All of youse belongs to me?

There is a new “gun social place” called Smoke & Thunder (dot come!) which is not starting right. I mean, it is not even a left foot beginning but more like dragging ass over everything.

These cats are weird. They want the big names to be a part of their network so they create profiles for them without asking for authorization to do so. We are not talking blocking a name so only the person or company with the right to use it can access it, but creating an account & profile. And since they do not make a distinction between which is “reserved” and which one is just the person or company, it leads the less than attentive to believe major names are behind the new “gun social place.”

The above are some of the names I found inside. I know that Uncle has not registered, Caleb was commenting about this puppetry over Uncle’s and Tango was being reached via Twitter by Barron. I’ll refrain to comment on the rest but kinda doubt it. By the way, if you are gonna collect the best gun bloggers around, it is kind of stupid that in your blog you come down nasty on blogs.

The obvious question is: Who is behind this puppetization of bloggers’ socks? And why?

UPDATE: Changes suddenly occurring at the Thunderous Blunder. Oleg is now an innactive dummy…account. Who shall be next?

Tango said that he registered himself. His opinion is that “They’re bottom feeders. Trying to consolidate the hard work of others.” And IMHO there is a lot of truth ringing there.

Barron Barnett: “Nothing quite like violating the #dontbeadick rule.” :)

UPDATE 2: We can do what we want! It is legal! That appears to be Smoke & Thunder response to complaints about their Third Party Sock Puppetry. And just like Kelo versus New London, it can be both legal and totally douchebaggery.

I just confirmed via Facebook that Breda’s profile was Third Party Sock Puppetry. She complained to them some days ago and this was their attitude.

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  1. I’ve got a fairly OBVIOUS suggestion as to who or what is really behind it. However since it’s screamingly obvious, I shouldn’t have to say it.

      1. Interestingly, I’ve tried to “claim” my registered name twice now with no success. He also has Gun Nuts Media registered and I’ve not been able to claim that either.

        This is a textbook example of “doing shit wrong” and then pretending it’s someone else’s fault.

    1. That’s what the lawyers said about Yelp and their unrestrained public profiles and reviews… instead of a Yelp getting a stomping, the lawyers and plaintiffs got stomped and laughed out of court. I’m using nearly the same profile building model that Yelp used to become a billion dollar company. Apparently you missed that.

      1. I’m no lawyer so I’ll concede that you may be right about the legality of it.

        Legal doesn’t make it right and doesn’t make it smart.

        Good luck with that “billion dollar company” thing. Pissing off a major proportion of those who would be your customer base and could have been your greatest proponents had you gone about it with the slightest amount of common sense and decency is probably not the best way to get such an endeavor off the ground.

      1. You apparently don’t know the definition of what a sock puppet is. They ceratinly don’t feature a disclaimer such as “This profile created and maintained by such and such dot com”. Furthermore, please read Smoke & Thunder’s policies regarding usernames, restricted usernames, how they are used, and who may claim them.

        1. And you apparently do not have an honest bone in your body.

          Those “accounts” you are claiming on your rather pathetic excuse of a webpage are not “Recently Active Members” – they are not even “members”! They are nothing more than simulacra generated by you in order to give your site some degree of respect and credence by riding on the backs of the reputations of your betters.

          It simply does not matter what your half-assed “policies” state – you are being intentionally and blatantly dishonest, and are now acting like a petulant little brat when called on the carpet for it.

          Helpful hint: when it comes to “social media”, you are doing it WRONG.

          1. The profiles that appear as “recently active member” only appear there briefly as I add them or edit them. Once their profile is firmed up they will fall off the recently active list FOREVER, until they choose to claim their profile and maintain it, which is already happening. You… are stuck on stupid and have no clue as to my business model or ethics.

          2. And none of that changes the fact that your are intentionally and maliciously misleading people. They are not members. They are not recently active members. And most of them probably would not even be aware of what you were doing if we had not shined the light on your completely unethical behavior.

            You are doing nothing more than attempting to ride on the coat-tails of your betters, and then you have the unmitigated gall to lash out at them when they understandably get more than a little peeved at you. You and your site have “FAIL” written all over them.

      1. …do more than just blabber/blather for self admiration.

        Obviously you are talking about sites that you had no part in, given that every other sentence on your consists of, “Look at us!”, “Look how awesome we are!”, or “Everyone else SUCKS!”


      2. Oh noes! I’ve been told by a poser that my blog is for self-admiration! However will I find the urge to go on in the stark light of such withering criticism?

