The most popular handguns in the US will be banned under the new AWB. (UPDATED)

Hear ye! Hear Ye! The Glock series of pistols will be banned under Senator Feinstein’s bill.

All semiautomatic pistols that can accept a detachable magazine and have at least one military feature: threaded barrel; second pistol grip; barrel shroud; capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pistol grip; or semiautomatic version of an automatic firearm.

And since Gaston gave us the Glock 18…. you Glock Owners are shit out of luck.

UPDATE: And I forgot to add possibly the second most popular pistols: Beretta 92. Also included the Taurus PT 92.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Blog reader Rob and Head MHI honcho Larry Correia illustrated me on the fact that there are ful auto versions of the good old 1911 pistol that now will be included in the ban.

Somebody tell Smith $& Wesson and Springfield Armory not to come up with auto versions of their puppies!

NOTE: There has been some reasonable argument about the application of this items if the first model came out in semi and then a model came out in full auto therefore not applying. I want to remind you that clowns that authored the bill and those that will enforce it are already attacking the Constitution, so they are not gonna suddenly develop a case of scruples and consider only semi guns that came from full auto versions. They will take advantage of anything and everything to screw us over. Remember, the ATF will be the ones parsing and refining the meaning of this law and they have a long history of pushing the envelope to achieve what they want. Shoelaces, paper clips and Crazy Glue anyone?

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  1. Like most bills, this one includes some extra fat around the edges, on purpose. That way, when the extra draconian fat is trimmed, they can claim they were negotiating in good faith. Basically, low-ball us, then look reasonable by giving some things up to get it passed. Typical negotiating tactic, except the 2A side has NOTHING to gain in this bill, so shouldn’t negotiate at all.

    1. Absolutely agree… We let the bill stand as it is and support will disappear. Few people like having their names attached to a legislation that will be whipped like a rented mule in SCOTUS.

  2. All we can do is pray that a majority of Congress have enough sense to stop this BS and hope history repeats itself like the defeat they suffered in ’94 when they tried a gun grab then. Bill Clinton tried to warn them about doing this again.

  3. Isn’t it possible that it was just a lightning link being used on the 1911 that managed to make it be full auto? I am in class right now and don’t have any sound, so if they said it was manufactured this way, please let me know

    1. Scratch that comment. I just went and read the description on the video. The gun is not truly “full-auto” according to hickok.

      Here is the description:
      “What’s Thanksgiving Day without a little rapid fire lead slinging! The launching device of choice today is the Ed Brown Kobra Carry 1911, with which I attempt to train my trigger finger in the fine art of full auto with 230 grain FMJ ammo. 10 round magazine and then an 8 round magazine.

      Occasionallly, I get somebody seem to get mad because the 1911 is not really “full-auto.” Hey, guys, I’m just fooling around and “trying” to shoot “full-auto” with this fine trigger. It’s meant to just be some more lame humor and fooling around. :-)”

      Based on that, it doesn’t sound like this would be illegal.

      1. Considering they have no problems handing out decade long sentences for the heinous crime of owning a malfunctioning rifle I don’t think that will stop them.

  4. I really would not lose any sleep over this. There is no way that it will clear the House, and there ar too many Democrats who will vote it down in the Senate in order to keep from being voted out in 2014. Even Reid has said that it willl not make it in the Senate.

  5. One unintended freebie she gave us is the list of specifically exempted weapons by make and model name. A crafty manufacturer can “redesign” any one of those models into an AR-15 or other banned weapon, and it would be exempted automatically. Then just re-release the actual weapon, already unaffected by the ban, with a new model name. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

  6. Actually, only the G17 would be banned, since it’s the semiauto version of the G18. All the others would only have to have stunted miniature magazines.

    1. Actually, I contest that a crafty lawyer could even prevent that.

      It’s important to note two things:

      First, the G17 predated the G18, thus the G18 is a full auto version of the semi-auto G17, not the other way around.

      Second, the Glock 18 has some key mechanical differences that make it utterly impossible to use critical G18 parts on a G17 without extensive modification. For example, the rails on the G18 frame are taller than those of every other Glock pistol, which means that you can put a G17 slide on a G18 (I don’t know if it would function, but you could put it on the frame), but it is IMPOSSIBLE to put a G18 slide on a G17 frame, because the rails in the locking block/frame are significantly below the rails on the G18 slide.

      1. You forget…final determination won’t be made by the law but by some desk jockey in ATF who will not care what came first. It is gonna be the same as with armor piercing ammo for “handguns” back in the 80s: You just needed ONE sample of a handgun shooting a round in a caliber that was available in AP to make it illegal for sale. Also ATF was successful in convincing a judge that the simple act of lending a machine gun was considered an illegal transfer.

  7. I clap my hinds in wild glee!

    The more these ignorant phobics overreach themselves, the more microscopic the chances become that this abortion of a bill will EVER be passed.

    Ssssssshhhhh — DON’T TELL THEM!

  8. Feinstein’s bill violates the Dick Act of 1902, HR 11654. This law which is irrevocable makes any gun control illegal. Even Snopes agrees

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