CSGV wants Emily Miller fired from her job.

CSGV Miller


So CSGV wants Fox 6 DC to fire Emily Miller for her Pro-Second Amendment work because it is unethical. As reference they use the works of that stalwart and independent watchdog group Media Matters for America. Yup, not making that up.

That on itself is enough to get a good laugh, but when you have Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety paying for travel and lodging of 15 journalists to attend a Gun Control seminar, we are now in a comedic heaven of such absurdity, Monty Python would even touch. And let us not forget that David Gregory knowingly broke the DC law against “high-capacity” magazines, but the DC Attorney general gives him a pass even after police had recommended the arrest.

You laughed enough, get back to work :)

Lessons From A Real-World Carjacking | Concealed Nation


Here is a carjacking and abduction caught on a security camera located at a drive-in ATM in Arlington, TX. We thought it would be useful to break down the events as they took place to see if there were any measures the victim could have taken to either prevent the crime or to escape. This is timely, because we posted an article titled Carjacking and Concealed Carry yesterday. After watching the video, I came up with the observations below. If you have any other suggestions or a different take on the situation, please comment below. The security camera footage is of excellent quality and gives us an opportunity to analyze the situation and plan accordingly.

via [VIDEO] Lessons From A Real-World Carjacking | Concealed Nation.

It is not the first time I have posted about ATMs and how people seem oblivious at the dangers they may face. Wee, here you have a video to drive the point home.

The article has great points to follow, but I just want to say this: Use the frigging ATM to get cash and keep going. If you need to check your balance, apply for a loan or whatever is you think you can achieve at an ATM, do it from inside the bank or at home from your computer or smart phone.  I have seen people balancing the damned checkbooks at an ATM after a deposit…and don’t get me started on the people who need to check the balance 37 times in a row because the machine says they don’t have sufficient funds.  And they even cuss at the machine.

It is like the ATM suck the common sense after they input the PIN.


“Gun Safety Advocates” and other lies.

“Gun Safety Advocates” is the new re-branding for Gun Control activists.  The original name ended up sounding too Nazi so they went to others including Gun Violence experts and now this latest label.  But the name is not working alone. They are re-hashing an old but favorite slogan to go along with their new brand: We are doing it for the children!

Moms Demand are now fully again on the accidental shooting by/to kids bandwagon and toned down the Universal Background Checks opera (at least for a while) so every news item where a kids gets hurt or killed by gunfire becomes the last stages of civilization as we know it. Last Friday (or was it Saturday? never mind) I had an exchange with a lady in Facebook who was repeating the MDA mantras about Gun Safety and children, so I asked her one simple question: How many gun locks has Moms Demand provided out of their deep pockets to secure firearm at home? ….crickets…. I also asked her if they have done reviews and recommendations about gun safes so parents could safely lock their guns away from the reach of tiny hands….yep, more crickets. I ended up pointing out that maybe MDA is not only not interested in solving the problem but that they might be benefiting from it as they have not done one real thing to promote gun safety as they advocate….. I am still waiting for the lady to answer me.

So I was surprised when on Saturday night I happen to come across this post from MDA:

Moms Demand Safe Storage


Holy crap! Was somebody from Moms Demand watching the exchange and decided that they needed to cover that obvious hole? So I clicked on the link to The Idiot’s Guide to Gun Storage expecting at least some modicum of advice on keeping the guns under lock and key separated from the ammunition….and it turns out to be a long rant on kids being killed by guns with no real help for any parent who may wish to actually get an answer. So much for theses “Gun Safety Advocates.”

So, don’t expect to see this gun lock anytime soon, even for sale, at the Moms Demand website:

Moms Demand Gun Lock

And if you need to get a gun lock, any gun store will have them for literally peanuts or go to Project Childsafe where you will be able to locate where to get a free gun lock. Hell, ask your “gun nut” friends as they all have at least one or two spares around the house. It is a good first step.