        I guess I have no recourse but to sit back and watch as you’re eviscerated by the community you’re trying to monetize. Also, I understand that Oleg Volk has quite a good lawyer…

        *makes popcorn and settles back for good old-fashioned bloodletting*

          1. Wow. Really? Really?

            You do understand that Erin is pretty much your target demographic, right? Young, new to firearms, networking with people who can assist her in learning how to use them and maintain them, etc. etc. etc.

            And you go and insult her for her style? Good Lord man… if you do not eventually admit to all of this being one big, grandiose troll, you might have successfully destroyed what little faith I have left in humanity.

          2. Hahahah, this is AWESOME. It’s like what happens when a crazy homeless guy, all dirty and stinky, decides to make comments on my fashion.

            Fortunately for you, being told to sleep in a coffin is a form of endearment among my people.

            Now pull my hair and tell me I’m a dirty, dirty girl.

          3. Quoth Erin the Ethereal Beauty
            “Now pull my hair and tell me I’m a dirty, dirty girl.”

            Not now dear I have a headache. 😛

            Well…not really I just should be getting back to the yard work I need to finish, now that I finished stuffing my face with lunch.

  2. Wonder if Robert Farago is a part of this shenanigan — afterall, I think it would be one of the few ways “The Truth About Guns” could be considered the best gun blog out there.

    1. Don’t be ridiculous. TTAG is written in plain english by real writers, not half-cocked bloggers. TTAG is actually attractive to regular people and newbies, who are the future of gun ownership. I can’t say that about most blogs.

          1. Pretty good business ethic you’ve got there. Ever consider applying for a job with the Obama administration?

      1. Too bad TTAG isn’t written by shooters. Attracting regular people and new shooters is fine and dandy, but the amount of bad information spewing from TTAG can at times be too much to stomach. Of course all these regular people and new shooters won’t listen to people who actually shoot because they “heard it on the ‘#1 best gun blog 2012.'”

      2. You are the one being ridiculous, TTAG was caught stealing material from those bloggers you sneer at.

        Well, that only confirms just how ignorant you are of the gun blogging community.

    1. I must say – I wonder if YOU understand what social networking is all about? You say you’re trying to make firearms appealing to the younger generation, but your social network website does little to fulfill that appeal. I read gun blogs like this one, despite the fact that I’m not much of a gun nut, because it’s already part of the online gun community and the author (Miguel) posts on a topic (guns!) that I agree with or appeals to my sensibilities. Miguel Tweets and posts on Facebook. He is not the only gun blogger I follow online through various avenues (Twitter, Facebook, actual blog URLs). I don’t see why I need to go to ANOTHER social network website to get my fill of gun nuttery.

      Also, your attitude sucks in general. Instead of reaching out to people who are already established in the said online gun community, you’re pissing them off with the way you’ve constructed your website. Defending your “fair use” of a gun blogger’s “profile” is irrelevant when you belittle them and label them “out of touch” because they question your inclusion of their blog names on your site. So maybe you should rethink your attempts at PR – they’re more of a turn-off to someone who’s in that younger generation you’re trying to reach than they are an attraction.

      Just saying.

      1. And just an example of what I mean? In your “firestorm” post on your site, you call out commenters and bloggers that I’ve read for a much longer period before I ever heard of you – today was the first time I’d heard of “Smoke and Thunder” at all! And you did it in a condescending manner, which was very off-putting.

        Good luck to you, I guess. You’re probably gonna need it.

        1. Please don’t pretend that you actually know me, my attitude, or my background. You don’t. This is not eHarmony with 29 level of compatibility. I’m not certainly not bashing everyone or anyone in particular. Did you bother to read Gun Writers vs. Gun Bloggers or Gun Websites: Blog, Board, or Social Network? There is a big difference between “calling out” “many gun blogs” for their crappy content and endless snarky comments, and attacking individual sites or people.

          Social networks are slowly but surely decentralizing. Facebook is for beer pong escapades and baby pictures, while Twitter is dominated by people who think they are much “sexier” and “better in bed” than Facebook people based on a recent national survey. I don’t expect to be welcomed or understood by anyone. Most visionaries aren’t- and I certainly don’t think of myself as some high-and-mighty visionary. My business model mirrors Yelp in almost every major way (build profiles, give users all the power, and they will come), and even though I can’t stand Yelp and Yelpers, they became a billion dollar company in a few short years.

          I bet you are a Twitter person like Miguel—

          As the infographic below points out, 42 percent of active Twitter users are “sexually adventurous,” compared to just 33 percent of Facebook users. And 33 percent of active Twitter users think of themselves as skilled lovers, while just 28 percent of active Facebookers do.

