Month: May 2014

Gun Control, Brazilian Style.

The country chose the wrong path when it perceived the serious homicidal violence framework in which it was immersed, seeking solutions that were far from the real cause of the problem and that, only, intended to transfer the responsibility for it to society. The results were catastrophic and, today, the Brazilian killer framework is the worst since it began to be measured almost 35 years ago.

The data are available on the 2014 Edition Preview “Map of violence”, the country’s most trusted and who has official recognition by the Ministry of Justice, for it is based on the Mortality information System (SIM), from the Ministry of Health. According to that, the country of the Soccer World Cup and the next Olympic Games has reached, in 2012, the most recent year with recorded data, its absolute annual homicides record: 56,337 victims, with the highest historical rate since the beginning of the registry (in 1980), amazing 29 murders per 100 K inhabitants……

…..Obviously, it was to no avail. The murders, as seen, have not been reduced, but, on the contrary, they’ve reached their highest number, and what was said to be a magic solution became an unquestioned and grandiose failure. Establishing the prohibition of the possession, as well as carry-on, as a general rule, the Disarmament Statute began to take effect in 2004, the year in which 48,374 homicides were recorded in Brazil . Four years later, with the near extinction of the legal arms trade practice, the numbers came to 50,113 (2008) and since then, there have been on a upward climb until the record of 56,337, registered in 2012.

via index de Notícias.

Michael Bane recently commented in his podcast that the NRA wanted to have Hispanics more visible within the organization, attract more and some were wondering how to go about that. The answer is simple : For us Gun Control and Gun Free Zones are not a possibility for a sad reality we lived in and we have relatives that are living and dying in it.  It is real, bloody and ugly with the bodies of those who died by criminal violence so abundant that the morgues look like disorganized lost & found departments with bodies strewn everywhere.

We are the survivors of a genocide brought to you by the people who believe in magic Unicorns, dogmatic beliefs about peace and an unquenched thirst for power.

Why do I mention the Killer’s name.

Simply because nature abhors vacuum and after a highly publicized negative event, it is human nature to assign blame and we leave ourselves wide open for the Vultures of Gun Control to say “It is the NRA’s Fault!”

“It is the NRA’s Fault.” is a perfect capsule, easy to be repeated in the media and requires no thinking.  We spend gigabytes explaining the errors of Gun free Zones and why a shooting like that happened when we take that alleged superior position of not giving the shooter what he wanted: recognition.  Well, the shooter is dead and he won’t be seeing his name splashed across CNN or the Drudge Report so there is little payday on that instance.

And I don’t buy the “it encourages others’ line either. Hell, they are crazy to begin with, if they need an excuse to dispense with mayhem, they will find it. Elliot Rodger’s excuse was his ability to be the only Hollywood Elite white kid in Southern California not to get laid because women sucked. It was as good an excuse as the phases of the moon or the new taste of Twinkies or it was Bush’s fault…all bullshit: They are crazy and that is why they did it.

So yes, I will continue to mention the names of killers and will keep pointing out the banalities of Gun Free Zones as the perfect hunting grounds for assholes like Elliot Rodger, ‎Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Seung-Hui Cho, James Holmes and the rest of them.


Flipping the Coin of Lawyers….and this is the other side.

As a Miami personal injury lawyer, I represent individual people, not giant corporations or insurance companies. I agree with the Court’s decision; I do not think that the Stand Your Ground Law should automatically provide an absolute legal shield defense against a civil lawsuit without a prior weighing of all the facts and evidence in each case.

via Personal Injury Lawyer on Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law.

I keep pestering on DAs, but we have to admit that tort lawyers have to be furious about Florida’s Stand Your Ground. How dare the Legislature to give immunity to somebody who dared to defend himself from his client’s criminal actions! Shameful! They are cutting on their God-Given 30% monetary judgement and taking the bread (and the brand new Jaguar) out of the mouth of their families.

If for no other reason, this is why we need to keep fighting and reinforcing SYG in Florida.


Flipping the Coin of Lawyers…. this is one side.

