Book Review: Brushfire Plague: Reckoning.

brushfire plage 2

The second book of the trilogy and I was not disappointed. I liked first Brushfire Plague book because it was not the usual super-macho-prepper-takes-on-the-world but a regular guy who was subject to a sudden steep learning curve on what to do when the world decides to go Tango Uniform and as he learns, we (hopefully) learn. Reckoning is fast-paced and leaves you wanting for more. I read it in a 7-hour stretch with the occasional break for those things that shall not be mentioned…and food intake too.

Reckoning keeps on that line but also adds two very important things: Actions have consequences and you better learn how to deal and live with them and that when people are under extreme pressure and emotions, they will either do the most gallant of things of behave in the most callous of manners. This is Cooper Adams’ learning curve in this book and a cautionary tell for the reader: Your true friends will be few in numbers, allies will turn on you and perceived enemies once in a while will surprise you with a small dash of kindness that will probably will not be repeated.

How much “old” morality can we afford when the World has lost its own? Is there a balance between doing the right thing versus doing what is necessary to survive, specially when there is no balance out there? Are you willing to pay the price that comes with either position.

That in my opinion is the fundamental premise in Brushfire Fire: Reckoning.


Bloomberg Business: Why Gun Control Is Basically Dead.

Apart from politics, dispassionate observers must question the simplistic liberal slogan that more guns equals more crime. The U.S. has seen a two-decade period during which private gun ownership has continued to soar (some 300 million firearms are now in civilian hands), while crime has diminished.

Why Gun Control Is Basically Dead. Paul M. Barret.

I have not been paying attention to the media too much this week, but I have not seen a paroxysm of faux remembrance/political activism associated with Sandy Hook.  We might see some tomorrow, but being the weekend and with 10 shopping days before Christmas, the political Dancing On Blood Marathon doubtfully will have much pull.

This has been a terrible and wasted year for Gun Control. Not that we have not suffered losses, but what the Opposition had intended in January and what they have “achieved” by December shows that no matter how much money and media they can throw at the issue, their ledger shows an awful amount of red.

They will not stop doing their thing, but we know we can stop their initiatives and even keep scoring for our side.

Hat Tip to Say Uncle


Shannon Watts finally comes out of the closet.

At least partially. From a New York Times article describing the manipulations of the eeeevil NRA.

She is no longer the “Stay-At-Home-Mom” baking cookies and waiting for the husband at the door with a fresh martini.

Shannon out of the closetNow we wait till she makes public that she was/is a Democratic Party Operative and worked for them evil corporations that every Lib hates…..OK, I’ll get a sofa.