8 thoughts on ““ZOMG! “Assault Weapons Shoots Down Da Planes!””

  1. So they say they can take out planes and trains, but they’d be useless in a civil war because of what the military has. So which is it?

    1. Anti gun people aren’t the smartest. I’m pretty sure 99% of all guns in working order in America right now can easily puncture air plane siding. The only ones I think can’t are short barreled .22 shorts and possibly muzzle loaders that aren’t rated for at least about 50-60 grains.

      Heck I bet the average hunting bow could send an arrow through an airplane side.

      Also, in personal news, I got my CCW!!!! And a holster. And I’m wearing it now because it feels weird and I’m trying to get use to it. I plan on playing Lord of the Rings Online for a few hours and see if I stop noticing it.

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