ZOMG! More Rocket Launchers!!!!

Last month, Seattle police were taken aback with the seizure of an expended rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Two similar RPG devices also were turned over to Los Angeles Police Department officials in a post-Newtown buy-back event.

via Arms buy-back events increase, round up more than guns.

And theses are the eeevil rocket launchers:

Understand that these are empty plastic or fiberglass tubes with nothing inside. They are as much danger to be used in bringing down a plane or destroying a building than a used tampon applicator or a drinking straw on the floor of your local fast food restaurant..
But they make for scandalous news, don’t they?

7 thoughts on “ZOMG! More Rocket Launchers!!!!”

  1. makes me want to profit off of police stupidity by buying a few surplus tubes and sell them at buybacks. One of the few good things about California, I guess.

  2. OMG….These rocket launchers are ON OUR STREETS?
    Who’s dealing rocket launchers?
    How much are the Cop’s paying for them in their buy-back program???

    The next one I see at a flea market I’ll make a citizens arrest and confiscate it.

  3. Idea! One could likely make a fortune off this lot via a can of black spray paint and a bunch of dollar store squirtguns.

    1. I remember reading about one gun buy-back that all guns were being bought. Even water guns… People were laughing and posted links to amazon.com for water guns for like 5 dollars including shipping. Toy guns were being bought for 10 dollars.

      Seriously though, i wonder how much they buy those tubes for. If it’s in the hundreds it might actually be fiscally possible to buy a bunch of surplus ones for bulk prices and sell them all to idiots…

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