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Overall, 2013 was a good year for Florida gun owners.

Some great legislation was passed, although some controversial bills became law too.

The state reached some important milestones, which speak to the ever increasing popularity of gun ownership among residents and visitors.

Given what’s happening elsewhere, such as mandatory registration of modern sporting rifles and their magazines in Connecticut, or New York’s outright prohibition of certain types of popular firearms, or California’s ban on lead bullets, things could be a lot worse.

The following are my picks for Florida’s Top 10 gun-related news stories of 2013

via Florida’s Top 10 gun stories of 2013 – The Gun Writer.

Very thorough list. And yes, we were very lucky/active in about our 2A rights.

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  1. Miguel,

    Speaking of top stories; Do you remember a small blog post (maybe not yours) in the last few weeks about a political aid to Gov Rick Scott who had sent out an email to a bunch of people who were to meet with the Governor, asking that if any one of them were CCL carriers to please not bring their ventilator to the meeting. He got some flack from the locals and published a blog apology. I’ve been trying to locate the link to that apology and story and have been unable to locate it.

    If you have the link I would appreciate if you could direct me in that direction.

    Thank you,


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