Wounded Warriors Project: Bactracking at the speed of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

Just caught this in their Facebook page:

If instead of trying to come up with an excuse so thin Bob Geldof is ready to have a concert to feed you, just apologize and say you were wrong.  You are not there for your ego but for the servicemen and women wounded in battle. This issue has grown so bad so fast I have no idea how you people are gonna make amends.

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”
Mark Twain

12 thoughts on “Wounded Warriors Project: Bactracking at the speed of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.”

    1. Yep – seems to me that if one is ‘neutral’ on the Second Amendment that by default they are NOT supporting it – and thereby providing aid and comfort to those who oppose it. I’ve donated to WWP before but won’t anymore……………

  1. So what I hear them saying is they didn’t communicate their policy in a way which we wouldn’t understand. The problem, is that we did understand their policy.

  2. Yeah, if they permit it, why did they refuse free publicity. That’s what this whole incident started around. They refused to give an interview over what the subject matter mainly discussed on a talk radio station.

    In that light, they’re done.

  3. If you give up on WWP, It`s like giving up on USA because obama got re-elected. It`s about the Warriors isn`t It? Not some PC asswipe! :-)

  4. Sounds more like, “We figured we could tell you and your pissant talk show to go fuck off, and that we could get away with having our policy mean whatever we felt like. Now we’ve stepped on our dick, but still have nothing but mealy mouthed bullshit to say.”

    It’s like they took a page from Recoil magazine’s manual.

    There’s other places for me to send my money, anyway.

  5. Even with this, I still wouldn’t donate to them because of the ridiculous salaries for their upper staff, when there are so many other organizations that are fully staffed by volunteers so 100% goes to those who need the help.

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