Minnesota, say what?

Either my caffeine intake is not enough and the neurons are still zombified, or Minnesota is one weird state. Caught these quotes article from the Crookston Times about Castle Doctrine:

Sen. Barb Goodwin, DFL-Columbia Heights, said that the bill could enable violent felons to use deadly force once they are allowed to carry firearms again.
“We’re saying that people that have been violent felons in the past can now also basically shoot people anywhere that they feel threatened,” Goodwin said. Her motion to send the bill to the Judiciary Committee for further discussion was rejected.

I am gonna coin a term here: Legis Magicae. And it will be defined at that supposedly magical legislation that will force criminals to do the right thing or stops them from doing the wrong thing. It is a legal incantation approved by the Harry Potters of a legislative body and once signed by the Sorcerer in Chief of the State, it creates a magical force field on each criminal controlling his actions.

More from the same article:

Dennis Flaherty, executive director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, said the bill could result in dangerous situations for police officers, who regularly enter homes without permission.

So in Minnesota, search warrants and Probable Cause are ignored in a regular basis? Is the Constitution known in the State or is it something vague & vapid?

Dayton said when lawmakers were debating the bill last year, he was “concerned because law enforcement in Minnesota was mostly opposed to it, felt that it gave citizens more freedoms and rights than they had.

Mother of Mary! Is it really that bad up there?

13 thoughts on “Minnesota, say what?”

  1. Is frustrating..
    And the dumashed comments you hear from the left is a fine example of the ignorance on their part…
    But…being I do speak regularly with one of the authors of the bill and another Senator and Representative whom all feel there is a good chance of this passing…But then that could just be my wishful thinking in the great Nanny State of Minnesota…
    Whazhername Joan Peterson the great anti gun debater is from Minnesota…

  2. Maddmedic beat me to it. Minnesota, home of Joan “crazy lady” Peterson. I can believe they have congresscritters that stupid. The total disregard for the Constitution doesn’t surprise me.

    1. Don’t forget Dog Gone over at Mikeb302000. She’s from Minnesota too. She claims that the proposed amendment to the state constitution to recognize a right to carry is a plan to arm felons. I’ve tangled with her unproductively on this one before.

  3. It really is that messed up here. Minnesota has a very interesting individualists and collectivists. The rural areas are mostly made up of the individualists who actually believe individuals have rights whereas the metro (Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs) are made up mostly of collectivists who believe you only have the rights granted to you by the state.

    Honestly I’m considering abandoning the state at some point because there appears to be no hope of salvation. On the upside this bill did pass one of the legislative bodies last year so we only need to get it through the second and then get our alcoholic governor to sign it (that should be easy, we just need to get him sauced first).

  4. Chris-cede nothing to them. We are fighting here in NY, guys like Dylan Baxter and Gene Hoffman are fighting in California, Thirdpower in IL, Evan Nappen in NJ, and the list goes on.

    In states that already respect freedom we have guys like Sorrentino in NC and Robb Allen in FL (Oh and some dude named Miguel, but we’re not sure about him…)

    We will win, we will see them in ashheap of history where they belong, and it will happen in MN too.

    1. I’ve never desired to cede anything but our problems run past firearms laws. While we have some really stupid firearm laws (a complete prohibition on suppressors for example) overall we have it pretty good. We do have right-to-carry laws, no “assault weapon” ban, and a generally well armed populace.

      Unfortunately from there we have absurdly idiotic things moving through our legislature like tax increases to find a new stadium for a football team owned by a billionaire (after we already suffered a tax increase to pay for a different stadium for our baseball team). There is also the poorly designed but extremely expensive light rail system that’s being worked on in the metro area, an ever increasing state deficit, and numerous idiotic laws that continue to pop into existence.

      If it were just firearm laws it wouldn’t be so bad but we have a fight on every possible front and the state continues to fall in step with the likes of California (thankfully we’re not that bad yet, but we’re working hard to get there).

  5. Chris is right: we have it pretty good in some respects toward firearms. The CCW is at the whim and fancy of the local constabulary- County Mounty being the culprit for me, and he’s anti-Second. Too, with that limp dick MAIG mayor in Duluth, pushing for hi-speed rail to the ‘Cities, as well as trying to get the new stadium put in up here… damn, ain’t no way they won’t take our money and freedoms from us.
    You have to remember who we’ve voted into office: tree hugger Sierra Club lovers like Jimmie the Grease Oberstar, some limp dick comedian as a senator, and Soros boot licker for a governor. Then there are the unions here. Don’t get me going on them.
    Darn, I’m making myself angry.
    Hopefully, we can push the Constitutional Amendment through this year and rub JaPeet’s nose in it so hard she chokes. (I dunno who this Dog Gone is, but Mikeb is one I’d like downra… right alongside his buddy Ork from Oregon.)

  6. The light rail fiasko, the stadium funding BS, and the rest make me a bit embarrassed of my birth state. I don’t know where I’m going after the Army, but I doubt it’s there.

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