Month: May 2011

Dumb Statement of the Day: Japete…again.

Ahhh! Not having a lick of sense sure makes it easy for Joan to utter stupidities. Shoot First Ask Questions Later is the leifmotif that Anti Gunners use when referring to the extension of the Castle Law where you are actually allowed to use your firearm and defend yourself outside the house and not having to cower under a desk waiting to be shot.

Now, if we take the above statement as seriously as Joan want us to take it, when attacked by a criminal with deadly intentions, we must somehow fill some sort of questionnaire or get to talk with the Bad Guy so we can properly ascertain his intentions. I am guessing that somehow the criminal will be in the mood to exchange information with you in a calm and detached manner and, once he has properly informed you that he is about to exact bodily harm on you, he will also give you the chance to draw your weapon and defend yourself.

As tragically absurd as it sounds, some countries actually have that load of crap implemented in their legal systems in some sort of form with the inevitable result that Self Defense does become a crime. People are then faced with the prospect of either losing their lives or losing their freedom.

But don’t worry, Dying is always morally superior, at least according to Joan.

Marion Hammer lets it rip.

So the plot thickens. I stated far and wide that even though I would not Open Cary, i would be in favor of Florida becoming an Open Carry State. I also always had an issue with some Big Mouths and downright jerkoffs who are stupidly ignorant and aggressive demanding OC or once having OC, decide to taunt LEOs and people in general just because they can.

I was not aware of the backdoor BS with the Florida OC Bill. I was upset that we were not able to get it, but I know better than throwing a hissy fit about it and blaming Daddy NRA because they wasted the $35 annual membership fee by not getting OC, No NFA and free ammo for life.

It pisses me off to no end that some Gun Owners with stupid attitudes are behind the latest crash and burn at the Legislature.  This response from Marion Hammer is quite the eye opener and yes, I will believe her before any of the crybabies since she does have a very impressive record of achievement regarding Pro Gun laws in the Sunshine State versus whomever wants to cry that the NRA threw him under the bus but has not moved his ass to do squat.

We get what we can this session, secure it and try again next time. Rescuing our Second Amendment Right is a war of attrition, not microwavable popcorn.

Totally Made Up Press Release….

from our friends of the Coalition to Ban Gun Rights Violence…

“Yesterday an elderly man was killed in Pakistan by an assault weapon with a high capacity clip. This insanity must stop. We must reinstate the Assault Weapons ban.”

And yet, I wouldn’t be surprised they thought along those lines.

UPDATE: I should have known. This is the totality of CSGV’s congratulatory mode for the elimination of Bin Laden.

Petty people.

Bin Laden is Dead!

Congratulations to the Men that took care of him for good.

The message is clear,

Fuck with us and we will find you

and kill you no matter how long it takes.

In other news, the ACLU plans to sue the Federal Government for violating OBL’s Human Rights. VPC, Brady and CSGV decried the use of guns to kill OBL and plan to march in Pittsburgh tomorrow while the NRA is having the Annual Meeting.