Gun Porn: Holland and Holland .577 Howdah Pistol

H and H Howda 577 cal


This is one of those guns that I have absolutely no practical use for, but I would love to have one.

Pedersoli has the Howdah Hunter 20 Gauge Black Powder Pistol with Presentation Box and Accessories at a reasonable $949.99 at Cabela’s and it is not an item that requires background check so you can order it and have it delivered to your door.

pedersoli howdah

I want to make this one of my BBQ Guns. Donations are gladly accepted.

Back in the Old Days

Marlin Rifle Shotgun

From what I gather, the Junior Sales Club of America was designed for Kids to sell cards (blank, those were the day when people communicated via pen and a stamp) and after so many boxes sold, they got to select a reward.

If you check the circled items, you may (or not) be surprised that they could select as reward Marlin 22 rifles and a Marlin shotgun.  Obviously this is pre-GCA68 so that means the guns were shipped directly home to boot.

It explains all those school shootings back then….oh wait.