“So what are you gonna do against tanks, huh?”

Mortar shell nose cones are turned on lathes and explosives are mixed by hand. Homemade grenades are launched by jury-rigged shotguns or giant slingshots in the urban battlefields of Aleppo and Damascus

via DIY Weapons of the Syrian Rebels – In Focus – The Atlantic.

Quite an eye opener for those who think about the invincibility of government forces.

I wonder how many lathes are all over the US, including private shops & garages of DIYers.

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  1. My buddy in the Army reserves was telling me that high caliber rifles can actually break the links on the tank treads and take out cameras and other sensors. Armored vehicles need a lot of maintenance too, and of course need to be refueled as well. This was surprising to me because as you said people often think they’re invincible, but apparently snipers can really make their life hell if they have good aim.

  2. Why is it that Left wing or Left wing approved resistance groups are seen as the inevitable victors (ALN, NVA, Sandinistas, Al Qaeda, et al), while resistance against a US government turned tyrannical is futile?

  3. We obviously need a lathe and kitchen mixer registry. Heck, we should really just turn them all in, and leave machine work and ingredient mixing to professionals in government controlled shops. IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!

    /hopefully unneeded sarc tag.

  4. Funny, they fail to realize how screwed tanks are once you deny them their AvGas.

    Ignore the tanks, go after the soft-shelled logistics vehicles.

    Also ignores the fact this will most likely fracture the military into those who blindly support the Government and those who support their original oaths to defend the United States Constitution and the nation from all threats foreign and domestic.

    1. Tanks use AV gas now? My, how things change over time. When I was in, they were powered with Cummings or Chrysler diesels. Monster suckers, too- got four gallons to the mile at best, usually around ten gallons to the mile (and guess who’s paying for all that fuel!)

  5. I frequently have this conversation with a family member. “The 2nd Amendment was for resisting a standing army, which is impossible now that they have tanks and drones – therefore, assault weapons have no use and should be banned.”

    Am I the only one who thinks this is the moral equivalent to saying, “You don’t need your 1st Amendment rights because the government official has a bigger megaphone/loudspeaker than you, and they can just arrest you for violating noise ordinances if you try to be too much louder”? Or, “You don’t need a right to remain silent; they can arrest you whether they have evidence or not”?

    The whole “There’s no point because …” argument starts to grate after a while. It’s like they don’t realize that the 2nd Amendment especially protects militia-usable (read: military-grade or “military-style”; insert dramatic “Dum-dum-DUM” sound here) weaponry. See United States v. Miller (1939).

    1. or they could consider that it doesn’t take a tank to raid a building and capture intelligence, to make a kill shot from 1000 yards against an officer, or to set off an IED against a company of infantry. only three examples of the thousands of tactics behind guerrilla warfare.

  6. Any tracked vehicle has a track tensioner, ( a shock type part that is filled with grease to put tension on the track) if this one part was to take an hit from a sniper the grease would leak out and the track would become loose causing the vehicle to throw track and become immobile. The skirting around the track would make this hard or impossible to hit, but an IED would do the trick.

  7. Or consider the fact that….. every military vehicle by military regulation must have the fuel tank filled before parked so it can be used in emergency at any time without notice. also that no military vehicles have key ignitions, they are all push button. The only thing securing a military vehicle is a gate at the motor pool and a chain and /or padlock on the vehicle. a pair of bolt cutters gets a person in the motor pool and in the vehicle. ammo however is another story, that shit is guarded. lovely thing about most military equipment, the manual is printed on the item from AT4s to Abrams driving seats.

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