Guns in Hospitals! ZOMG!

The Miami Herald gives us an article about the fact that guns are allowed in Hospitals.The comment section as usual is filled with the Reductio Ad Absurdum comments from the Anti Gun Peanut Gallery wit the usual hate rhetoric from the “peace loving” crowd.

The dangers to shooting victims,the emergency room personnel,and other patients is a real test for ambulance providers,and the hospital.
A no weapons policy should be enforced with long sentences for violators.

No, as a matter of fact, everybody going in a hospital should be required to carry a gun in case a virus or bacteria tries to attack….

Order a morphine drip and a 30 round 40mm clip for the patients Glock.

What we need is more guns in hospitals and university campuses.  I believe the reasoning goes like this, “if there’s more guns, then fewer maniacs will be able to kill people with them because the good people with guns will kill them first”.  Yay for the good people with guns!

If hospitals start banning guns, how will we protect ourselves from the…Infectors?

Marion Hammer, the most dangerous woman in Florida. May she suffer the same fate by her own weapon as that woman lobbyist  did who didn’t want to wear a motorcycle helmet. Guess how she died????

Now here is the kicker. The law that allows guns in Hospitals has been in the books for 25 years now. Do you reckon that if shootings by people with Concealed Weapons Permits was such a gigantic problem, we would have noticed by now?

This is the sign I see every time I go to the hospital where my doctor has his practice. It has been ignored from day one and will remain to be ignored. Ask the hospital managers if they will guarantee your safety and the prompt answer will be NO!
Seriously, I do not take safety information or advice from a group responsible for more deaths a year than any other.
And before you throw a shit fit, do yourself a favor and Google Medical Malpractice Deaths per year. Apparently a stethoscope is more dangerous than a Glock with a 30 round “clip.”

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  1. I was hoping for your take on the guy in Miami-Dade who thought his wife was an intruder and put a round in her. That would generate some great discussion, no?


  2. Remember, in the history of the Florida concealed carry permits, not even 1/100 of 1% have been revoked for a “gun crime”. It’s something like 8/1000ths of 1 %. There is essentially no chance of a real problem, so they have to invent a problem.

  3. Growing up in Miami, I knew more than a few doctors (yes that included psychologists/psychiatrists), nurses (all male in this case), and EMT’s that carried concealed pistols. I thought it looked a little goofy to see a doctor or nurse in scrubs with a black fanny pack running around until the situation was explained to me (by a therapist no less). It was very popular back in the day (I move out of Miami 11 years ago) for medical personal to be attacked when dealing with the fallout of gang violence. EMT’s would find themselves under fire for trying to save the life of some kid who had just got shot. My mom was a nurse in Miami during the Miami Riots and one of the reasons she stopped being a nurse was the near warfare that broke out in the ER waiting room of Jackson. Medical personel that serve in public hospitals are quite often the victims of violence and most hospital security is un-armed. So next time you see scrubs and a fanny pack, there might very well be a J-Frame tucked underneath all the gause and tape thats poking out the top.

  4. Here’s another one. From Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. No metal detectors at the front, no way of enforcing. What a great idea…..NOT!

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  5. Unfortunately, those signs are binding here in the Patron State of Shooting Stuff, so when I have to go visit my PCP for an illness or an ailment, I must also involuntarily disarm myself and render myself defenseless against anyone looking for an easy target. ‘Cause, y’know, that makes sense.

    1. I normally just ignore those signs, except for situations like our courthouses, where they have metal detectors and armed guards at the door.
      Even for a doctor visit, my little KelTec P3AT in a pants pocket is pretty much undetectable.
      Like the old saying…..better to be caught with it than without it!

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