Month: July 2015

Gun Control Advocate & Ex-state Sen. Leland Yee pleads guilty to racketeering.

“Are you pleading guilty of your own free will because you are guilty?” Breyer asked him.”I am,” Yee answered.

Yee was indicted in March 2014 on charges of accepting $62,000 in campaign contributions in return for legislative favors and offering to arrange the sale of machine guns and shoulder-fired missiles to an undercover FBI agent posing as a mob figure.

Source: Ex-state Sen. Leland Yee pleads guilty to racketeering in corruption case – LA Times

The Brady supporter you never hear about is finally about to wear orange. Other than coverage in the local California market, you won’t be hearing about this guy unless it is from the Gun Blogs.

Instead of me going on a rant, go check Larry Correia’s take on the James Bond-Like semi genius criminal mindless. 🙂

MSNBC shocked to find out Gun Owners are not fat rednecks.

TODAY launches a new series, “Undercovered,” with a look at the new face of gun ownership in America – young people, some of whom are embracing gun ownership. MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow talks to passionate young gun owners.

Source: Meet the next generation of US gun owners –

Will it change their Narrative? Hell, no. Anyway, click on the link to see the video.

Kapitalist Kalashnikov Now Available

June 2015 -Kalashnikov USA, manufacturer of Kalashnikov style firearms, proudly announce that the new American Kalashnikov models are now available through Acusport, Big Rock Sports, Bill Hicks, Ellett Brothers, RSR, Sports South and others.”We have made good on the promise delivered at SHOT Show, to provide our customers with a quality product at a competitive price by the second quarter of this year,” Thomas McCrossin, CEO of Kalashnikov USA said.Under the new banner “Russian Heritage / American Innovation,” the new US models are built on the classic AK 47 rifle and shotgun platforms with a focus on designing firearms for the American shooter using the latest manufacturing technologies. New features on the Kalashnikov USA models include a nitrocarburized case hardening on barrels and chambers to extend life and provide a high corrosion resistance. Also, the barrels have been threaded to accept muzzle breaks and suppressor systems. The bolt and bolt carrier have been enhanced for a smoother action, and an integrated hold open feature has been added to the safety lever.

Source: Kalashnikov USA’s New American Weapons Now Available

This pleases me… Unfortunately that means that certain Alcoholic Primates will be out of the job.