12 thoughts on “Some people shouldn’t be allowed near a firearm. (Not safe for sensitive people)”

  1. because , like a shot gun, big bore , shot barreled rifles are more comfortable to shoot the tighter you can pull the stock into the shoulder and the pistol grip provides that ability.

  2. Looks as though he pulled the safety off that side plate, too. And then there’s that tacticool scope.
    I bet that poor Marlin cringes in shame every time he takes it to the range.

    1. Mdev… I just rescued your comment from the spam filter. I did not know that Askimet had Good Taste/Bad Taste algorithm to filter comments but apparently works! :)

  3. I’m not going to judge until I know the full story. I knew a guy who put a vertical foregrip on a his skeet gun. He had a wrist fusion and it was the only way he could grip the gun. If this was an attempt to make the gun more shootable for someone with a disability, I’d feel really bad making fun of it.

  4. Jake nailed it. Why judge? It’s not yours or someone you know well enough to make fun of in a good way. Watch; this time next year Marlin will have a new option for the lever action rifles that look just like this…. probably not.

    When I see something that looks out of the ordinary I think to myself someone did some real out of the box thinking on that one. I don’t have to like it to appreciate it. Nuff said.

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