Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Dear Negroes, stay unarmed.

I don’t think the Klan would be this forward:

CSGV Dear Negroes

See? If you are black, you must not have a gun or they will send the big bad cop to shoot you.

CSGV has been jonesing badly for mass shooting between cops and  civilians. They are getting so desperate that they are now wishing cops to start unloading in blacks so they can blame it on Insurrectionists everywhere…because you know there are NRA members in hiding even among cops, a fifth column of alleged traitors.

These are sick people… very sick.

Dear CSGV: Quod Erat Demonstrandum

CSGV NRA Ferguson

Every dystopian warning of the gun group has come true in Missouri, yet the organization is offering no sympathy for the African American victims.

via Why Isn’t the NRA Defending Ferguson’s Blacks? – The Daily Beast.

Why? Because the NRA is not a false Do-Good organization that promises to solve all your problems if you only vote for them/give them boatloads of money/appear with the proper media stars.

Unlike Moms Demand or Illegal Mayors or Brady, we are not a selected few telling the little people how to do or behave. The NRA is not a top to bottom organization where the top elite waves like a roman emperor to his subjects. We just simply figure shit has to be done, we get it going and we get it done. No waiting for subsidies.

Hell, we are even aware that many shooters not associated with the NRA benefit from what we do, yet we do not close them out when we win in a court or a legislature but we let them share the spoils. No Union card necessary.

And you still do not get it. You even admit we were right altogether! And that alone is a beauty on its own: Q.E.D.

And that is why we win and we will keep winning.

PS: The NRA could have done something about Ferguson after all: open a booth to sign up for new membership.

NSFW: Robber shoots himself and clerk at same time.

ATLANTA – Hotel security cameras show the unidentified robber walk into the hotel office. The man bought a snack out of a vending machine then walked to the counter and pulled a gun on Vrajesh Patel, 19, according to police.

It appears other customers were not aware of the robbery until the gun fired.

When the gun went off, Patel was hit in the stomach, but at virtually the same time, a second bullet from the gun hits the robber in the head, according to detectives.

via – Robber shoots himself and clerk at same time.

Go to 2:16 and watch.

I smell rancid cod on this one. Somehow and accidentally the bad guy shoots the clerk in the stomach, manages to do a reverse Curly Bill Spin, rotate the gun 90 degrees and proceeds to shoot himself in the head? and all in fractions of a second?
My money goes to somebody off camera popping the bad guy and a sympathetic reaction got the clerk shot.

The “riots” at Ferguson.

After three nights of watching live video feeds and listening to the St. Louis PD scanner, I have come to the conclusion  that  false advertising is alive and well in the XXI century.

If you check social media or Main Stream, you’d swear that there is a battlefield in about two blocks worth of city with bodies strewn all over the place, cars on fire and people running amok while the cops spray them with 50 caliber machine guns, sort of like in Robocop when the Detroit Police went on strike.

Let me summarize: People gather in the streets, chant, somebody throws something, cops send about 50 tear gas grenades and some flash bangs, people retreat half a block. This is repeated a couple of times till everybody gets bored and goes home or the local McDonald’s needs to open for breakfast.

Last night was the worst. Maybe a people gathered around, cops formed in a marching line. A warning is issued to the media to move to their assigned safe area, they do: about 10 people who were there to protest left in the street.

This crap is being fueled by whatever interest are out there. Having Benjamin Crump as lawyer representing the parents of Mike Brown kinda says a lot and it is mostly Trayvon 2.0 with a better software patch.

But the truth is that no matter how brightly painted you get the snails, racing them won’t make them NASCAR.  That is pretty much the riots at Ferguson.

PS: Over the scanner, I heard the call of four men with rifles at a location not too far from the protest. Police arrived within minutes. Report back :Store owners keeping an eye on things. No action taken. NFR :D