Confirming once more that “Gun Safety Advocates” don’t know about guns.

CSGV AR ammo Ban

OK, that does it. I volunteer for a paid position in CSGV so they don’t publish stupid stuff like that. At least I am willing to teach them how to use Google for other than looking at Samoan reptilian porn.

The comments/orgasms from the followers were quick to come:

Collage of some comments in no particular order
Collage of some comments in no particular order

And then, a bit of common sense makes an appearance and gets a “rebuttal”:

CSGV AR ammo Ban 3

Because the pistol is MORE BADDER than the rifle! Either that or they think you could actually conceal an AR pistol down the front of the warm up pants of ganbangers.

There was another comment which explained in detail that it was one specific type of 5.56 ammo, but I got distracted and it was deleted before I could grab a screen capture. But at least it is an indicator that they are lying and they know they are lying. They just don’t care.

I really want to see how they are gonna spin this one out. Imagine ATF does get away banning M855 ammo and your average Laddite goes to the local WalMart and see boxes upon boxes of Regular (and other flavors) 5.56/.223 available for sale?


On this thing about Net Neutrality.

I confess that the whole thing appears to be convoluted and I have not done a real in-deep study of it.  Apparently the FCC wants to save me from the evil Internet providers or something.

I am a simple man. Don’t do fancy stuff, don’t shoot but simple inexpensive guns and don’t ask me about the mysteries of the Universe. However I can do some basic math.

When I came into the internet, it was through American On Line.  It charged me (IRRC) $2.45 per hour of usage at 9,600 bps and I had to get a spare phone line so our main wasn’t blocked if I was online. If I got distracted and forgot to disconnect, that monthly bill got huge ensuing significant fights with SWMBO.

Right now I am with one of the big companies that according to the FCC need to be reigned in. I am paying $50 a month for 25 Mbps unlimited and I killed any phone land lines long ago.

Now a simple feat of math: If was still paying AOL prices and connected 100% of the time ($2.45 x 24 x 365) at the end of the year I would be paying $21,462 on a really slow connection. Right now on high-speed Internet unlimited, I am paying $600 a year. That is what? a forty-fold decrease in price with an almost thirty-fold increase in speed on an unregulated internet subject to the whims of the free market?

So exactly what or who is the Government going to save me from? And why do I have the feeling we are about to be shafted?

Time to parade Trayvon Martin’s body once again.

From out friends in Everytown:

Everytown Trayvon Anniversary

Trayvon died because he chose to pick a fight with somebody carrying a gun. He chose poorly and suffered the consequences. And, by the way, Self Defense in Florida is not only circumscribed to Stand Your ground: Once your head is being bashed against the pavement, you are not longer “standing” but fighting for your life.

And we know that at the end of today, Bloomberg and Shannon will put the body back in their file cabinet of faux outrages and Narratives, throw some moth balls on top of it and wait till next year.