Month: May 2011

CSGV: Because they are open minded and willing to learn.

I regularly check the Facebook page of the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence checking out their latest bouts of idiocy. Today and as usual they did not disappoint me.  One trusting gun owning soul cordially extended an invitation to learn first hand about firearms (Click on pic to amplify):

I admit that I shook my head when I saw that post. I made a screen capture and went on to do other things. Just now I checked again and “surprise!”:

And these are the people that want to engage in reasoned discourse and want a rational conversation about guns.

Walgreens: Your security is a joke.

Walgreens joins many other companies who prefer a Dead Customer than a Suing Customer and call it “Security” (Don’t-mess-with-my-profits Security.) Jennifer posts about a response that she got from Walgreens Corporate and points out that video surveillance is not security but “archival or documentation technology” and does nothing to prevent crime.

Walgreens security is a joke. And ever since they stopped carrying certain snacks, I have stopped altogether using them. They are a high probability target because Bad Guys know they are soft and with a fgood chance to walk scott free.

Dear Walgreens Corporate Security Directors & Managers: When even 11 year olds armed with BB guns can rob your store with impunity , it means your Security plans FAILED.

Just in time for a new gun ban…

SCOTUS orders the release of up to 46,000 inmates. And California being California, you know they will release the worst of the worst leaving the guys who wrote bad checks behind.

But do not worry, I am sure CSGV, F VPC and the Bradys will gladly stand between Califonians and the Released Felons if they decide to rape/Murder/Kill.

You will not need a gun!

CSGV: Saving this one, hoping I don’t have to rub it in their faces.

Why save it?

“I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.”
Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker in January 2006 after a Campus Carry measure was defeated in the Virginia Assembly. Seng-Hui-Cho proved Mr. Hincker’s statement was deadly wrong on January 16, 2007.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

George Santayana

Evil & Cruel Gun Owner Shoots Unarmed Animals.

At least that is what CSGV would title one of their Facebook post about a man who was attacked by three pitbulls killing one.

A witness of the event said this:

“If he didn’t have that gun, he would probably be dead,” McLennan said of Lewis.

It is sad when somebody must shoot a dog. Most of the time the fault lies with the owner of the dog who gets the animal out of bragging rights rather than love and have no frigging idea how to train the animal. I don’t blame any specific race of dog either. The Anti Pitbull hysteria we see now is nothing new; back in the 70’s after the movie The Doberman Gang, everybody and their idiot brother went out and got a dobbie… OK I lobbied my Dad till he relented and also got one. Immediately the same horror stories we hear now about the pitbulls were heard about the Dobermans: Attacking other dogs for no reason, attacking adult and kids, etc.

I did take the time to train mine and never had an issue with him. We went on to have 2 more Dobbies, trained them both and they were smart and fierce dogs that would not hurt a soul unless the command was given. We also had German shepherds and a Belgian Malinois along the Dobermans and they all got along like crazy.

I miss having dogs. But the damn cat will not let them in the house. 🙂

And the trailer for the movie: