Response by Senator Marco Rubio on the recent Gun Control push.

I will have to imagine his staff has been somewhat busy so I will not deride on the time it took to answer, specially since he is the first one to actually respond to my emails.


Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

Thank you for writing me regarding the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I understand this is an important issue and I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” I hold the fundamental belief the Second Amendment should not be altered. At the same time, I have always been open to measures that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

In light of the recent tragedies, some have suggested restricting gun ownership and have suggested ways to curb gun violence. I am always open to ideas on how to stop violent crimes, however I have concerns when these suggestions are solely directed toward restricting gun ownership. Given the Constitution’s clear stance on gun ownership, I will continue to support an individual’s right to own firearms.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve you as your United States Senator. I appreciate you offering your opinion on this issue. If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Marco Rubio
United States Senator


I would call that a one in the plus column.

Now I shall wait for the rest of my reps.

11 thoughts on “Response by Senator Marco Rubio on the recent Gun Control push.”

  1. I ran into my Senator (Cornyn) on a Southwest flight. I shook his hand and told him not to give an inch on the 2nd ammendment fight. He said he wouldn’t and his wife laughed as if saying “of course not”.

    1. Yep, unfortunately. I posted a couple of responses to me from Nelson on twitter earlier, saying exactly that. I, not surprisingly received this exact reply to my message to Senator Rubio.

      1. When I say I got the same reply from Sen. Rubio, I mean the same as Miguel, not the same as Nelson. Just thought I’d clear that up, if only in my own mind.

  2. I tried to call Senator Rubio and his office either has a Voice MAil that is FULL or the phone has been taken OFF the HOOK. How convenient and easy way to avoid getting calls and listening to his voters and constituents !!!!

    1. If it is any consolation, I haven’t heard from anybody else. I am about to buy me an USB Modem and start faxing the daylights out of all of them since I have the annoying feeling they might be ignoring emails.

    2. I’ve called his DC and Orlanado offices several tmes over the last month and most of the time I’ve gotten through right away. A few times I hit a bunch of busy signals but I just kept trying.

      Now Bill Nelson’s offices are another story. Orlando and DC are either busy or go to a full voice mail. I got through ONCE to the Orlando office.

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