Month: June 2016

And on the other side of the petitions.

Four days ago I was commenting on the power of spending a couple of minutes sending an email to exercise political power over our elected officials here in Florida, and today I get to read about inaction by Gun Owners in Missouri:

COLUMBIA — Gov. Jay Nixon on Monday morning vetoed Senate Bill 656, which would have instituted a “stand your ground” law and allowed people, including some criminals, to legally carry a concealed firearm. SB 656 would have eliminated Missouri statutes that require people to go through training and background checks to obtain a permit and carry a concealed firearm…

From May 13 to June 22, the governor’s office received 4,043 emails, faxes, letters and electronic petitions on SB 656, Nixon spokesman Scott Holste wrote in an email.

Of those, 3,704 opposed the bill and 326 favored it. There were 13 general inquiries.

Moms Demand Action chapters in Missouri sent thousands of emails, calls and postcards to Nixon asking him to veto the bill, Columbia chapter coordinator Rose Metro wrote in an email.

Source: Nixon vetoes no permit concealed carry, ‘stand your ground’ gun bill | Local |

Missourians fell asleep at the switch and got screwed by Astroturf, it was that simple.

Seriously people, if you are not signed up to the NRA-ILA notifications, you are screwing the pooch.

Get Thy Shit Together.


Hawaiian Uterus

You may have seen these or similar memes floating around:

rifle uterus 1
rifle uterus 2

And since the hot Gun Control news of the day is Hawaii’s new law that introduces registered gun owners into the FBI database to keep an eye on them and make sure they behave everywhere in the US, I had to make the logical equivalence to Hawaiian Uterus:

Dear Feminist. I am glad you have a uterus in the great State of Hawaii, but I must ask you several questions:

  1. Did you get your local LEO permission to get that Uterus?
  2. Did you get a permit to carry that Uterus?
  3. Did you register your Uterus with the State?
  4. If registered with the State, Did you know you name will be introduced in a FBI database and that any violation of the law in any state of the union may allow the State to remove your Uterus from your possession?
  5. Did you know that if you are found to be having a significant behavioral, emotional, or mental disorder, or due to emergency or involuntary admission to a psychiatric facility, you must surrender your Uterus to the State or face grave penalties?

Yes, please. Tell me again about how your Uterus is more regulated than guns.


It is going to take more than 49 corpses…

… to change The Narrative.

NYC Gay Parade 1

NYC Gay Parade 3

And the irony runs deep. Guns are bad, M’kay? But we welcome Mae with Guns to defend us.

NYC Gay Parade 2

If you go by the pictures alone, Omar “asshole” Mateen was a Right-Wing, Tea Party, Westboro Baptist Republican rather than the self-confessed Islamic who pledged his life and actions to ISIS.

Reality will strike again. Police budgets cannot take for long special treatment for any one particular group of citizens, nor police departments are mandated to do so. Give it 2-3 months and we will be back to pre-Orlando levels of insecurity for most LGBQT places and now that they are perceived as soft targets, another attack will probably occur.

We can only have patience and slowly bring more LGBQTs into the Gun Culture. Support both Pink Pistols and Operation Blazing Sword and again, have a lot of patience. You will not change 40 years of political inertia overnight, it is a warm cocoon that till now, provided comfort and they will refuse to shed even if the evidence proves it to be dangerous.

The good news is that people are coming out of the Gun Closet and being bold about it. They will also be the recipients of the worst insults the Prog side can muster starting with words like traitors but I predict they will stand tall.

Or at least I hope so.

LGBTQ Gadsden Flag

milo shoot back armed 1
Milo Yiannopoulos ✘ ‏@Nero

California Needs Gun Control…That’d Be California LEOs.

Hundreds of police-issued weapons missing from Bay Area, California agencies
Nine-hundred and forty-four guns. From Glocks, Sig Sauers and Remingtons to sniper and assault rifles, some equipped with grenade launchers. They used to belong to law enforcement officers across California, but a new Bay Area News Group investigation found hundreds of police-issued weapons have been either stolen, lost or can’t be accounted for since 2010, often disappearing onto the streets without a trace. Despite the attention, a year later guns are still being stolen from law enforcement officers’ vehicles. A year after a bullet from a federal agent’s stolen gun killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier, this news organization surveyed more than 240 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and discovered an alarming disregard for the way many officers — from police chiefs to cadets to FBI agents — safeguard their weapons. Their guns have been stolen from behind car seats and glove boxes, swiped from gym bags, dresser drawers and under beds. They have been left on tailgates, car roofs and even atop a toilet paper dispenser in a car dealership’s bathroom. One officer forgot a high-powered assault rifle in the trunk of a taxi. The tally includes Colts, Rugers, Smith & Wessons, a Derringer, a .44-caliber Dirty Harry hand cannon and a small snub-nosed revolver called a “Detective Special.”In all, since 2010, at least 944 guns have disappeared from police in the Bay Area and state and federal agents across California — an average of one almost every other day — and fewer than 20 percent have been recovered.

Source: Exclusive: Hundreds of police-issued weapons missing from Bay Area, California agencies

And here is a little description of what went “missing:”

California LEO lost guns

I am not even surprised anymore. We now live in a country with different set of rules for different people and no accountability for a selected few.

But Gun Owners are the problem.

No Fly-No Gun: it was not a bullet we dodged but a tactical nuke.

I saw this mentioned in Facebook last night and it stopped me cold. The Flake Amendment HR 2578.

Flake 1


In pages six and seven, you will find this:

Flake 2

If you were to be affected by No Fly-No Gun and decide that you want to take it to court to challenge your denial, you are not allowed. And if you decide that you need to challenge the constitutionality of such law in District or Appeals Court, you are not allowed either! Your only chance would be to directly apply to SCOTUS and the chances of that are worse than hitting the Powerball, twice.

If 4 (A) is a Legislative affront to the Judicial branch, 4(B) is a nuclear strike against the Constitution itself.

This is extracted from Alan Corwin’s excellent analysis of the amendment, you need to go read it!

This wholesale violation of the Bill of Rights evaporates the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. There is no valid legal argument for doing this. In fact, the arguments being used are overwhelmingly absurd. It’s preposterous even if you hate guns — it makes no sense — while undermining our entire legal system. Does that matter?


Joe Huffman even forwards that it is a violation of the law under 18 USC 241:

The writers of this have to know they are attempting to create a law that will be thrown out as unconstitutional. Otherwise they wouldn’t care if it were reviewed by the courts for constitutionality. Right?
If they are knowingly working together to infringe upon rights, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, then tell me how a prosecutor can squint their eyes, twist the meaning of words, and claim what these people are doing is not a conspiracy to deny rights?

Both the writer and the supporters of this amendment need to be removed from office. Same goes for the clowns that gave us the Sit-In to get this disgraceful piece of legislation voted. If they had any shame, they should quit.. but we are talking politicians here so no chance of feeling ashamed for what they did.

Maybe, just maybe we need to go Old School.

Tar and Feathering