They are celebrating Gun Rights “defeat.”

The Bradys and the rest of the bunch are dancing on the streets with the same enthusiasm as if a mass shooting just happened.

Apparently they are running with the misconception that we surrendered.

Can I have a LOL please? :)

41 thoughts on “They are celebrating Gun Rights “defeat.””

  1. Now I’m definitely going to that gun show on Saturday. Everything worth buying may be sold out at the next one if I don’t.

  2. Obama barely gave them the time of day before, so if I were them I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Gun control is still pretty toxic.

    1. Obama doesn’t have a re-election to prepare for over the next four years, meaning he has effectively nothing to lose. No better time to attempt to push such suicidal legislature as draconian internet policing and, of course, nation-wide disarmament.

  3. For any real binding legislation, they need the house. I believe we are pretty safe all things considered. I just wish we had elected someone who would pass a balanced budget.

    1. Yeah the Republicans are just going to keep blocking him for another four years and nothing significant will get done IMO.

        1. That’s slightly different; Obamacare was passed within the first two years, when the dems had something like 60% majorities in both houses of Congress.

          What concerns me is that the senate is all he needs to ratify treaties, and assuming he can get 15 senate members outside his party to sign on he will try to jam the UN small arms nonsense down our throats.

          The time is coming when we will be forced to make hard choices.

  4. Don’t get cocky, kid…Obama has decided, in a move that is arguably unconstitutional and potentially impeachable, to govern by Executive Order and by bureaucratic regulation when he feels like it…how about a bunch of new ATF regs that accomplish his goals? How well prepared are we to take that to the Supreme court…or possibly to a Supreme Court with one more liberal than we have now? or a rogue Chief Justice like we recently saw on Obamacare?

    I think you’re being overly optimistic on the House being able to override an executive order if the Senate won’t convict on an impeachable offense…or even hold a trial…

    Hate to throw cold water on your party…but you’d better keep your eyes and ears, and wallet, open for the next run on our rights.

  5. By the way, can anyone else think of a time when the NRA “went all in” and lost like we did this time? Full resources, full faith and credit and credibility of the NRA organization was thrown against Oblamma…and he shrugged it off…

    1. “Apparently they are running with the misconception that we surrendered.”

      No, they’re running with the idea that the NRA fired a full broadside at Obama…and missed.

      Were you not paying attention? Did you not get your American Rifleman Magazine and a half dozen mailers asking you to go “All In” with them against Obummer?

      1. I sure didn’t, as the NRA’s actions in trying to torpedo Gura’s case in Heller and then in McDonald ensures I will never be a member.
        GOA, yes. AZCDL, yes. Someday probably SAF and maybe even JPFO.
        I have no use for trinkets or glossy magazines. What I do expect are results.

          1. So please feel free to educate us all on how the NRA’s lawyers helped to win Heller and McDonald.
            I also assume you are okay with the existence of the NFA, GCA and Hughes Amendment–because that’s what the NRA has gotten us.

          2. Derek my boy…. you are closely threading on Troll Status. Specially for someone who actually backs a group that has ZERO accomplishments on Gun Rights.

  6. Drop your drawers and grab your Miguels because obama is about to give us the big Juan and bye-bye gun rights….very sad :-(

  7. Considering the age of the current justices, I suspect that Obama will be able to appoint one or two activists as replacemenst for current conservative justices before his term ends. Then he’ll have no trouble getting the Supreme Court to rule that the Constitution has no power to limit Dear Leader’s edicts in anyway… :(

  8. AHHH, Tennessee! 7 lake front acres are waiting there for me when I retire in a few years. Cant wait to get the focker out of Florida!

  9. Are you saying that anti-gun legislation won’t apply in Tn? Florida is one of the least restrictive states as far as gun rights goes.

    1. Really? So what happens when I go about my business with my CZ75B resting in its holster outside the waistband of my pants and I don’t happen to be fishing?
      Not restrictive compared to NY, NJ, or CA, sure. But not restrictive? Please try again.

      1. That’s what we’ve got in Colorado: a hostile invasion of Californians who leave the high cost of living and filthy air of their state so they can vote up the cost of living here and pollute our air.

        They also drive like Bumper Cars.

      1. And the funny thing is that according to the numbers yesterday, he got less votes this time around and Romney got more votes than McCain. But the gap was not closed enough: 0.70% or so. Anybody saying that he got a mandate from Florida is delusional.

          1. Well, yeah, why would the urbanites stay in their own mess, when they can move and fuck up someplace new?

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