And who elected this moron?

WOW!!! Just wow… This is Virginia Delegate Joe Morrisey, ranting against “assault weapons/rifles/silverware/gadgets” (take your pick) at Virginia’s General Assembly:

morrisseyIs that his moronic thumb inside the trigger guard of the rifle? And is he waving around a bona-fide Clinton Era  “Assault Weapon Ban” approved rifle while badmouthing it? You betcha! Contradiction much?

Seriously, How come this idiot was not tackled by security and pepper sprayed into a human facsimile of a Texas Chili con Carne for dangerous and unsafe manipulation of a firearm?

Question to Virginians. Is anybody allowed to bring a firearm inside the General Assembly building?
Hat Tip to The Liberty Zone.

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  1. If you have a CHP, you can open-carry into the building. I’m sure there’s some exception that allows delegates to not even require a CHP to do so.

  2. Hard to tell for certain, but it looks like the safety latch is in the ‘down’ (read: OFF!) position as well.

    I can’t Speak for VA, but I know in WA anyone who may legally posess a sidearm, may legally OPEN CARRY it right into the capitol building.

  3. The worst part is that while we here all agree that any leader who tries to enforce rules he wouldn’t follow himself is a horrible leader and pathetic excuse for a human being, I’ve talked to Liberal friends of mine, who have argued that laws should not apply to the lawmakers.

  4. Before becoming a Virginia Delegate, Joe Morrisey brutally attacked a fellow lawyer exclaiming, “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to beat your head in,” and then made good on the latter part of his promise by smashing his victim’s head into the corner of a brick wall. He was subsequently disbarred in Virginia. While his firearm safety skills are atrocious, it is equally horrific that people actually elected this nutcase.

    Briefing from the civil suit following the beating:

    There are some other reports that he has a pattern of aggressive behavior, part of which also influenced the decision to disbar him.

  5. As a member of Virginia Citizens Defense League I was there last night as he brought a second folding stock AK into committee In VA with a CHP anyone can carry in the legislature but all including his own party members are calling the stunt with an AK out of line He wanted a full gun ban, what he got was shoot down (pun)

  6. I read elsewhere that this cretin cleared his little stunt with building authorities beforehand. However, as he started his rant, another delegate (a Republican, I’m told) interrupted him to tell him to get his finger out of the trigger guard.

  7. “Check the law you have to have a CHP to open or cc in the assembly bldg.”

    I did. Washington firearms law is quite clear. The capitol building is not mentioned in the list of prohibited places.

    Perhaps you can show me where I missed ANYTHING in reference to the capitol building, let alone any given chamber within:

    (I have to post down here because there is no ‘reply’ button on your comment….)

  8. Of course, if Schmuck-a-doodle-doo had put a round into the ceiling, he and his ilk would blame the Eeee-vil scary gun.

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