          When asked to choose whether they could have only sex or only romance for the rest of their lives, Twitter users were “significantly” more likely to choose sex, the survey found. Forty one percent of active Tweeters picked sex, versus 33 percent of Facebookers.

          Meanwhile, 21 percent of Twitter users and 14 percent of Facebookers said they sometimes worry their sexual fantasies and behaviors aren’t normal.

          1. “When asked to choose whether they could have only sex or only romance for the rest of their lives, Twitter users were “significantly” more likely to choose sex, the survey found. Forty one percent of active Tweeters picked sex, versus 33 percent of Facebookers.

            Meanwhile, 21 percent of Twitter users and 14 percent of Facebookers said they sometimes worry their sexual fantasies and behaviors aren’t normal.”

            Yep and that has exactly FUCK ALL to do with the subject in question. Like someone said upstream…good luck..I think you’re gonna need it.

          2. Surely this is some elaborate form of trolling, right? Right?

            I mean, I can’t read this and keep a straight face. It’s like someone is trying to mimic the style of a mid-level Asperger’s, complete with “Ooops gotta insert random numbers and off-topic tangents because Aspies do that kinda thing.”

          3. Ya know, I took one of those “Do You Have Asperger’s” tests and scored off the charts, but I have always thought it’s a poor excuse for being a jerk. The idea of someone trying to fake the personality quirks is just sad.

          4. “Please don’t pretend that you actually know me, my attitude, or my background. You don’t.”

            Wow, for an admin for a brand-spanking new Yelp-like website, you’re certainly touchy. I’m not even PRETENDING that I know you, because your comments here say more ABOUT you. And way to shoot yourself in the foot by stereotyping me because I criticized you above.

            “I’m not certainly not bashing everyone or anyone in particular. Did you bother to read Gun Writers vs. Gun Bloggers or Gun Websites: Blog, Board, or Social Network? There is a big difference between “calling out” “many gun blogs” for their crappy content and endless snarky comments, and attacking individual sites or people.”

            You’re not doing anything to distinguish between the two. Again with the attitude.

            And as for the rest of your comment, if I’m a Twitter person or not, what of it, Mr “Visionary” with a website that mirrors Yelp but doesn’t really? A visionary would build a Yelp-like website without the condescension, the obvious bias against other forms of Interwebs because it won’t make you any money. How do you know that it won’t make you money? Have you TRIED reaching out to potential customers and fans that way?

            And YOU are the one who apparently obsesses about how people apparently try to find a good lay online. Who sleeps with who never came up in my comment. Maybe you should try it yourself? Maybe build an e-dating website for single gunnies?

            People like Miguel and the other bloggers I read just organized a buycott at Starbucks, THROUGH Facebook and by spreading the word on their blogs, and it didn’t involve a single beer pong. You have a stretch of leather to fill before you get that far. Again, good luck.

          5. I thought you might kinda nice and actually have some brain cells RG, but now I’m wondering. Everyone will always be several steps behind me on this, but I think there is perhaps still hope for you.

          6. Paraphrased: “You Twitter people tend to display more sexually-motivated behaviors than Facebook people.”

            I believe that qualifies as a “dick” reference. Another square for Anti-Gun Bingo. Keep ’em coming; I’m going for blackout on this comment thread!

    2. “Blog Post #823” on your WordPress blog explains how it isn’t a blog, while whining how nobody with a functioning brain can understand your brilliance. Maybe your disclaimers need more disclaimers.

        1. Clearly you are not familiar with this whole Ocean Marketing/Paul Cristoforo thing that recently happened. I think Paul even says word for word there is no such thing as bad publicity and was he ever wrong. I’d read up so you can see what not to do.

    3. Ummm…. If you need to post “disclaimers” stating that the profiles of your “members” are fake, then you’re very clearly doing it wrong.

      Have you EVER looked into business ethics? The first thing – the very first – they tell you is that “legal” and “ethical” are two very different things. Creating “dummy” profiles of prominent bloggers may be legal, but it’s certainly not ethical. And maliciously downplaying and insulting their contributions to the community borders on defamation, which is neither legal nor ethical.

      I don’t know you. Based on your behavior, I don’t want to know you. I know enough about you to want to take a cleansing shower. If you want to build a “billion-dollar” enterprise, this is not the way to do it. You’ll get no visits or business from me. Your actions lost me as a customer before I even entered your domain.

