Gun Culture 2.0 Must Become Politically Active – Ammoland.

Since 2009 we have seen a shift to a very mainstream America being the new norm in gun ownership. Soccer moms, business men, minorities, hipsters, gamers, democrats, you name it… just about anyone and everyone, from just about any walk of life has been going out and buying guns for the purposes of recreation, self defense in the home, concealed carry, hunting, or simply to just to exercise their God given right.

via Gun Culture 2.0 Must Become Politically Active.

Great article…. we are an untapped political army.

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  1. I’m an art major and graphic designer. I’m 25 and hang out with mostly “hipsters”. I also own a crap-ton of guns and handload my ammo.

    Don’t worry gun culture 1.0, I have been writing my reps EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    1. I do not believe that writing letters to our representatives does anything besides give them more paper to throw in the trash. I am of the opinion that the time for peaceful discourse ended decades ago, and it is time for the shedding of blood.

      1. If I start shooting by myself I’ll just get killed and at best nothing will change. I need to rally an army first.

  2. “untapped…” hmm… I know I’ve included this before in posts I’ve made here. But, in case anyone really feels untapped, let me relieve you of that -right- -now-! :) Tune into the news and you’ll see that your rights need you, right now. If you’re interested in advancing or even just preserving your individual right to keep and bear arms there are a LOT of organizations really looking for you as a volunteer. First, NRA Institute for legislative action has long had a system of local volunteers organized by (volunteer) election volunteer coordinators (there’s a theme here, if you sense it then know that more are needed) your local EVC is looking for you right now please find them at and get them your contact info. A second, really enjoyable way I’ve found to spread the word is through the NRA’s charitable foundation. Friends of NRA ( ) runs 1000’s of fun dinner auctions across the nation every year. There are nearly a hundred in my state of Washington. Every one of those is run by a group of (ready..?) volunteers :) who find the look for volunteers to help find the venue, contact donors and put on the dinner. It’s a lot of fun, and as a chairperson of one that did not happen last year… we really need you. And the money raised goes to -great- causes. The third way I’ve enjoyed spreading the word is through teaching. If you’re a regular proficient shooter this isn’t as hard as it may sound and NRA was formed ~140 years ago to help you get into it. In Washington we’re running our biannual instructor training at ( ) but you can find instructor training nation wide right here: just check the boxes on the right. The second two options here are explicitly not political. Trust me, you can advance the political cause of freedom and responsibility in venues like that, sometimes they’re the best way to do it. However you do it, please give -some- of your time. As that famous dead white guy Pericles said: “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. ” If you’re not part of this “untapped army” I’ve heard of please -find- them, and pass this on. -Boyd (happy to answer questions) Kneeland boyd at seanet doht com

  3. When I retired in 03 I moved the hell out of KalEfornia to Nevada (gun Heaven) and went nuts with my new found freedom.
    I’ve been a cowboy action shooter since 89 hence my S.A.S.S. alias, Carlos Murphy.

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