One victim, Two kidnappings.

In a rare legal move, county detectives sent a victim to jail Thursday to ensure she will participate in a trial for a man accused of kidnapping and beating her.

Faith Bronson isn’t under arrest. But she will remain in Lackawanna County Prison until she can post $25,000 bail set by Judge Michael Barrasse or until Ross Bonaddio’s trial, scheduled to begin Sept. 7.

Ms. Bronson, 34, told police in January that Mr. Bonaddio, her boyfriend, held her captive and beat her to remove the aliens he believed were inside of her. Scranton police said he screwed the doors of his home shut, so she could not leave. After three days, she escaped and a neighbor called police.

When officers arrived, Ms. Bronson was back inside the home with Mr. Bonaddio, 45, 1210 Swetland St. After breaking down the door, officers found her covered in bruises.

via County detectives take witness into custody so she shows at trial – News – The Times-Tribune.

Can anybody tell me how in the hell anybody could think this was a good idea? Is there a difference (other than “color of law”) between what her boyfriend made her go through and what the Justice System is doing to her now?

Is getting a conviction so important that there is a need to re-victimize the victim?

Hat Tip Barron B.

Palmer v. DC case: Updated

Will they be willing to take it to SCOTUS or just go the Chicago Way and write May Issue regulations that will make the process a pain in the ass?

It can go either way, specially on an election year.


At the time of this writing (3:10pm) only one of all the major Gun Control players had anything to say about the ruling striking down the ban on carrying guns in the District of Columbia being CSGV the only exception with 18 words:

csgv DC

Brady Campaign, Moms Demand, Everytown, Violence Policy Center, etc. none have commented or even acknowledged the ruling and the subsequent decision by Washington PD of not arresting anybody who is legally able to carry in DC.

Although most of them do Office Hours Activism, (Mon-Fri. 9-5) they have been known to actually step out of their comfort zone (and recliners) if the new were good enough to exploit and gather money. My guess is that finding out that finding out that the last bastion of pure Gun Control was breached by the Barbarians has them shocked beyond words. I also bet the phones are burning between calls and text messages from and to their political mascots trying to figure out an angle to counter this cataclysm.

We know it is not the final word, not by a long measure, but it is fun to smell the fear. The opposition has been strident and downright abusive in its rhetoric before this, get ready to see the volume go to eleven after this.

And smile…