CSGV: We are a legion! (minus 4,986 people)

After all the calls to war, these people managed to collect only 14 people to protest in front of the White House the last time they went there. Notice the ground in front of them: they have more signs than people! I am sure that Color Blind People for Rainbow Equality & Redistribution manages to gather more fans.


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  1. Wow, they could not even follow the basic rules of photography and filled the frame. At least that way, the signs would be more legible and the “crowd” would look bigger. This way, they managed to look even more pathetic. Take your signs and go home, losers.

    More people accidentally call up and join the NRA on any given day then the total membership of CSGV.

    Also, I think I could gather more armed supporters for a revolt against broccoli!

  2. Wow. If everyone pulls through on their promises, I will manage to sell four times as many, and possibly even five times as many, t-shirts as people CSGV can manage to get to show up to their “protests”.

    One weblogger working out of his basement with a support staff of two particularly mischievous kittens can successfully upstage one of the biggest (not that that is saying much) anti-rights organizations in the country.

    The dustbin of history waits for people like this.

  3. Folks:

    I hate to quibble, but I could have sworn a Legion was, at full strength, 10,000.

    The Romans invaded Germania with two legions. At the Battle of Teutoberger Wald, the tribes killed 20,000 or so legionaries and another 8k or so auxiliaries and camp followers, and incidentally saved that part of the world from pasta.

    This would mean the Brady Legion is about 9986 understrength, or actually a squad and a fire team….oops, I guess we cant say that…

    Perhaps the technical term ” A Gaggle of Idiots” can be applied.



  4. Oops.

    I should have wracked my brain a bit harder. Miguel, you are exactly right, I am in error.
    5000 it is in an early Empire legion – although my comment about pasta still stands.



  5. Hard to tell from the small image, but does that tiny gathering of anti-gunners mainly consist of elderly retired types? Soon to die off? And finally leave us in peace.

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  7. I had more than that at my last BBQ. I see more than that on any given day at the range. Heck, around here I could get that many to stand around by having some pizza and soda just outside the shot. I know they’ve lost, but to SEE it so clearly…

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