      I predict you and your site will be quarantined from the gunnie community like the malicious spam-producing virus you are. Begone, and good day, sir!

      1. Assclown, billion dollar Yelp invented the “Claim your profile” internet phenomenon which you clearly know NOTHING ABOUT. There is nothing dummy or fake about profiles that are simply pre-generated. The only dummy profiles are Miguel’s hijacked Smoke & Thunder accounts that I spray painted tonight.

        1. “Assclown”? Really? Let me guess, you learned about civility and Reasoned Discourse by studying Ladd Everitt’s and Dennis Henigan’s writings, didn’t you?

          “There is nothing dummy or fake about profiles that are simply pre-generated.”
          Nothing, except for one teeny tiny detail: None of your “members” had visited, registered for, endorsed, or were affiliated in any way with your site.

          What you’re doing is called “astroturfing”: you are either incapable or unwilling to put in the time and energy to create real “grassroots” support, so you lay some fake stuff down that looks real from a distance. The backlash you’re experiencing is because astroturf fades under the harsh glare of sunlight where real grass thrives, and anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see the difference.

          What you should have done is simple: Ask. If you knew the gunnie community half as well as you claim, you’d know we’re a pretty helpful bunch. I’d bet most people here would have sent some links your way, helped generate some initial traffic so readers could see your offerings. But you didn’t ask, and “borrowing without asking” is just a polite way of saying “stealing.”

          I stand by my original statement: you have no comprehension of business ethics, or for that matter, any kind of ethics. “Legal” does not equate to “ethical.” I would think a “genius” of your caliber would understand that, but apparently I’m asking too much.

        2. By the way, the consensus among business and economic analysts is that Yelp’s business model is unsustainable as a profit-generating machine. Its content is 100% user-generated and is provided free-of-charge, and its revenue comes in the form of sponsorships and advertisements, which makes it slightly more profitable to run than Wikipedia. Don’t take my word for it; ask the professors at the Harvard Business School*.

          Nice “billion-dollar company” you have there.

          *: Piskorski, Mikolaj Jan, and David Chen. “Yelp.” Harvard Business School Case 709-412. March 27, 2009

      1. Ladd it more to the point with his angry trolls, and also never even attempts to defend the indefensible on blogs that get him dead-to-rights.

        Also Ladd doesn’t claim to be helping gun owners while doing what he does.

        The stupidity is about on par!

  3. Smoke and Thunder is not Yelp and never will be. Your assertion that there is no such thing as bad publicity may work when it comes to B grade celebrities and deodorant but not in an insular community like this. Your reputation is everything and yours now reeks of prevarication, shadiness and fail. If TTAG is your target may you find the mark well and quickly, and reap the same level of recognition. But be sure to adjust your sights accordingly, that’s a pretty low aiming point. You have badly misjudged just how quickly such actions of yours can go viral in the gunny community. Remember, the internet is forever and your words and actions won’t be forgotten quickly, if ever. For every one of us engaged in the futile effort at educating you there are many, many more that are reading and simply dismissing you out of hand. You may be counting on the large numbers of gun owners out there to be your salvation through sheer numbers but you’re dealing with an internet savvy generation who WILL eventually come across these posts and judge you accordingly.
    Apologize, publicly and profusely. Work with the community to rehabilitate your reputation and find ways to do create your vision without being underhanded douchebags about it. I want you to succeed but honorably and honestly. There is more than enough room in the gun writer community for all who share a vision of an armed and free America. There’s none at all for those who insist on comporting themselves like spoiled children.

    1. Fuck Yelp with Miguel’s limp dick and fuck your insular community. I’m not a cheesy gun blogger and never will be. I’m using some of Yelp’s proven business tenhniques, that it. Read my “make a point” post from this morning and learn something. My target audience is definitely not the cloistered, inbred “gunny” community or 4th tier gun bloggers.

      1. And the Troll shows not only his ass but his stupidity by insulting Six, the guy who can probably dumbbell curl the trolls stupid ass.

        Nice job.

        So, if you don’t want the support of the gun blogging community, why did you create all those bullshit profiles of – oh yeah – the gun bloggers from the community you don’t care about????

        Maybe you should sit down, take your meds, sell your computer and disconnect your internet service.

        BTW, do I count as fourth tier??? I don’t think I rank that high.

  4. All this causes me to wonder if this is the outfit I keep getting mail from, asking if I want to ‘increase my readership and make my blog a top selling site’ and make more money from my writing’? Really makes me wonder.

