Supreme Swines Win! : David Gregory gets off scot free

Irvin Nathan, the attorney general for the District of Columbia, announced Friday that he will not press charges against NBC News’ David Gregory nor any employee of the broadcast network for violating the city’s gun laws. Violation of the city’s firearms laws carry a maximum $1,000 fine and one year in jail.

via MILLER: David Gregory gets off scot free – Washington Times.

It is not like we did not see that one coming. But you and me, normal people are the ones with the problem. Now, do not expect this to be covered in the Mainstream Media, go ahead and pass along Emily Miller’s article to all your friends and contacts. Let them know how full of hog manure those demanding a ban on “High Capacity” magazines really are.


6 thoughts on “Supreme Swines Win! : David Gregory gets off scot free”

  1. Darn
    Some one in DC should bring suit against that DA for perjury of his oath of office for NOT persuing such a blatant violation of the law.

  2. How about all the people convicted of this charge suing?
    I know, it does not work that way, but it would be justice.

    And they wonder why people scoff at many laws and why they do not deter.

  3. I forgot where I read it, but places like New York, LA, etc, allow AR15s with pre-ban features and normal magazines into movies and TV shows. Modern reporters and the like are more along the lines of reality TV with a plot then actual news reporting, so he was probably going to get a pass no matter what, because I doubt DC doesn’t have something along those lines to get more movies put into their town…

    I still think its retarded, but I had no hopes for him getting put in jail for a year. I didn’t know who he was before this, and I still don’t know who he is after this, so yeah.

  4. I certainly like this case getting attention, but would have an issue with charges being filed based on video evidence of someone holding a supposed illegal item. If the police actually caught him, and verified that this magazine indeed holds more than 10 rounds, he should be arrested (show the world what gun control really is). Of course we all know the same result would have occurred. Nothing.

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