6 thoughts on “A well behaved gun……”

  1. The anti’s had a slam dunk, they danced enthralled in the blood of children even before the last grieving parent had been notified. They could not lose, then suddenly instead of talking gun ban the civilized world started calling for armed teachers to protect their children. Armed anyone, even police in the holiest of holies of gun free zones is blasphemy. Now the panic is setting in, what if the American people give up the school GFZ to protect the children? It will destroy the movement. They may have sown the seeds of their own destruction in their haste to conquer their greatest fear.

  2. Here’s a website along the same lines. They have three loaded EBR’s under 24/7 camera surveillance. An AR-15, an M-14, in a scary stock, and a H&K 21 w/100 round belt. Strangely, in the 8, or 9 years since they’ve had them under surveillance, not one of them has attacked anyone, or even moved an inch.


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