15 thoughts on “ATTENTION FLORIDIANS: Sen. Bill Nelson has a poll in his website.”

  1. Hmm doesn’t seem they know how to count in FL? 3.4K votes and only 41 YES and 9 NO? Hmmm

    Yes (41 votes)
    No (9 votes)
    No Opinion (0 votes)
    Total Votes: 3414

  2. 11:36 pm EST,
    406 Yes votes
    12459 No votes.

    Yes still has 3% of the votes so far… That’s actually the highest I’ve ever seen a pro AWB vote get o_o

  3. Thanks for posting the link, i wouldn’t have known otherwise.
    I voted NO with 96.6% of us, 12852 against, 412 for, and 41 with no opinion I hope that’s a loud enough ‘no’ for him.

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