Limbo Time! How low can you go?


The Obama event registry. You have to be frigging kidding me.I am sure brides everywhere will be happy to forego the china setting for buying golf balls so the Prez can have another round at the local club before the $35,000 per plate dinners.

What’s next? Going school yards and steal the lunch money from kids?

UPDATE: Barron Barnett offers a pithy commentary:

14 thoughts on “Limbo Time! How low can you go?”

  1. I might just register on this for the fun of it. Just to mess with these idiots.

    Seriously, anyone who invites me to their wedding and this is in the pretty envelope will get an RSVP of zero!

    1. I had fun messing with them. Sending in bogus and insulting names and an e-mail address to make my point (it was clean though). They need to be mocked without mercy.

  2. Well, at least he has something productive to occupy his time, instead of being a drain on the US taxpayer. Now, doesn’t he have a regular job to get back to…like…I dunno…pretending to play President?

  3. ANY person, even my son or daughter, who sent me that would get a letter fired back disowning any and all relationship to them. Then I’d give them a piece of my mind I don’t want.
    Yet I really do not doubt there are some who will register on this. Idiots know no boundaries.

  4. In a lot of ways, this is kind of sad- the poor deluded SOB still thinks he’s 2008’s hip, beloved messiah figure. It hasn’t sunk in that his pop culture presidency is SOOO like 4 years ago.

      1. I for one welcome the inevitable “you people are not worthy of me rant” that may come on Nov. 7th, if Romney is elected.

  5. An additional tinfoil hat idea- there is a Republician DEEP undercover in the Obama campaign who is churning out meme worthy ideas like this, and the Obama camp keeps on approving them, because they just don’t know what they are doing.

      1. I’m personally convinced that the 2008 brain trust (Rahm, for instance) jumped ship, headed for the hills, and ducked for cover while waiting for the disaster that is the Obama admin for blow over. Which is why the only guy with any competence who’s campaigning for the Democrats (Bill Clinton) is actually working against an Obama victory.

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