live in Florida. Go ahead and click on the logo on the right side of the blog. But the same applies to your state gun rights organization, OK?

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