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11 thoughts on “Subscribe to posts”

    1. Outstanding, Sir! I anticipate with a tingle up the left leg (only one I got now) the next revelation, hoping it’s something to do with Benghazi….
      Good hunting, Sir!

  1. The name scared me when I “Stumbled” on the site, but I thought “Lets see what these gun grabbers have to say.” I certainly am glad I checked further! It’s a great site.

  2. OK. I subscribed. When do I start getting the free guns ?
    < No. really. Apparently the Obamanauts and hoplophobes think their personal "need" is sufficient justification for taking what I earn… AND THEY REALLY BELIEVE IT!! Keep us up on intel from the other side Miguel.

  3. The only reason i subscribed is that any gun free store i will not give them a dime of our money, and i will always make sure of our intentions. As NRA RECRUITERS tat have signed up over 1800 members this year you might want to say i believe in the second ammendment. All i can say is join the NRA they are the only national org. keeping us free and armed.

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