And desperation sets in…..

Gun Control groups are grasping at whatever faux straw is out there. Unfortunately the Navy Yard Shooting turned out to be a nightmare scenario for them. Let’s forget the fact that they jumped in the politicking bandwagon when they should have just express sorrow (or fake it which is more likely) and then wait at least till today to commence the Bravo Sierra.

But they could not help themselves and there they went. And if that was not enough, they went into intellectual copulation with what was being regurgitated by the Media while raising the volume to about 11.5. The inevitable results were not unexpected.

First came the suspect: Aaron Alexis, a young black male. Gun Control minions were already on the full narrative about NRA= Rednecks = Insurrectionist with small genitalia and then that narrative has to be stopped full, pretty much shredded. The minions went on idle because they could not say ANYTHING bad about a minority as they fear being branded racist. In a way is kind of tragicomic that they had to apply the race card to themselves. Evil and Madness do not care for race, gender, sex or anything: They just attack. But this cannot be accepted by the Opposition trapped in an ultra liberal Narrative.

While they bemoaned and did the crocodile tears thing asking how this horrible thing happened, it was pointed out to them the obvious: If you force unnatural Gun Free Zones on people, they become targets of vicious predators. It was also pointed out that the Navy yard was under Double Gun Free Zone status, one for federal location and the other for being in Washington DC. This went unheard as they furiously latched to the erroneous story that the weapon that Aaron Alexis used was an eeeevil AR15.

Evil AR-15! Why do we need such a weapon of war in our streets? This questions were being asked while replaying the videos of Military and Police carrying precisely that arsenal gong after the shooter. But irony is one thing they appear to be genetically immunized to so it flew over their heads like a Reaper drone. Senator Dianne Feinstein came out of her cryogenic capsule and once more demanded that Congress banned once and for all these awful “assault weapons.”

And then….. disaster. Rumors and innuendos that the shooter never had an AR-15 but a plain old Vice-Pres Biden shotgun. Eventually the FBI confirmed that a shotgun was the weapon that was carried into the Navy Yard by Alexis and he procured two sidearms from officers he shot with it. After that, it all went to the privy and the mocking began.

Let’s review the Gun Control Formula, shall we?

Unarmed Civilians + Gun Free Zones + Police & Military with weapons = World Peace!

The Navy Yard Killings was that equation. It failed bloody and miserably. It is not news to us as we have seen variations of the above over and over, proving its innate fallacy. You’d think that a normal and rational human being would go “You know Felicia? Maybe we are wrong. Maybe we should re-examine our stance. You don’t hear much if any mass shootings at gun stores or gun ranges so these Gun Nuts may be right, at least in part.” Oh No! Death before admitting error! So what do they do? Take a look:

MDA Navy Yard Shannon
Yep, the same “stay-at-home” Mom Demanding Action

Navy Yard CSGV 2Apparently they are either blaming themselves but not blaming themselves for the failure of the equation or their supply of bath salts go contaminated ear wax from a yak. But you have to excuse them folks, when the facts keep spanking somebody and call him a liar all the time, a certain amount of neurosis will tend to set in.

If it was not for the 12 people who are now on mortuaries across the DC area, this would be funny. But these idiots are not funny but dangerous and we cannot give them a break until they become less than (pick your number/object/value.)


8 thoughts on “And desperation sets in…..”

  1. They couldn’t even wait till the cops had the barrier tape up to start their blood dance. That and their screed about the “EVIL NRA”. BSC Joan was having fits because the NRA is evil and made sure the shooter was well armed.

    Damn, I really hate it when they are wrong 😉

    1. I bet they’re double-thrilled about the body-count this time, because I’m assuming those 12 lives were Military, meaning we lost twelve good men and women from a demographic that regularly votes Republican.

      Yes, I will say it again.

      The anti-gun crowd is HAPPY whenever there is a mass-shooting. They are HAPPIER when the mass shooting results in massive body counts. They are HAPPIEST when the victims are children and women. They look at the dead and see nothing but pawns they can use to further their cause and then throw away like trash.

      Call them on it.

  2. Shannon watts throughly embarassed herself, again, as did Feinstine………. The Shooter was NOT what they expected him to be.and it blew up in their faces……….again, facts are NOT what shannons ignorance filled gang go on…………..

  3. “The anti-gun crowd is HAPPY whenever there is a mass-shooting. They are HAPPIER when the mass shooting results in massive body counts. They are HAPPIEST when the victims are children and women. They look at the dead and see nothing but pawns they can use to further their cause and then throw away like trash”

    Well Said.

    Someone with twitter or facebook needs to post that on the gun control groups sites

  4. Watched it unfold, tragically. Unknown dead, 4 wounded, white male and African American sought after for questioning. White male cleared still looking for other subject. No more descriptions, why? Because it was an African American? Be on the look out for someone? Their racism is so sickening. Why is it so wrong to mention a person of interest is black? Are we so afraid that a black person would commit a crime? God forbid they never do. That would just be wrong. Racism is wrong, forward, reverse, sideways white, black, yellow, red, brown, blue whatever. Stop the B.S. return to humanity. Does it really matter if you hurt the feelings of a murderer?

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