Those who fail to understand history…….

Shooting Brother Robert The K. of the Suburban Sheepdog Blog called my attention to an article in Salon Magazine by Alex Seitz-Wald in which he accuses “Gun rights activists who cite the dictator as a reason against gun control have their history dangerously wrong.”  The whole article is an exercise in “You can’t fight the Government. You’ll get killed!” or how to be a proper sheep. Robert does a great work fisking Mr.Seitz Hyphen Wald. Go read it.

“And the ancillary claim that Jews could have stopped the Holocaust with more guns doesn’t make any sense at all if you think about it for more than a minute.”

Let’s examine a bit what was the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising from a “tactical” viewpoint. Half a million people, mostly Jews but some Unerwünscht (undesirable) added were forcibly moved to a walled compound inside the city of Warsaw. The Ghetto’s surface was about a square mile with very little in public services or comforts. In fact, Wehrmacht reports indicated that “the ghetto contained 27,000 apartments with an average of 2 ½ rooms each. An average of six persons per room.” The population was under food rationing issuing 1,000 calories per day to workers and 300 calories for non-workers. Mind you, a normal working human being requires 3,500 calories to properly function. These underfed civilians were just that: Civilians with no training in firearms as we understand it today and people who were conditioned since birth to accept the dictum of the State without questioning much, if any.

So, when the uprising started, the Germans faced a starving population contained in a know area. When the uprising started, calculations were sent up the chain of command indicating that the problem would be solved in three days. It actually took five weeks to take control of the Ghetto. No more than 500 partisans both Jews and Poles faced the German Army in total. The amount of weapons they used was small according to the Wehrmacht reports that stated “7 Polish rifles, 1 Russian rifle, 1 German rifle, 59 pistols, several hundred home-made hand-grenades, several hundred incendiary bottles, home-made explosives and some ammunition.” It is safe to assume some weapons taken from Non-German Wehrmacht conscripts that were in charge of patrolling the Ghetto alongside the Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst who were not issued weapons.

But what was the amount of force that the Germans required to put down the Uprising? Again according to the Wehrmacht report:

2,000 officers and men of the Waffen SS; three Wehrmacht divisions, providing sappers and artillery support; two battalions of German police (234 officers and men); 360 Polish police; about 35 security police; and a 337-man battalion of fascist auxiliaries, called ‘Askaris’ by the Germans in contemptuous reference to the black troops who had helped defend Imperial Germany’s African colonies before and during World War I. In total, it was expected that 2,842 Germans would be committed to cleaning out the ghetto, while another 7,000 SS troops and policemen patrolled the surrounding non-Jewish districts.

Here is the funny part: The Germans were never able to re-occupy the Ghetto. Over and over they were repelled by a band of undernourished, poorly-armed, untrained civilians who knew they were going to die. But chose to so fighting, not taking a trip in a cattle cart.

The Germans chose to set the Ghetto on fire for the most part or used artillery to bring down the hardest buildings. The sewers where Jews and others hid, were filled with water or poison gas. Again, the alleged three day operation took some 7 weeks by over 2,800 of the finest troops of the day, with full support of their supply lines and a back up of 7,000 more troops in the area. Ladies and Gents: 500 partisans tied up almost 10,000 Nazi troops, that is a feat of arms.

Military doctrine tells us that it requires 10 regular soldiers to control the effect of a single partisan/guerrilla fighter; The Jews at the Warsaw Ghetto required twice that number. That is 10,000 soldiers that could have been used at North Africa to counter the Allied attacks but weren’t . In fact three days before the ending of the Uprising, the Afrika Korps and the Italian Army surrendered and Africa went to the Allies.

And my only question to Mr.Seitz Hyphen Wald would be, If the partisan tactics of civilians facing a regular well-constructed army are such a failure, why was the French Resistance so fundamental in the success of World War II? I ask that because the French Resistance officially came to be in the same week that the Warsaw Ghetto uprising was put down and according to him, they should have not amounted to anything and they French fighters would have been better off just submitting to the German masters.

So, Would the Jews stopped the Holocaust if they were armed? I my opinion, yes. I mean, there has not been lack of trying by some countries to eradicate Israel since the state’s foundation, but the Jews are still there, kicking asses and taking names with guns and the mindset of Never Again.



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  1. After reading the article and comments, I am sitting here in amazement that those sheeple can be so stupid and naive. They truly are useful idiots. God help us!!

  2. The problem with the leftist armchair generals is they know nothing of strategy. The guerrilla does not need utterly defeat his enemy, only the enemy’s will to fight.

    A massive armed Jewish uprising would have been a civil war, a situation the Allies likely would have exploited by aiding it and probably invading Germany much sooner.

  3. Thanks, Miggy, for the link and for an excellent tactical perspective. As a commenter at Suburban Sheepdog has pointed out, another effect of the Gehtto Rising was that it inspired other, even more successful resistance. This article provide some of that perspective.

    As I made clear in my piece, of course, tactical effectiveness is hardly the point — a fact clearly understood by the Israeli Prime Minister I quoted. Human dignity is what’s at stake. Writ much smaller, I do not suppose that I will always or necessarily prevail against even a lone bad guy who chooses to make himself my problem. I certainly might lose. But I’ll die fighting because, while it is better to live than to die, it is better to die fighting than cowering. That bad guy might hurt those I love, but he’ll have to do it literally over my dead body. That’s not bravado; it’s simple humanity.

    It’s hard to discuss any if this with someone who doesn’t understand that. Seitz-Wald’s article (and the comments to it) served as reminder of how many there are who do not.

  4. The short fuse that would be civil guerrilla warfare that the left claims can not be won because the gov has the military. It takes a huge leap of faith by the left in believing that the military will side with the politicians instead of the people. The soldiers to the generals with family all over the country that also want to be free of tyranny will have to contemplate if their oath was to Sen Fienstien or the Constitution. If the military goes with the people how long can the politicians hold out on ghetto capital hill?

    1. It takes a huge leap of faith by the left in believing that the military will side with the politicians instead of the people.
      It would be a very costly mistake. A 20% rate of refusal to obey can throw the whole military in a chaos. Add to that those who would not be openly against but become a Fifth Column.
      The US is no longer a “regionalized” country with people living and dying within 50 miles of where they were born. A pilot from Alabama will find himself ordered to bomb a city in Nebraska where he may have relatives living. Same for a tank commander from NJ who is asked to invade Raleigh, NC.

      I joke that if crap actually hits the fan, it would take a week or so for it to end: Two days to reach D.C. One day to do the initial cleaning. One more day to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess. a Two-Day BBQ and Sunday early morning everybody drives back home ’cause we have to be back to work on Monday.

  5. As a side note, letters from the Jewish resistance fighters stressed the need for *rifles* not pistols to fight tyranny. In the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the great Jewish leader Mordecai Anielewicz wrote to his friend:

    Three battle companies will move out tonight, with two tasks: reconnaissance and obtaining arms. Do you remember, short-range weapons [(pistols)] are of no use to us. We use such weapons only rarely. What we need urgently: … rifles ….

    I shot pistols competitively for years, but it was not until I took up rifle sports that I understood why.

    1. Random daily pistol fire would shut down a city for weeks no work getting done. I worked in D.C. during the snipper event the called out sick rate hit 20% on a once or twice a week one shot fired.

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