12 thoughts on “If not a fake article, it is a Master Troll.”

  1. At around 8:45 this morning changed ch to CNBC and a Repub Sen being questioned on the court striking the NLRB recess appointments, the Sen said it’s in the constitution. One male commentator said do we really have to follow all the rules in that dust old document. Hard to follow the rest while in shock but something about it being 200 yrs old and come on they had muskets back then was some of the comments. If you wonder where the ignorant get their ideas from try cnbc.

  2. The biggest clue that this isn’t real is the argument of applying “natural-born citizen” against C-sections. No one could seriously buy that one. This is a really good troll, or excellent satire.

  3. I find it ironic that the “revolutionaries” are the ones who want to keep the Constitution intact, and the “state” are the ones who want to butcher it and cook it up for bacon.

    1. Much like Obama’s ‘mentors’, they are made out of composites.

      And not the composites I am more fond of hearing. Meaning basically if it isn’t uttered by a Top Gear presenter talking about how some carbon fibre-titanium mixture makes a car stronger, it might mean it’s gonna be an application of the word I will not like.

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