The thrill of the chase? (Update)

Carjacking Suspect Shot by Victim in Hialeah: Cops | NBC 6 South Florida..

Police say a would-be carjacking ended with a twist in Hialeah Wednesday night when the victim turned the tables on the alleged suspect.

Some time before 10:30 p.m., officers say 41-year-old Orlando Garcia told them he was chasing someone who stole his car. The two caught up near 16th Avenue on Okeechobee Road, stepped out of cars, and got into a fight.

“There’s a confrontation between these two men,” said Hialeah Public Information Officer Eddie Rodriguez. “That’s when one man arms himself with a handgun and fires.”

I am all up for not letting a bad guy get away, specially if it is my stuff being stolen. But it is easy to get caught up with the thrill of the chase and the emotional need to feed one’s ego and not be smart about it. Follow, do not Chase.

Same event but from a different TV Station and a different point of view: WSVN-TV – Man shot after confrontation; shooter arrested.

I’ll keep an eye on this one. Might get interesting.

UPDATE: The car thief was booked for grand theft plus Hold for Immigration.  He was on parole for possession with intent to sell, burglary and resisting w/o violence. I have not been able to find anything on the car owner. The name is common in the Hispanic community, but there are no records of anybody arrested under that name that I could find. It does not mean he wasn’t arrested.

12 thoughts on “The thrill of the chase? (Update)”

  1. Purely my knee jerk reaction,,,,but if I was carrying ANYTHING that could be used as a lethal force type weapon, I doubt I would have pursued the thief. I would not want to spend the rest of my life knowing I took a life over a vehicle.

    ** I tend to error on the side of caution, and I will be interested to see how others feel.

  2. Well, given the laws as they are, following, not chasing, is the way to go. However, the laws ought to be that if you do wrong, you get your clock cleaned, then that is dandy.

  3. Or shoot the son of the bitch BEFORE he can steal anything. Guy here in town yesterday…just up the road a short piece from my house. Came outside…saw a strange car and 4 strange people he didn’t recognize. Went up and confronted them…they started to turn..stupid, he pulled, shot one, the other 3 ran. No he didn’t chase them.

      1. Actually it allows for the use of deadly force to stop a forcible felony, which car jacking most definitely is. Not to mention one could easily be in fear for their lives from a car jacker.

          1. I suppose, but if it were to happen to me, it would without question be a car jacking when I talked to the pigs. And I feared for my life.

      2. which is beyond stupid beyond belief. I can hear the argument against killing the criminals now.
        “but but…surely an object, a THING, isn’t worth a person’s life? What gives you the right to kill someone over a THING?”
        My response? WRONG on all counts you ignorant twit. It was worth MY life, MY sweat, MY tears and MY blood to EARN the money to buy it. Therefore…if they’re stupid enough to try and take what’s MINE by my own sweat, tears and blood..then it’s worth spilling THEIR lifeblood to keep it.

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