Illinois General Assembly: Family and Personal Protection Act (Open & Concealed Carry Law)

 Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status for HB0154.

Not a bad law at all as introduced. It has a preemption clause that should take care of the Cook County shenanigans, restricted places similar to the ones here in Florida. Not very fond of the Sheriff doing the paperwork instead of a State office but it has enough protections from letting it be a May Issue by Proxy. I foresee serious screaming about the Open Carry bit by the Nannies in Chicago so expect it to be sacrificed.

As the Opposition is fond to say “It is a good first step.”

5 thoughts on “Illinois General Assembly: Family and Personal Protection Act (Open & Concealed Carry Law)”

  1. Just to be clear, this is just a slightly modified version of the bill that was rejected a year or two ago, the one the anti gun crown should have passed. Now they lost in court and will be forced to decide between a much more pro-gun bill (yet to be introduced) or basically constitutional carry with a FOID card.

  2. Remember folks… the pro-rights side has the upper hand in this fight now. All they have to do is stand firm, and not cede ANY ground. The anti-rights folks will be forced to either vote in REAL carry reform, or turn it down and let the clock run out, defaulting the state to Constitutional Carry.

    As an aside…I see the FOID card being the next thing challenged. What other constitutionally protected right requires an I.D./background check to exercise? (voting has yet to be ruled on by SCOTUS, so I count that as ‘up in the air’ still)

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