GSGV: I was asking too much.

Just for a bit of class. Let’s be respectful today, you know? No B.S.

The sad-funny part is that there were 2 kinds of people who day watching what was happening: The ones that were fidgeting and wondering what was next and what would become of them, and the those who went straight to their safes or closets or drawers, pulled out a gun and stood ready to face whatever unknown was coming.

12 thoughts on “GSGV: I was asking too much.”

  1. Anti-gun is nothing less than anti-constitutional, is nothing less than anti-American. They should all take up residence in a prison, inmates aren’t allowed to have guns, they should feel right at home. And they will see first hand how a lack of guns does not in any way shape or form, make you safer in your environment.

  2. LaDona R. Davis “…but I kep a can of high velocity WASP spray by my bedside. I feel safer with my grandson around with that than laying out my 38 special every night”

    Well, that’s certainly safer, oh, wait. According to the latest CDC data, there were 344 unintentional poisoning deaths of people under 18 years old, but only 83 unintentional firearm related deaths. That’s a smart one that LaDona

  3. An important thing to remember about that day is that the only terrorists who were stopped were stopped by ordinary Americans who took action on the spot and who gave their lives doing it. May the next ones be better equipped.

  4. Leave it to bullying, violent thugs with no respect for the Constitution, America, or individual liberties or freedoms to dance in the blood of murdered innocents in order to pimp their own disgusting, petty authoritarianism.

    Words cannot express the loathing I have for organizations that not only seek to deprive us of our Constitutionally-protected human rights, but abuse and misuse a day like today.

    1. Words can IN FACT…thoroughly express my contempt for these people. I have a way with words and snarkness. However…I’ll refrain here because the result would turn Miguels page a rather pretty shade of dark blue….

  5. I posted this and they took it down called them on the lack of respect. Now I’m blocked

    I lost 343 Brother Fire Fighters on 9-11 American lost close to 3000 loved ones and the best you can do is turn it into a self aggrandizing message for your pet project. Show some respect.

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