90 Miles From Tyranny : Charlie Crist Issues Sinister Orwellian Threat To Florida Non Voters…

“Remember: Whether or not you vote is public record.”

We will KNOW if you didn’t vote for us, and maybe, who knows, your public assistance may be cut, or perhaps we will reduce the minutes on your obamaphone, we will know if you did not vote for us, and we will make you pay, mules. Not voting is double-plus ungood. Only thought criminals do not vote. Remember: Ignorance is Strength and Freedom is Slavery, voting for us is freedom. Vote or you will feel the pain of unpeace. Chocolate rations may be reduced to 25 grams per week!

Congratulations Charlie Crist, you do get the 1984 award for political tyranny!

via 90 Miles From Tyranny : Charlie Crist Issues Sinister Orwellian Threat To Florida Non Voters….

Thank God it seems we will have a majority in the legislature and probably a Veto-Proof one. Crist has payback written all over him.

#GroceriesNotGuns? How about #ShannonHasGuns?

The ultimate status symbol for the well dressed Gun Control Activist has always been their own particular set of armed bodyguards. Shannon Watts is not the exception and you can see them at the Kroger’s HQ not-so-populated protest.


Moms Demand Krogers Shannon Bodyguards 1

You have to love being in the 1% where you can travel the country with your own particular pack of armed guards, just as she did back for the NRA Meeting back in April.

“Guns for me but not for thee ” is their motto.

Moms Demand at Krogers HQ: FAIL

It looks like they manage to gather some 50 to 60 members to wave signs…and Shannon: “We are the majority of their customers?” Really? and you could not gather 100 of your most ardent followers to come protest in what has been possibly the longest campaign you had against a private company to date?

This is not fail, this is colossal failure.

Why Most Gun People cannot write Horror Movies.

“Mommy! Cujo looks weird. He is foaming at the mouth and growling!”


“OK, he is dead now.”

The End.


“We are gonna need a bigger boat.”

“Holy crap that thing is huge! Barret .50 Cal or C-4?”

“Why not both?”


The End.


“Heeeere’s Johnny!”

“Here is Pietro Beretta Motherf*****!”


The End.


Norman Bates on the floor of the bathroom, bleeding out of three bullet holes in his chest:

“Who takes shower with a gun? <cough>”

“I do. It comes in handy, doesn’t it?”



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