Violence Policy Center: CWP causes Bikers


Falco: Yeah, I mean, anything can do it—you park in someone else’s spot, you cut him off. But it was gonna happen. Something was gonna spark it. Because they didn’t show up there in big numbers just to drink beers with each other. And they were all armed, right?

Neyfakh: Yeah, they were all really armed. Is that normal, for gangs to travel with so many weapons?

Falco: So what happens is, in the states where they allow concealed weapons permits, all the big biker gangs have ordered all their members who aren’t felons to get concealed weapons permits.

Source: Biker gang battles: Former informant Charles Falco on territorial disputes and bottom rockers.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that is not the full content of Falco’s remarks about bikers being armed and some creative editing happened since there are plenty of stories of bikers shooting each other and others prior States having CWPs. And there is that whole deal of trafficking weapons too that kinda says they have been shooting guns for a long time without any permitting.

That there are Bikers with CWPS? I wouldn’t be surprised, it makes perfect sense to have somebody without a felony conviction have a means to carry in less than friendly environments, but to suggest that it is the norm would be to deny that outlaw bikers are a criminal enterprise which it seem to be the theme suddenly among certain groups. You see, if there were moar gun control, there would not be any Bikers… in England, Germany, Australia.





Hmmmm… I wonder how that happened?

Stupid stacked so high you get a nosebleed.

waco bikers 1

waco bikers 2

As usual, rushing to put out some content instead of actually doing a wee bit of research ends up with a casserole of gun control crap impossible to make sense. From Moms Demand swearing on a stack of bibles that Universal background checks would have prevented the shooting to CSGV  blaming it on Open Carry of pistols in Texas which still is not the law.

Is their idiocy so supreme that they do not know that Outlaw Biker Gangs are possibly the number one illegal traffickers of firearms in the US? Not to mention drug trade and human trafficking. If there is one group that has defined the concept of “F*** you and your laws, we will do as we please.” is the outlaw biker gangs, them 1 percenters.

If anything the incident in Waco confirms that semi auto rifles and standard capacity magazines do have a place in civilian society. See how 20 cops did controlling 5 times their number? Try that with a 7 round magazine in a pistol.

Naked Grandpa takes care of business.

Police said the homeowner, a 77-year-old man, was in the shower when he heard strange noises. Police said he went to see what was going on and came face-to-face with the burglars

Authorities said the victim opened fire on the men. One of the suspects was pronounced dead at the scene.The second suspect, a 25-year-old man, was also shot by the victim and airlifted to Kendall Regional Medical Center, police said. His condition has not been released.

Source: Burglary suspects shot in southwest Miami-Dade County | News – Home

But he should have taken the high moral ground and engage in hand to hand combat against the two young men, right? At least that is what Gun Control Safety advocates keep telling us.

On another note, my Google Alerts for Home Invasions have shown an increase of attacks against abodes owned/rented by elderly people. It is easy to deduce that they see the elderly as fragile and incapable of mounting a resistance and for the most part is true…unless they are armed and the play-field suddenly gets equalized.

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