“I have not found facts presented to me (in a justifiable homicide case), where I could say, you could retreat in complete safety (using a reasonable person standard), in 25 years doing prosecutorial work. I’m not saying it cannot exist, I just haven’t seen it in my experience,” Shue said.

via Prosecutor: ‘Complete Safety’ Significant When Reviewing Justifiable Homicide Cases | Times Record.

I have ranted long and heavy about prosecutors eager to throw good  people who defend themselves under a combine. So it makes me happy that some come out with more sense that desires to be PC and get a re-election. Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Shue is one of them and Arkansas should be happy to have him.

More Chicago insanity.

Under Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed, gun shops in Chicago could not be located within 500 feet of a school or park – limiting them to very small pockets of the city covering less than .5 percent of Chicago.
The shops would have to install exterior lighting, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems, and provide secure storage of guns and ammunition. Police would have to approve a store’s security plan before it could open.
Cameras would have to record all sales of guns, and shops would not be allowed to sell more than one handgun per month to a single customer.
Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. (27th) said the regulations are a good start.

via Emanuel Wants To Require Videotaping Of All Gun Sales In Chicago « CBS Chicago.

Total impact on reducing crime in the city = 0%

But it make Emmanuel look butch.

Feinstein to Lament NRA ‘Stranglehold’ on Guns, does not know the laws of her own State.

Feinstein questioned why Elliot Rodger was able to legally obtain and keep his guns.

“We must ask ourselves if an individual whose family called police with concerns about mental health, who is receiving therapy and who has had several run-ins with police should be allowed to own multiple firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. When anyone, no matter their mental health or history, can so easily obtain any gun they want and as many as they want—we must recognize there is a problem.

via Elliot Rodger Prompts Feinstein to Lament NRA ‘Stranglehold’ on Guns.

Actually we must ask ourselves how come that individual (ELLIOT RODGER) was not introduced into the much touted California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System and his firearms removed from his possession when his more than apparent mental maladies were obvious to everybody. God knows California politicians could not stop talking about itmake it sound like it was the best thing since LSD and Free Love and even trying to make it a Federal law. California’s APPS was not intended for the Progressive Elite but for the Little People

Is it possible that Ms. Feinstein is unaware of this law of the State of California which she is her Senator?  Do you think that is a possibility? 


Elliot Rodger: The Shoat that cannot take Maybelline.

Following the Moms Demand/MAIG, Brady and other Gun Control feeds & Social Media this past weekend, I could not help but notice a more than usual frenzy to control the message of this sad event.  Pretty much 3 days later, we are in the detail/unknown data collection part of the issue with Standard Media shying away from the news item and barely a blip in the social media other than the side of Gun Rights.

You have to realize that Elliot Rodger was not just another PR disaster for Gun Control Activists but the equivalent of a stick of dynamite going off under their seats.

  • Son of Hollywood Elite member.
  • Wealthy.
  • Happened in the #1 rated State for “safe Gun Laws” By the Brady Campaign and every other gun control group
  • He took guns into USC Santa Barbara, a posted Gun Free Zone and proceeded to kill with them.
  • Misogynist not only in word but deeds. Took the War on Women seriously.
  • History of Mental Problems with violent tendencies. Chugging medications.
  • Parents knew about it.  Left him move out unsupervised.
  • His hatred is so obvious, it prompts the visit of police.
  • Even knowing his mental status, he was not prohibited to buy guns, not had his guns confiscated under California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System.
  • He bought his guns via a Gun Shop. To be sold in California, it means they passed the Safe Handgun Roster test.
  • He used 10 round magazines, the approved number by Gun Control Activists for many years.
  • He attacked 3 people with a knife and killed all 3.
  • He attacked 8 people with the guns, killed 3.

And these are coming without looking too hard into more detail. Basically every talking point that Gun Controllers make other states get more gun control laws failed at such Cecil B. DeMille Movie production-size level, you would think it is a conspiracy to make them look bad.  But it is simply human nature: Sick bastards will do harm whenever and to whomever is without possible defense. and no matter how many coats of lipstick Shannon and Michael may try to apply, that pig ain’t gonna fly.

So Asshole Elliot Rodger killed himself and went to the great beyond still a virgin. If there is an aftermath, he is right now in the harem of some suicide bomber about to be primed & pumped for eternity.