Miami-Dade Mayors trying to be butch.

A group of Miami-Dade mayors — some of them gun owners, all taking a politically risky stance — launched an effort Tuesday to try and sidestep state firearms laws by forcing gun distributors and manufacturers to disclose training techniques and methods used to keep firearms out of the hands of indicted traffickers.

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I am not 100% sure, but I do not know of any firearm manufacturers in South Florida. And for distributors, I want to know what is exactly what they mean by that word.  Either way, the “unregulated” firearms business has to follow this 243 page guide called Federal Firearms Regulations Reference from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms which includes  the Gun Control Act of 1968, National Firearms Act,  Arms Export Control Act, National Instant Criminal Background Check System Regulations and Rulings, Procedures, Industry Circulars and State Laws. Damn… and they keep telling us guns are less regulated than Teddy Bears.

Now, if I were a gun store owner and any of these clowns were to show up demanding to reveal my techniques, I would tell them to go pound South Beach sand.  They are politicians so they cannot be trusted to open their mouths and tell people who do not need to know, what I’d be looking for to avoid sales to Straw Buyers. Plus I am pretty sure ATF itself will tell them to f*** off and stop screwing with possible investigations.  But if they really-really need to know about retailers and Straw Purchases, they could always ask about the Don’t Lie For The Other Guy program sponsored by the BATF and the NSSF. Then again they are not really interested in that and we know it.

The group [of MAIG Mayors, how unsurprising] pledged support to a nonprofit called Arms With Ethics, which is pushing for laws in cities throughout Miami-Dade that would force gun sellers to disclose if they train their staff to out straw buyers, and admit if indicted traffickers buy their weapons.

And who the heck is Arms With Ethics?  That shall me material for another post.

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  1. “I am not 100% sure, but I do not know of any firearm manufacturers in South Florida. ”

    Miquel, Isnt Kel-Tec down that way? I recall George Zimmerman giving everyone the vapors when the media found out he visited the factory. I’m not sure if that counts as South Florida though.

    1. That is in Cocoa Beach which is Central Florida and just a wee south of Cape Canaveral. South Florida is considered to be Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade & Monroe counties.

  2. “and admit if indicted traffickers buy their weapons”

    So if I remember right, indited does not mean the same as convicted and therefor they are not prohibited. Correct?
    So just how do they think this “admitting” business is going to work? Just how are “gun sellers” to know who’s been indited or not? And why should they be prohibited without a conviction?
    Genuine confusion on my part as to how this could possibly be legal.

  3. ““It isn’t about trying to infringe on everyone’s right to bear arms,” said Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert. It’s about “telling us what you’re doing, and trying to keep our children safe.”

    Bullshit. Anytime Bloomberg is involved, they want total citizen disarmament. Since they belong to a organization that has a larger percentage of criminals that the general public, I wonder what is in their background?

    Manufactures and distributors don’t even sell to the general public. The manufacturers sell to the distributors and the distributors sell to the FFL’s at the gun shop. I haven’t run across a distributor yet that will sell to anyone without a FFL.

    1. Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert has to be loud as its city is one of the worst locations crime-wise in Miami-Dade county. Gangs and drugs are pretty much in charge making life for the law abiding a living hell. But of course it is not the gangs or the ineffectual police work or the crappy politicians: It is always the gun.

  4. The conclusion sounds to me like anybody trying to find out what your practices to catch straw buyers are is likely to be doing research for a straw purchase, and you should treat them as a straw purchaser.

    Who knows what a mayor might do after a hit of Cocaine?

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