Can you hold off for a week?

The Race Baiter’s CINC, Rev. Al Sharpton is now in the warpath. He is demanding tougher “Civil”  Action to get Zimmerman arrested. The problem with “civil” actions is that the can get quite “uncivil” in a blink of a meth head’s eye.

Having been forcefully invited before to a couple of social dislocations that overwhelmed public services, I can tell you that when your neighborhood goes gaga to the point that Law Enforcement has to withdraw, you better be ready to fend off and survive for at least a week. It may take three days for people to stop looting & burning and the authorities to regain control but seven days of mayhem are not unheard of.

Since you will be incommunicado from your usual supply sources, you should be know if you have enough foodstuffs to feed you and your family at the rate of three meals a day. The person most likely to accurately come up with that calculation is the one that cooks for the family. That person can, with a quick glance figure rapidly if there is enough food & water for 21 meals per person.

Although Social dislocations rarely affect the electrical grid in a wide area, you might be blessed with your local thugs accidentally parking a truck against a pole or setting a fire that will cut the lines in the 2 or 3 block radius that includes your home. That means that you better be sure your 21 meals can be eaten with no energy sources. Or that you have an independent source that can cook a very simple meal. Leave the fancy stuff for when you can actually only worry about the utility bill.

There has to be a secret code within the DNA chain that activates only in case of Mobs and makes the break any window on sight. Mobs apparently hate windows for some unknown reason and this leads to looting and general destruction of your private property. And please let us not forget the pyromaniacs that feel the need to disinfect your home with liberal applications of gasoline and other volatiles and a source of ignition. The great thing about South Florida is that hurricane panels are available everywhere and they are not very costly. It is in my plan that if we are suddenly in a Mob-Day-Out situation, the first thing that goes up will be the hurricane panels for the front of the house (The back & sides have no direct available access to the street plus you always need a way to GTFO in a hurry.

Florida Statutes allow for the use of deadly force to prevent arson. Of all the crap that can go bad in a riot, nothing scares me more than some idiot with a Molotov cocktail in his hand. Fire is not a joke or a prank and some of the biggest multiple death situations in the US have resulted because of fires. As with any defensive situation, distance is our friend and having a weapon that can deliver accurate firepower to long distances with ease has to be number one on your list. If you have not entertained ownership of a shotgun or rifle, you may want to reconsider your strategy. Nothing says “Please move along, nothing to burn here” that a well placed slug or rifle round inside the anatomy of an arsonist. But do not count on having to use the “warning” once, I have personally seen a mob who was being decimated by accurate fire and still tried to loot a bodega. Have enough ammo to make a lasting impression on those with special educational needs.

If you are alone or nobody else in your household is trained in the use of firearms, you will have to do with little sleep. Prepare accordingly. At least get one person in your home to stand as a lookout while you catch a well deserved nap.Make sure that person had had enough rest that he or she will not a fall asleep while you are in Sandman Land.

As for the rest of preparations, following a basic Hurricane Preparedness list should be enough. Depend on nobody but those who live in your family unit as it is not uncommon that neighbors turn idiotic and turn against their neighbors, specially if you had a constant disagreement about the length of the lawn or the dog pooping in somebody’s front yard. Such simple things can be exponentially exaggerated and a less than stable neighbor will use the as an excuse to take you out.

And, of course check the news as much as possible. A well advanced warning is something very much desired in this cases to do the initial defensive set up.

Be ready and pray for the best.

11 thoughts on “Can you hold off for a week?”

  1. The Rev’s idea of civil action is one reason why I have a CHL. I guarentee I’ll get damned uncivil if some self-appointed crusader attempts to phuck with me.

  2. This makes me glad yet again to live in the Ozarks. It’s not too far from a couple of big cities for concerts and the like, but it’s far enough out to keep rampaging knuckleheads from coming around.

    1. I am still quite optimist about anything happening at all. The Media has slowed down quite a bit after being caught so many times with their hands in the Sin of Omission cookie jar.

  3. Well written Miguel. One more reason to retrieve the rest of my arsenal now that I am in a stable and comfortable living situation. Few things say back the F off like accurate fire from a weapon that makes an impression. I imagine that 140 gr. Ballistic tips impacting at over 3000 fps might make an impression on the next rioter over. My .270 Wby may not be the best defensive rifle, but it DOES group under 1″ with that load at 300 yards.

    1. Don’t count on a mob figuring is time to go just because a couple of their fellow mobbers fell. I witnessed one event where at least 5 people were shot (my count 4 of them were DRT) and the mob left for a minute and returned. It was an eye opener.

      1. Wow, was this in America?

        I would have thought one or two guys suddenly no longer available for the next census would have finished the riot.

        It’s just my (poorly informed?) opinion, but I thought most of these “riots” were more about what they can steal, such as an HDTV than true outrage against the government or some event. Opportunist rioters…

  4. Ahhh…mobs. Don’t be throwing shit at me because I’ll return it with interest and at a MUCH higher velocity

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