The New Catchphrase.

She said the goal is to “dry up the supply of these weapons over time.”

via ‘Enough is enough,’ Feinstein says in proposing new gun ban –

As I just posted, 90 days is all her bill is apparently giving to register the “Assault Weapons” which knowing the way our Government work, it is gonna take them 4 times that to just set up a system, and not an efficient one.

Only really stupid journalists and Gun Control Activists will buy the “Dry Up The Supply” line of BS. Guns do not come with expiration dates nor do they come apart at a molecular level after certain time has passed forcing people to buy new ones. Guns have the darn tendency of lasting for a very long time if properly cared for.

It is on.


8 thoughts on “The New Catchphrase.”

  1. “dry up the supply of these weapons over time.”
    This is such crap. This bill does no such thing and if I were a gun grabbing bigoted cultists, I would be pretty angry about this bill. If this bill passes, all it will accomplish is drive innovation in the firearms industry, something will have to replace the modular design of the ArmaLight Rifle. It will drive sales up, Ruger’s Mini-14 and 30 are exempted by name, so buy stock in Ruger if this thing passes. If this passes, hopefully whatever firearms come next will accept normal AR uppers.

      1. Even if there is no new innovation, if this passes, they’ll still come back for more. The bill directs the AG to track criminal uses of ‘assault weapons’, and make it public. Every time a handgun that has 11+ round magazine is used in a crime, the anti rights bigot cultists will scream “CONFISCATE THEM, Waaaaaa..”

  2. Apparently the sheriffs of several counties, including the one I live in, have stated that they will refuse to enforce the bill if it’s signed.

  3. If this bill passes, the Supreme court will be swamped with challanges. I know I will be suing.

    I live in Illinois, and by city ordinance mags over 15 rounds as well as assault rifles and pistol grip shotguns are illegal. So all the “illegal” guns I purchased before I moved here are in storage with family in another state. So what do I do? I can’t register them with my local police since they are Illegal. I can’t register them with the police where they are stored since I am not a resident of that state. I won’t be able to transfer them. I’m just screwed out of tens of thousands of dollars of legally obtained property. Trust me, the day this gets signed into law is the day I call Alan Gura.

  4. Since the bill forbids transfer of the weapons, they MUST be confiscated upon the death of the current owner. THAT is how the bill “drys up the supply.”

    That’s what the universal registration is for.

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