When Bullies Cry.

Real men use their fists, not guns

Remembering a time when disputes could be settled without turning deadly

via Real men use their fists, not guns  – NY Daily News.

One of the constant comments I heard from people who carry is that it has made them more peaceful as in more tolerant to extensive dosages of bovine manure coming from idiots. I know I felt the same thing and it is based on the fact that we are now under a higher set of rules of behavior and that we do not need growl and thump our chests trying to prove we are “badder” than our opponent and see if he blinks or cedes.

I’ll speak for myself here. I found out that the best way to finish an argument with somebody who was way too much ego invested in the discussion is to simply say “You are right” in a polite manner and walk away. I have no problem with my ego being “bruised” if I lose an argument because I will probably forget about it in the next hour or so, maybe less.

When i hear or read somebody like the author of that article complaining stating that :Real men use their fists” I cannot help but think it is a Bully loudly complaining about not being able to bully anymore because it can turn expensive. Well shit, that is exactly why I carry. If you see me and wrongly assume I can be beaten to a pulp for your ego-enhancement pleasure, you are making a grave mistake because I will not be allowed to be harmed.

Simple solution: If you are a bully and are afraid somebody can shoot you, then stop bullying people!

David Sheridan: What was the first lesson I ever taught you?
Captain John Sheridan: Never start a fight; but always finish it.
Babylon 5: Severed Dreams.

12 thoughts on “When Bullies Cry.”

  1. Man he has my number alright, my manhood is so imperceptibly small I carry a .357 to compensate…. What a load of crap. The sad thing is opinion piece equals real news these days…

  2. Damn, I`m a punk because after working all my life the “War Wounds” are starting to slow me down after 60 years so I compensate with my G-36. Oh well :-)

  3. Pshhh. Real men can still use their fists to kill someone just as effectively as a gun. I’ll take that article’s author in a fist-fight any day of the week, because I’m confident I can out-box him and STILL shoot straighter at the end of the day.

    A REAL man knows that while it is better to die on your feet than live a lifetime on your knees, it’s also better to be a living scoundrel than an honorable corpse.

  4. “…which is why women shouldn’t be allowed to own guns, because if you need a gun to defend yourself, you’re not a real man…”

    Or something to that effect.

  5. “I cannot help but think it is a Bully loudly complaining about not being able to bully anymore because it can turn expensive.”

    Which is EXACTLY where the Heinlein quote came from…the WHOLE quote, not just the famous ‘soundbite’ first part:

    “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
    -Robert A. Heinlein

  6. Back when I was a young Marine, I won some and I lost some. Then came the night 3 guys with a tire iron wooped my ass very severely. My crime? I was a Marine hitching a ride back to base on a Sunday night. I guess they thought it was cool to whoop a Marines ass. 2 days later, when I could see out of both eyes, I bought a gun. I haven’t been in but one fight since. It ended peacefully when I showed the turd my carry piece. No shot’s fired, I guess he was late for something in another place because he sure left in a hurry.

    1. By the way, That was 1975. Next month it will be 38 years and I have only drawn that one time and never fired a shot. It says a lot for walking away. My ego is just fine.

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