Jason Kilgore: Awesome Fail is my middle name.

Oh poor dear Jason…. It is so lonely at the….. somewhere.

As presented through educational foundation Ceasefire Oregon, the theme of the rally was the safety of our children in public schools and pending Oregon state and federal gun legislation. In attendance was Mayor Kitty Piercy, and no more than 20 caring souls, including members of the press.

On the steps of the former federal building was a young man dressed in white. Eloquent in speech and purposeful in presentation, Baldr Odinson of ‘Ceasefire Oregon’ spoke on as to the eminent danger possed to society through the under- regulated ownership of assault weapon

via Eugene ‘Ceasefire Oregon’ anti assault weapons rally fails to draw crowd – Eugene Headlines | Examiner.com.

Jason Kilgore A.K.A. Baldr Odinson apparently did not have a Gun Control good rally. Must have been a gun show in town that day….wait, lemme do a check….. nope, no guns show.

Face it Jason, nobody gives a crap about you.

Almost instantaneously update:
If the pic fails to show the awesomeness of the fail, here’s video of the same “rally”. Shot of the crowd at 01:30

28 thoughts on “Jason Kilgore: Awesome Fail is my middle name.”

  1. Wait, does that flag say “Pace?”

    Either they can’t even spell “Peace,” or there’s a salsa manufacturer out there who could press charges for defamation.

    1. Did a bit of google-fu. It is an italian gay peace flag (Peace = Pace) so there are a bunch of Italian gay pacifists living in Eugene or Jason got the flag by mistake or at a heavy discount at the Dollar Store.

      1. I stand corrected and have once again increased my knowledge base about the wider world.

        Still strikes me as a bit odd.

          1. Futurama has called Eugene, Oregon (in at least two different episodes) the biggest hobo joint in the universe. They’re not far off. (In fairness, I believe the show’s creator is from the Eugene area. Inside joke.)

            I’m looking forward to seeing Jason/Baldr come to Salem (you know… the capital) to speak. I’m preparing a speech for the occasion, but I haven’t seen it yet. The only thing I’ve seen him do in Salem is his infamous “kung fu” picture – the one in which he’s posing with a sword (you know… the original “assault-weapon-of-war-that-doesn’t-belong-on-our-streets”).

  2. He’s still wearing that all white outfit? I can’t help but think he looks like a cult leader or something.

  3. We have more people show up for our board meeting for the private gun club I belong to.
    We’ve had more people show up for a blog shoot then they had for their rally. I’m just not seeing the overwhelming public support the media keeps crowing about.

    1. Don’t they just all look so excited to be there? I didn’t see one person not on stage who looked enthused about the topic. I’m guessing a bunch of curious onlookers (all of whom are standing back from the stage, even though there is no barrier to prevent them from coming closer) labeled as “attendees”. They’re waiting for the free water bottle or koozie or something, not supporting his cause. I’d be willing to bet that they waited until a bus unloaded to pan the “crowd”, and that most of those not required to be there wandered off shortly thereafter.

  4. I love that he always dresses in white! Especially when combine with his “Baldr Odinson” moniker! Most of us put away the D&D books before we hit our thirties Jason!

  5. By my count…freezing the video when the camera pans…27 people..including the press, that ignorant twit who calls herself mayor and that ass Killjoy. So..percentage wise 200ths of a percent of the population showed to that rally. ROFLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  6. Is he deliberately trying to emphasize his pasty, pale, flabby physique? Dude Manboob makes Stuart Smalley look like freaking Chuck Norris

  7. Why is he in all white?
    Why is he using the name of a Norse god?
    Why did he steal my grandfather’s shoes?

    You’d think he’d be more worried about banning mistletoe.

  8. Hey, don’t make fun of him! Gozer gave the Ghostbusters a choice in which form he would take when he destroyed the word, and Dan Akyroid chose the Stay Puft Man.

      1. Okay Okay I’m sorry I can’t resist. “Since I took this job I’ve seen shit that would turn you WHITE!” *grin*
        Blame it on Dusty for bringing up Ghostbusters.

  9. I cannot fail to see the irony of man calling himself “Baldr Odinson” who rallies for gun control. Sad little Jason – the AllFather spits on your message. Disarming is NOT a Virtue.

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