Assault Scissors: Will they be banned?

I wonder if this pair of scissors will make the list of forbidden assault weapons. I want to follow DHS’ recommendation and use them to defend myself at work.

assault scissors
That is 10 inches of feline-approved Assault Scissors with high-capacity cutting area.

15 thoughts on “Assault Scissors: Will they be banned?”

    1. In NY City you would only be allowed to have 3″ round nosed safety scissors and you would have to have them secured with a state approved child proof lock.

  1. Is it just me or do a lot of gun bloggers have cats? Barron, Jennifer, Tam, Linoge, Evyl Robot, Miguel, and Roberta X, just off the top of my head, do cats cause gun blogging? Or does gun blogging cause cats?

  2. I have a dog, no cats. Wife’s allergic to them plus she hates the fact that they will climb on the counter. I like them fine. My dog likes them fine too. She thinks they are tasty.

    1. She is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet. She hates being picked up and carried & she will struggle, twist & turn but will not scratch or bite. I am sure that she’d lose a fight against a Teddy Bear.

      1. One of our cats is like that, except that she doesn’t struggle when being picked up. She regularly loses fights with paper bags.

        She’s a ragdoll. Literally*.

        *(For those that haven’t heard of them, Ragdoll cats are often used as therapy cats. They have almost no fight or self-preservation instincts.)

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