10 thoughts on “The real take on Sen. Feinstein’s list of forbidden weapons.”

    1. A few years ago I purchased a Semi Auto PKM at a gunshow. I had this wild ass idea to mount it on a Ural Patrol sidecar and ride around with it (unloaded) sitting in the pintle mount. Yes it might scare the crap put of people, but it would be AWESOME)

      modern, civilian legal version of http://www.pagunblog.com/2011/05/29/lucky-gunner-shoot-day-one-photos/img_0539/

      Still saving up for the motorcycle

  1. One of my distributors had a semi-auto copy of a German MG43. Looked good and full of belt fed goodness. I think the wholesale on them was around 2 1/2 K. They don’t have them in the last flyer I got. I have also seen a semi-auto M2 50 cal. It was around 8 grand. That’s a lot of goodness on a tripod.

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