On secession and citizenship petitions… (UPDATE)

Liberals are going ZOMG about the Petitions for Secession in the White House’s website. I did sign the one for Florida but I do understand that the White House will never abide by it. Think of them as a very polite notice of intent that a great section of US citizens are sick of the s*** from DC.

A counter movement is now afoot: Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them. It reads:

“Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported.”


I  had to laugh. This fails in so many levels that I cannot count them all. Executive Order? What is one more in the 60 plus daily coming out of the Administration every day? If I am to be deported, I do want to be sent to the Republic of Texas (Don’t laugh, check your history first.) Here is the even funnier part: I will sneak back as an illegal alien and get all the goodies I cannot get as a Citizen plus send all monies I may make back to Texas to my family. I know I will get a job and be paid well since I’ll be doing the jobs that Liberals do not want to do such as…well just about everything since most of the remaining US “citizens” will be on some sort of welfare and depending from the Government.

I call that a WIN.

UPDATE: As of 5;40pm Florida got the necessary signatures so the White House can officially ignore our request for secession.

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  1. Texas, last I looked, has nearly tripled the 25k-signature requirement (in about 3 days! KUDOS to them!) to get a response from the WH. Not that they will. If anything, the petitioners will get a semi-canned response how the administration appreciates the petition, but won’t take action.

    It’ll be just like the F&F hearings (wasn’t there a petition for that, too?). The administration sees itself as above the law. Congressional requests, subpoenas and a Contempt of Congress charge didn’t make them respond. Why would a measly 25,000 e-signatures?

    As to the “peacefully deported” part, when .gov agents come to a door to force the people inside to do something they don’t want to do, they usually dress in black, wear riot helmets and face masks, and bring guns. Big guns, locked and loaded. And the people behind the door usually leave in handcuffs. How could that be considered a “peaceful deportation” in the BEST of scenarios?

  2. I have for the past couple of years been promoting the idea that the US would be better off if it were split into a confederacy of smaller nations. Perhaps not 50 individual nations, but maybe a dozen, divided up by region. It would serve to help localize governing bodies to the areas they govern and reduce the extend of the damage that one government could cause.

    It would also allow us in Colorado to deport all of the Californians.

  3. I find it ironic how those who scream loudest for free speech are the most intolerant of any speech that they don’t 100% approve of. Hypocrisy…try it today! Great with Ranch dressing and a garden salad!

  4. As much as I don’t like the idea of secession.

    That just outright stinks of Executive Order 9066. Hell, for all we know, it can probably use the same number or something.

    Except they want to kick us out of the country rather than stuff us in shacks in the desert. I guess Harry Reid went NIMBY on that idea.

    Fuck off, I’ll take secession over what they want to do to us. If they want to kick me out of the country, my casket will be on a Korean Air flight to Manila, no other way.

    1. Miguel in the case of many of the Texans signing..I suspect a great many of them remember when we were an Independent Republic, a sovereign nation in our own right, and thinking it’d be pretty easy to be so again. Won’t be as easy as they think but it IS feasible. Plus any state that secedes and becomes independent again ; makes itself and it’s citizens FREE of responsibility of Taxes and what not that the fuckheads in washington AREN’T using to try and pay down the crushing National Debt.

      1. You realize that if I am stripped of citizenship and exiled, I am moving to the Republic of Texas, right?
        The great Bean v Beanless chili fight will never end.

    2. Miguel…beanless. I put enough stuff in my chili to make it fairly chunky WITHOUT the beans. For starters the recipe I use calls for beans, also 3lbs of meat, So I use 4lbs. And of course, onions, bell peppers, jalepenos….

    3. In the bean v beanless chili debate, I can go either way. My views on proper barbecue*, on the other hand, have been decreed as rank heresy in the Republic of Texas. Thus, I’d be denied refugee status.

      *I’m partial to pork with a mustard based sauce**
      **Kings Taste, to be exact

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