  5. I have been reading this on several gun blog sites and I am at a complete loss. I can’t for the life of me understand how someone builds a “million” dollar business by insulting the very people, one claims to serve. The entire website boast about a place that is welcoming and open, except that it’s not. The entire attitude is I will take what I want from who I want regardless of who it hurts and use it for my own personal gain.

    Lying is lying. Misrepresenting is a lie. It’s wrong!

    P.S. Erin your hysterical.

    1. My hysterical what?

      Also: I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I suppose this makes me some kind of social-networking uber-slut? No wonder I’m so damn tired all the time…

      I am just ADORING this! I’m ineptly insulted, then propositioned, then told I’m sexy and have deviant fantasies. This is more attention than I’ve gotten in years!

      Am I pretty, Smoke and Thunder Admin? Tell me I’m pretty.

      1. Again, seriously? AGirl is completely new to firearms, she is turning out to be one of the better writers and advocates for our rights we have, and your childish, immature, bullshit response to her rightfully questioning your self-annointed superiority is to call her names?

        Jesus Christ on a pogo stick – it is good you have already admitted to being nothing more than an inconsequential, useless troll; no advertiser, corporation, or sponsor would touch you now.

      2. Boy, I don’t think you understand a couple things.

        First, you’ve gone and done stepped in it, big, deep, and fully. You’ve chosen to insult, well, pretty much EVERYBODY, top to bottom. You took swings at Uncle, and Barron, and apparently now LawDog, some of the biggest names and best loved people in the gunblogs. Then you really manned up when you took shots at FarmGirl, Breda, and A Girl And Her Gun, because really, calling a new shooter and one of the most compelling stories of conversion from antigunner to gun nut is really what shows you’re a man.

        Second, when you’ve gone and stepped in a steaming pile like that, it ain’t exactly smart to stomp around in it, then track it all through the house. At least, that’s what Mom taught me. Maybe you’re just too damn dumb to listen.

        But here’s the real newsflash, Slappy. You’ve done insulted and picked fights with people that have friends. Real friends. Saying that your name is now mud would be insulting to mud. So I’ll just say that you’ve lost your name and any honor you may have once had in this life. I don’t know that that means a lick of anything to you, but to me and mine, it means everything, and it is truly irrecoverable.

        And now, I’ll close with apologies to Miguel for the rant, and leave this to people far more articulate than myself.

  6. I left a link to the asshat on facebook with a warning to friends to stay away. That’s about the best I can do from my end. Hope he goes under in a month or two.

      1. Non-bot hits aren’t uniques. You may wish to brush up on the interwebz stuff.

        By the way, your server security is severely lacking, just like your social skills.

  7. This is exactly the sort of hilarity I needed to make my week take a massive upward swing. Thank goodness for this fucktard – if he didn’t exist we’d have had to invent him just for the entertainment value.

    Oh, and did you notice that if you register for his site you automatically get added to Admin’s friends list? Nice touch, that.

  8. Just FYI in case you hadn’t seen it- Smoke & Thunder left a smarmy little troll-pile on your “what is a gun-free zone?” page. This guy really is something else….

  9. I just had fucking run in with Smoke & Thunder Admin. His name is Michael by the way. I answered an ad computer help. He promised me 20 bucks an hour. Worked my fucking ass off for a week.

    I went to his apartment to get my money, and the guy refuses to pay me for some bullshit reason. I went there with my friend to get my money, he doesn’t live there anymore.

    I hope this filthy cocksucker rots. He owes me 800 fucking dollars. I got fucked, be careful, he is a fucking creep.

  10. Not leaving the link to my blog because I don’t wish for this obviously mentally incapacitated individual to know it and try to add me to his so called “social” web page. The absolute gall of him however strikes me that he is in severe need of a mental evaluation. His actions and posts leads me to believe in a professional observation that he is severely unbalanced and possibly dangerous to himself and others. If facts regarding him as posted on other sites are true, he needs a minimum of a 72 hour hold and evaluation, for his own safety and the safety of others. I have no doubt that after such an evaluation he would be involuntarily committed for treatment for a minimum of 90 days. If he is already under a Doctors care for his obvious mental instability, his Doctor needs to be made aware of his actions and blood work as to the efficacy of his current medications needs to be performed. I find his actions and posts to be extremely disturbing, as such since he has an obvious mental deficiency, the fact that he is attempting to run a “Gun” site has alarms bells ringing in my head, and I believe the local authorities of wherever he lives need to be notified as he may be attempting to use his “Site” as an attempt to obtain firearms as a restricted person. We do not need another Virginia Tech or Tuscon.

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