Rep. Carolyn McCarthy does the “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up” again.

Being interviewed by Reincarnated Redcoat Piers Morgan, Ms. McCarthy apparently believe an AR 15 is not a rifle.

It is fun to watch two idiots feed off each other and create the perfect foot-in-mouth moment.

8 thoughts on “Rep. Carolyn McCarthy does the “Shoulder Thing That Goes Up” again.”

  1. The experts say a rifle is the best self defense? Hogwash, Biden said a double barrel shotgun is the best for self defense and he’s the gun expert, because, you know, he owns guns.

  2. It is appalling to watch these misinformed people try to tell us how to live.
    If you watched ‘Face the Nation’ yesterday you would have heard Diane Feinstein say that the stock was designed to collapse on an AR15 and that makes it fully automatic. My head nearly exploded!
    I am so sick of these liberals being useful idiots bringing on the demise of our country!
    And, again, it reinforces my theory that liberalism is a mental disorder.

      1. I am writing the second part of the Initial Analysis of the 2013 AWB. The law prohibits bumpfire devices because they increase the rate of fire without making the gun full auto…HUH???
        Do the people they consulted even have a basic knowledge of mechanical devices and how they work?

  3. Looks like Piers “can’t even spell my name right” Morgan finally learned his lesson about going up against gun owners who tear him up. Now he’s picking pantywaist gun grabbers to pal around with.

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