Cowboy & Indians (Florida Style)

Two indians and a cowboy

L-R: Billy Bowlegs III, Wilson Hoquid, Tommy Doctor.

The date of the picture is unknown. I could not find any info for Wilson Hoquid or Tommy Doctor.

I did find some information on Billy Bowlegs III. He was a Seminole Elder and Historian. Father was Black and Mother Seminole. The picture appears to be from around 1895 to 1900. The shotgun seems to be (to my untrained eyes) a Winchester Model 1893.
Wilson Hoquid has what appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 1 on his waist and maybe a Sharps Rifle? A hint would be the cartridge belt he is wearing. Tommy Doctor also has a shotgun, but I can’t see enough to try to figure what is it.

It is unfortunate that the only association that people make with Florida and Cowboys has the word cocaine inserted in the middle. There were cowboys in Florida long before they were the stuff of Western legends and they are still taking care of the hoofers in the 21st Century. The use of whips to haul cattle gave them the moniker of “crackers,” today used in a derogatory manner.

As for the Seminoles? Well, you cannot but like a tribe who took all comers, lived in the damned swamp dressed like that and told the all-powerful NCAA to go pound sand and to leave the  Florida State mascot alone as they were damned proud of it.

Florida State Mascot
My mascot can ride up to your mascot and spear it to death.


Texas Grandmother compensating for the size of her penis.

Jewell Turner, 74, told NBC 5 she was waiting in her minivan outside of her doctor’s office, near the corner of West Magnolia Avenue and 6th Avenue in the city’s Near South Side, when a man tapped on the glass of her driver’s side window

“He stood there and we talked for a while, [him] just asking for directions and me giving them to him,” Turner recalled. “Never thought that when I turned my head that young man would stick a knife to my throat…

…“I seen the gun laying there. And I figured that would work better than the knife,” Turner said. “I just reached down, got the gun and turned around and pointed it to his face. And I told him, I said, ‘You back off, or I’ll blow your head off.’ And his eyes got big and he just backed up and he took off walking down the street like nothing happened.”

via Gun-Toting Grandma Stops Would-Be Assailant | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.

And she was also a coward for carrying a gun. It was a miracle that the robber did not take the gun away from her and killed her. And the gun could have gun off and kill 700 nuns on their way to Mass. Think of the Children!

You have to be a truly sick individual, in the same degree as the bastard that put the knife on Mrs. Turner’s throat, to claim that she would have been better off not defending herself.

“We should treat guns like we treat cars!”

We can start with rentals:

CHICAGO—Touting the program’s convenience and affordability, Chicago officials unveiled Monday the city’s new gun-sharing service, “QuikShot,” which allows individuals to check out a loaded firearm for short periods of time.

The municipal initiative, through which users can rent semiautomatic pistols, shotguns, rifles, and submachine guns at more than 250 self-service kiosks, has reportedly been designed to make firepower easily available to residents and tourists alike nearly everywhere within the city limits.

via Chicago Introduces New Citywide Gun-Sharing Stations | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

I know it is The Onion but, after what happened over the weekend where a man with a rare concealed weapon permit in Chicago shot a potential nutjob from shooting multiple people, this might not be such a bad idea. 😀

And let’s not forget the ammo:

This thing called LIFE.

The problem with calling these all training issues is that, newsflash, not everyone has access to infinite amounts of time, money, and training. Mortals need to balance their resources. That’s true for individuals, police departments, the U.S. military, and every other entity that deals with shooting.

via » Blog Archive » To Infinity, and Beyond!.

Goes back to my recurring theme that some are more interested in selling you a class than actually making sure you can do your best.

Get training, nobody is saying the opposite, but those who train for a living have to understand people do have lives outside the range and a budget.  If you can’t understand that, then you are not training people for Real Life.