And they ran like rabbits

Two perps try their luck at an Internet Cafe in Ocala, FL. They got two messages: 404 (Cash not found) and BANG BANG when Samuel Williams, 71 decided to use his anti-virus…er.. sidearm and put a stop to the arm robbery.

Besides the obvious joy of watching the jackasses get shot and run over each other, take notice at the great firearm manipulation by Mr. Williams.

According to, no charges are expected against Mr. Williams. Good.

17 thoughts on “And they ran like rabbits”

  1. OMG. That is quite possibly the most delightful thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for posting this, Miguel!

  2. Do we need to start collecting $$ for a defense fund. Is that nasty “Corey” still down there? :-( Mr. Wilson is my HERO! :-)

  3. OK, armed bandits walk in…gunshots ring out…and you stand like an idiot holding your hands to your head? Or above them?

    Holy Shit. We teach kids to “Stop, Drop and Roll” when their clothes catch fire. You’d think adults would do the same when people start shooting all around them. Seriously, this is a study in idiocy. The defender had to literally circumnavigate the woman doing a “Home Alone” redux. Every defense class should hold this up as an example – not because of the defender’s actions (while admirable), but because of the inaction of the hapless victims.

    Good for the shooter. That had all the looks of ending very badly.

  4. Looks like his pocket holster came out with the gun on the draw, and he hangs onto it during the confrontation.

    Train to sweep it clear and let it fall so you can have both hands free for shooting and operating the gun in the event of a failure or reload.

    Also he was a bit on dangerous ground as they were fleeing while he was shooting. I’d say even if one of them was killed, they were a direct threat until they left, but that’s to be noted.

    That being said the above is 100% picking of nits, and overall good show for that guy. He very well may have saved some lives that day.

    BTW in the first camera angle did anybody notice the younger guy fumbling with his pocket while he was sitting at his computer. Maybe he was going for his wallet to comply, but I was wondering if he had a piece too.

  5. You’re right. He did have something in the other hand. I wondered why he was shooting one handed.

    Courts have ruled that a fleeing suspect armed with a firearm is still a lethal threat.

    Plus they’d have to find 12 jurors who would vote guilty instead of trying to take the old man to the nearest bar to celebrate over beers.

  6. pity they couldn’t have piled up and expired outside the door, but i suppose one can’t have everything. every single person in that place was either in shock or jumping to comply with the scum, except for the old guy. he waits until they turn their backs to him and he calmly draws and ventilates their collective asses. we really need to start a beer fund for him.

  7. Awesome!
    The only regrettable thing is that a larger caliber handgun could have reduced them to ambient temperature. Let’s not forget that we have no way of knowing whether these armed robbers might have killed someone in anger or everyone to remove witnesses.

  8. That guy had better not be allowed to put money down on the bar for a very long time to come. Someone set up a fund, and gimme an address, can’t scrape together too many bills, but I’ve got a few to spare!

    1. True. But I will also take a miss (not on purpose) if the other side takes the hint and leaves a long dust cloud of retreat without anybody being injured.

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