Going Title II ? May God Have Mercy on D.C.

Second Amendment activist John Snyder writes on his blog today that confidential sources have told him that the Obama administration may attempt to skirt Congress and outlaw semiautomatic firearms and multiple capacity ammunition feeding devices under Title 2 National Firearms Act items under the Gun Control Act of 1968.

via » Noted Gun Rights Activist Warns Obama May Skirt Congress and Outlaw Semiautos Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

Going Title II would mean that basically all semi automatic weapons and feeding devices over 10 rounds would be reclassified as machine guns, subject to immediate registration, taxed $200 per unit (Yes, a $200 tax stamp on a $30 magazine above 10 rounds), the owner had to go through a background check, submit fingerprints, photos and wait till all the paperwork is processed by the amazingly inefficient NFA branch of the ATF. Waiting times for actual NFA items such as silencers is running 6 months or more according to what I was able to see in NFATracker.com. If past behavior is any indicator, the Government would set the impossible deadline of 30 days to comply with the registration. Failure to comply would result in 10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000 per non registered item.

If in fact there are those in the administration and congress that are examining this route as a possible way to bypass the legislative process and impose a more efficient Gun Control regulation, I can guarantee that the opposition will be literally scary enough to move to Canada.

The problem is that they are stupid enough to try it without thinking about the Unintended Consequences.

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  1. You called down the thunder…
    …now reap the whirlwind!
    -Ghost, Starcraft 1

    And while I’m looking up Starcraft unit quotes

    Do not provoke me to violence.
    You could no more evade my wrath…
    …than you could your own shadow.
    -Dark Templar, Starcraft 1

      1. But do you think they would be able to? I don’t. I’m not saying they wouldn’t try, but the implementation would be… problematic. I would guess that they would have less than 100% cooperation…

  2. Re-define semi-automatics as “machine guns”? I don’t believe the White House will try that. They’d get slapped down in court. Even Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor can read the definitions well enough. It’s one thing to try such a stretch of definitions in something like “Fast and Furious” where you have some deniability and some small fry to throw under the bus; it’s another thing to try it when you know you’ll get publicity and face a court challenge.This is something the Brady Campaign or CSGV could get excited about, but I can’t see it getting support from many people who have to face elections.

    1. Let’s say they dare. You can bet your ass it will be challenged in court but how long will it take to reach SCOTUS? And if no judge places an injunction, it still had to be complied with.(yeah right!)

      Remember that CSGV said if a law is passed ordering the mass incarceration of US Citizens by reasons of religion, color, etc. we are protected because EVENTUALLY a court may find against it but it is legal till that happens. They play “Let’s see what i can get away with.”

  3. Also notice the words “may attempt”. You can read “maybe” stories all over the news: it’s been cited as a sign of the decline of journalism. If ‘it’ happens, then we deal with it; if ‘it’ may happen, it’s just another of billions of possibilities.

  4. I could see this topic coming up in a brainstorming session, but I bet it quickly got relegated to the circular file. Any attempt to do something so clearly outside of the law through executive order would catch serious flack and major backlash.

    On the other hand, I could see them going to congress with this as an amendment to the NFA. So they could then sell their AWB as not being a ban at all but as ‘common sense’ regulation. From this perspective I could see them picking up an unfortunately terrifying amount of bipartisan support.

  5. How would the White House “go around” Congress? It’s not like they can just make law. How exactly would this work? Is there some provision of the NFA that lets some Executive department make rules?

    1. Many times a law is not specific enough and a department is given the leeway to create regulation that allegedly fulfill the spirit of the law passed by congress. The ATF is notorious by stretching the spirit to new dimensions. Remember that ATF classified paper clips, shoe laces, match sticks and crazy glue as parts of a machine gun and common rubber washers like you use for your hose as silencer parts.

  6. The prisons are full of black people dude, If the whites want to flee they should try countries with small and unintrusive governments…like Somalia. You can carry your RPGs and Assualt rifles there free of police interference, a republicans wet dream!

    1. Your snark is rather weak, dawg. Try again, but bring your A game, not a bunch of second hand watered down talking points.

    2. Let’s see, according to Bureau of Justice Statistics: Whites 693,800 (33%), Blacks 841,000 (40%), Hispanic 442,000 (21%)
      So, your poor usage of the Race Card is invalid due to statistics and the fact that the readership of this blog comprises people of different races who don’t care much for poorly educated trolls.

      BTW, you did mention Somalia and it is a clear example of two things: what happens when weapons are only in the hands of a selected minority as the Somali Clans and the utterly failure of the United Nations as peace maker. The estimated number of deaths from the Somali Civil War is over 300,000 with over one million refugees and I think this is probably low ball estimates.
      Once again your premise is invalid. 5 points deducted from your Troll Card.

    3. Of course there’s always the possibility that the people of Somalia are doing better without a government than with. As a matter of fact, yes, that is what the numbers seem to indicate.

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