Elizabeth Warren was pandering in Mississippi for votes in the Democrat primary.

One of the first questions she got was about guns.

She launched into mendacious bullshit about why there needs to be more Federal level gun control.

First of all, we don’t so anything to curb gun violence?  Did she really say that?

Yes, background checks are performed every day by FFL dealers.  The Left never admits to it, because they want universal background checks, which will do nothing to curb gun crime.

When a drug addict trades a stolen gun to a drug dealer for Chinese fentanyl smuggled in from Mexico, does Warren expect the addict to run a background check on the dealer?

What about the gang member’s girlfriend’s cousin that engages in straw purchases for cash?  Is she going to suddenly do a background check on the Gangster Disciple her cousin is dating?

Of course not, and UBC’s will not stop crime from happening because the majority of the guns criminals get, they get through black market sources.

Next she pivots to  “no fly, no buy.”

I have a rule in politics.  If both the NRA and ACLU tell you that you are wrong, you are wrong.  Full stop.  Those groups almost never agree on anything, and when they do, that is all the evidence you need to know that your idea is a bad one.

Keep that in mind because the ACLU came out against “no fly, no buy” because “the standards for inclusion on the No Fly List are unconstitutionally vague, and innocent people are blacklisted without a fair process to correct government error.

So Warren is pushing using a secret watch list to curtail Constitutionally protected rights.  No.

Then what?  An assault weapon ban which she calls “weapons of war.”

We tried that, it did nothing.  Some 20 million plus AR-15’s hit the market since the Clinton AWB ended.  If that was really a problem the violence would be much worse.  The problem is goverment screw-ups dealing with the people who go on the rampages.

Next was bump stocks.  The ATF banned those.  Yes it is going to court and that will be an interesting challenge, but that is not really an issue in overall gun deaths.  Bump stocks were implicated in one shooting.  One.  From that, the ATF, backed by the Trump administration, upended a decade of decisions and criminalized an unknown number of gun owners.  If America had a “Port Arthur Moment” it was that.

This is where Warren goes full authoritarian.  She wants it all done at the Federal level because we just can’t have some “loophole” states be allowed to exist as long as people can freely travel across state lines.

We’re all going to have to be reset to the Massachusetts or California or New York standard.  Not that most of the people in Mississippi (or Alabama or Texas or elsewhere) want that, it’s going to be forced down the throats of flyover America.

Lastly she lays down a heap big pile of bullshit like I’ve never seen before.

“Right now [goverment] works for the wealthy and the well connected and that means we have a Federal goverment being held hostage by the NRA.”


Oh, I agree about the “it works for the wealthy and the well connected” but that means lying Harvard professors like Elizabeth Warren who make millions of dollars off their $174K government salary.  Or a former President and First Lady who made $153 million in speaking fees while avoiding indictments.

The NRA is the very definition of grassroots.  It is the anti-gun groups that are bankrolled by a handful of the “wealthy and the well connected.”

Oh what the NRA could do with a billionaire former politician and media mogul backing it to the hilt.

And if anything, the country isn’t held hostage by the NRA, we seem to be losing in critical states like Florida, Colorado, and elsewhere.

The idea that the NRA is a tool of the 1% to keep America from becoming safer is so out of touch with reality it boggles the mind.

I guess decades of claiming Indian status for career advancement has so inoculated her against feeling any sort of shame for lying, that she can say that fawning sincerity.

Nothing about what she said was factually accurate.  This is what the Democrats are going with in 2020.

A Federal level abrogation of our rights.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “1/1024th the truth about guns”
    1. In the words of Neil Smith’s character Lucy Kropotkin Gallegos: “the mental capacity of a finely diced planarian”.

      I just realized that the same people pushing to give children the vote are the ones saying no one under 21 is mature enough to own a gun. (Those who aren’t advocating a blanket ban, that is.)

  1. Why are you misrepresenting Sea Cucumbers in that fashion? 1/1024 is far too much credit for Senator Warren, the proper number should be 1×10^-1024.

  2. I suppose Chavez used similar rhetoric in 2012 right before his gun confiscation scheme. This is what statists want for you.

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