100% USDA approved Grassroots Opposition to (Insert name here) for Supreme Court Justice

Via Instapundit:

Add this to the mass fauxrage email sent by the Women’s March in which they had somewhat forgotten to fill the blanks where the “XX” stood, let’s you know pretty clear it is not about the person’s qualifications but just oppose them because they were nominated by President Trump.

I am gonna enjoy the Senate hearing. It promises to be a monkey poo-slinging orgy by the democrats and one more step in the road to Trump’s 2020 re-election. I swear they remind me a bit to the George Zimmerman trial: The best evidence in favor of the defendant came from the Prosecution.

4 Replies to “100% USDA approved Grassroots Opposition to (Insert name here) for Supreme Court Justice”

  1. What would be really funny, is if next time DJT floated some names and then nominated someone not on that list. Then sit and watch the flailing.

    Seriously, one could almost get the optimal pick by using social media metrics to determine the level of outrage expressed at each potential nominee, and then picking the one with the highest bile factor.

  2. “But, but Truuuump!!1! But Ruusssiiiaaa!1!! But raycisssts1!!! But sexist!!1!” But nazis1!!1! But fascism!!!1!1 But the chyldrun!1!1!1!”

    That’s been about the extent of the progtards’ fauxrage points for 2+ frelling years. Broken record much?

  3. I’ve been perusing various areas of the internet for the last 45 minutes and the more outrage I see from insane progressives the bigger my smile is getting and the better my mood.

    What a great way to start the day!

  4. I think the “Stop XX” signs were for Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The signs for all the other judges were “Stop XY.”

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